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Norway Didn't Want To Play So The New World Order Made Them Pay. 5 Reasons Why Norway Looks Like A

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
Remember the Polish airline crash where most of their big wigs in Govt died? I do.

I still think it's highly possible they were shot down by the globalists due to their anti-globalist policies.

The more I learn about this Norway event the more it appears along the same lines actually, and so I have to say there is a high probability this is a false flag.

The real flag of the terrorists could easily be the globalists. They have the resources, and they control the mainstream media (Which has been saying "Al Qaeda" and "Muslims" and "Mosque" consistently throughout the entire ordeal.

Even if there is no Muslim involvement at all it doesn't matter now. The MSM has ingrained it in everyone's head to expect Muslim extremism as the cause of all terrorist attacks.

Yes, it's the same tactic they use over and over again. When people are in shock they are highly suggestible, that's why they got their anti-muslim propaganda out asap. I'm glad to see the Norwegian PM isn't playing ball with their propaganda game either.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 04:41 PM
Well they were supposed to be already in Iran, so no doubt on behalf of the oil interests, the empire did this, and to try and harm a self sufficient country that is not buying into the SS founded EU, and who has strong economy like Canada, even stronger if anything, which now makes me worried about Canada too. Seem to be blaming it on arab issues, probably hoping to toe into Iran somehow over this.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

Yes, the media keep emphasizing that the shooter is blond, blue-eyed, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrants---but why on earth would he kill indigenous Norwegians instead of Muslims or other immigrants? Why would he kill his own people, instead of attacking a mosque or something, if "anti-Muslim" feelings motivated him? It doesn't make any sense.

So many other media stories recently have been featuring crimes committed by "blond, blue-eyed" indigenous people, and they keep emphasizing "blond", as if in tandem with the horribly anti-white racism of the scandalous new Homeland Security video. It seems Kurt Nimmo, Paul Joseph Watson & Daniel Taylor on the Alex Jones website are correct.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 05:25 PM
on the front page of ats there is a thread titled " norway tragedy... give me a break"

that thread should be taken off the front page and this thread put in it's place ( no offense to the author of that thread )

because THIS thread and it's assessment of the situation concerned is right on the money.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 06:00 PM

You would think these guys would break up the pattern a little bit; but no. Once again we have the Police practicing for the event beforehand and we even have men in black uniforms casing the joint before the event took place.

Well, it turns out that although lack of a conscience allows for a broad latitude in the actions one can take, it doesn't mean that psychopaths are any brighter than the general population. In fact, according to this dude, they might be duller than the average killer bear.

Low intelligence: Psychopaths are slightly below average in intelligence, with no instances of the highest intelligence or creativity. While they can be skilled in certain sciences not requiring a humanistic world-view, according to Lobaczewski, they lack technical or craftsmanship skills. They also test low for “social wisdom” and “socio-moral imagination”. Academic or business success is often the result of fraud, coercion, or the use of others’ work.

In other words, the occasional bright bulbs among that unfortunate .6% eat their way to the top of the pile. Absent any human connections, what else are they gonna do with themselves?

Anyway, they found a formula that worked. It mobilized folks, it Gets S*** Done. It works, so why vary it?

They're not bright enough to see the imperative to change it up a bit, lest the punters should catch on to the game.

And even if the pleebs do smell a rat, you can just scrub wikipedia and then kick back with a nice highball.

The global psycho junta: they're dumber than we are, their actions have taken on a recognizable and distinct pattern, so why do they get away with it? Because anyone confronted with this view of events feels a deeply ingrained revulsion to the idea that another human being, particularly one invested with authority, could perpetrate such atrocity.

Just remember, we're hobbled by the notion that EVERYONE has a little Jiminy Cricket, deep down. This is not the case, particularly in the political and economic spheres, and we ignore this fact at our deepest peril.
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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

It mobilized folks, it Gets S*** Done. It works, so why vary it?

Yeah. I could not stop thinking of this aspect today. I know it is a little extreme but I could not stop thinking of the way that they have automated cattle slaughter in the beef industry.

I understand a hydraulic bolt or some such just smashes through the cranium into the brain causing instant death. I don't know if they do it this way still but I think I heard the story as a young person.

Anyhow, when this kind of thing goes down I start thinking of that bolt. Wherever Norway thought they were going when this happened; they are no longer going there. Just like us.

This just plain bears repeating...

Just remember, we're hobbled by the notion that EVERYONE has a little Jiminy Cricket, deep down. This is not the case, particularly in the political and economic spheres, and we ignore this fact at our deepest peril.

Thanks, MM.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 07:21 PM

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by mistermonculous

Gosh I'm sorry I missed it.

You are always relevant, MM.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 08:34 PM
It seems he was very much into templars and his club is planning on more attacks. See my topic for more info Norwegian shooter in templar terrorist group targetting netherlands also

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by Frater210

reply to post by muzzleflash

reply to post by BillyBoBBizWorth

reply to post by Unity_99

reply to post by DuneKnight

reply to post by wcitizen

reply to post by mistermonculous

reply to post by Neoblade

My Post here Suppositions on Israels possible motives and/or reasons.

I found a photo that was taken 5 days before the attacks at the camp

I believe the sign says boycott Israel even more evidence substantiating what we have expected.

Mossad is possibly involved and for the reasons and possibly motives/evidence we have brought up in my above post and all the posts in this thread.

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:49 PM
I saw that video, it's remains me..... maybe NWO but with muslims instead...
So you thinkin' that he went out and killed 90+ on some stupid assumptions that muslims controlling the world?

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by boorkii

I saw that video, it's remains me..... maybe NWO but with muslims instead... So you thinkin' that he went out and killed 90+ on some stupid assumptions that muslims controlling the world?

No the Shooter had strong objections to the immigration of muslims into Europe and he has a 1500 page manifesto.

He probably did believe the Muslims were going to Jihad Europe and take-over everything.

The Manifesto can be found here along with a Video the Shooter Created

Check it out for yourself here

I think the Manifesto has to be downloaded.... not sure the uploaded one seems to have been 404'ed

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by wcitizen

hi wcitizen,
+ thanks for that..

i agree with what U + Muzzleflash were referring to...

and i remember the "Port Arthur Massacre", here in Australia...
(lone gunman, kills 35, result = new gun laws etc etc AND strengthened "order")


The Port Arthur massacre of 28 April 1996
was a killing spree which claimed the lives
of 35 people and wounded 21 others mainly
at the historic Port Arthur prison colony,
a popular tourist site in south-eastern Tasmania,
Australia. Martin Bryant, a 28-year-old
from New Town, a suburb of Hobart,
eventually pleaded guilty to the crimes
and was given 35 life sentences.

Still plenty of people that believe he was "set-up"....
and of course these are not really isolated cases.

anyway, i all looks quite similar to me...AGAIN...
TPTB doing what they have to, to retain power etc.


posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 09:55 PM
Here Is the OP of a thread by anglodemonicmatrix this is important enough that I thought I would post it here.

It is interesting to compare the similarities between the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik and Timothy Mc Veigh the Oklahoma city bomber.Firstly is the direct Masonic link,Breivik was a member of the Saint Johannes Lodge,Mc Veigh was a 32nd level mason with the Confederate Grand Lodge of North America,both were 32 years of age when they perpetrated their acts of terror. In fact the numbers 32 and 33 pop up quite frequently in terms of age in lone wolf acts of violence.These are important numbers to Freemasons with occult significance of course Jesus's ministry was from 30 to 33 years of age both Mc Veigh and Breivik were right wing Christians with prejidices,Mc Veigh was reprimanded in the Army for buying white supremecy items and Breivik was anti islamic.The fact these two could download the Christian meme means both were programmable. Then there are the killers used for a purpose firstly the Dunblaine killer Thomas Hamilton it is rumoured that he was a paedophile that supplied a local Masonic pedophile ring with boys and was one himself,of course he was a scoutmaster,it was a very high order Freemaso Lord Robertson that procured this mans gun liscence. Hamilton exhibited signs of former MK Ultra or Monarch programming which include multiple personality disorder,bizarre sexual practices or involvement in Satanic cult activity.At 44 and unemployed however he would no longer be of long term use,so we could sacrifice him for a greater cause the Firearms Amendment Act no2 1997 which left only muzzle loading and historic handguns legal. Finally Martin Bryant the Port Arthur massacre perpetrator was once again a sacrifice for the greater good i.e some of the most restrictive gun laws on the planet.The Masonic link here is the Freemason run Tavistock institute which if you research find that the Tasmanian department of mental health has been a front for this organisation since the 1960's,Bryant had regular contact with the department from an early age.Now Bryant a 'borderline intellectual disabled' a part of the bottonm 2 percent of the population demonstrated some amazing skills that day the19 people in the cafe all died from a single 5.56 mm bullet to the head in 20 seconds with the shooter firing off the hip he also executed moving head shots and Beirut specials. Vietnam commander Brigadier Ted Sarong commented on the satanic efficiency something Breivik shares in Norway,Bryants favorite movie was Childs Play were a lifeless doll animates for mass murder could the powers that be have downloaded some sort of demonic terminator spirit into Bryant to assist? and what was Bryant doing in Hereford home of the British SAS in 1994? Hopefully you find these musings interesting.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Neoblade

In re: this thread

The so-called Justiciar Knight is a function within the club PCCTS. That is, Breivik a pan-European club of nationalist militants who the "original inhabitants of Europe" protects against the jihad and Marxists. One of the founders of the club's is one Dutchman, according to Breivik (look under Section 3.12). According to the murderous Norwegian its a matter of time before other European members of the club will strike.

Okay, going out on a flimsy limb here, but remember when it seemed somewhat likely that The Church of Satan is all a three letter style psy-op pulled off in the wake of the early seventies backwash from the Summer of Love?

Well, how about this ?

Neo-völkisch movements, as defined by the historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, cover a wide variety of mutually influencing groups of a radically ethnocentric character which have emerged, especially in the English-speaking world, since World War II. These loose networks revive or imitate the völkisch movement of 19th and early 20th century Germany in their defensive affirmation of white national identity against modernity, liberalism, immigration, multiracialism, and multiculturalism.[1] Some identify as neo-fascist, neo-Nazi, or Third Positionist; others are politicised around some form of palingenetic ultranationalism, and may show anarchist tendencies.[2] Especially notable is the prevalence of devotional forms and esoteric or neopagan themes, so that neo-völkisch currents often have the character of new religious movements.
Included under the neo-völkisch umbrella are movements ranging from conservative revolutionary schools of thought (Nouvelle Droite, European New Right, Evolian Traditionalism) to white supremacist interpretations of Christianity and paganism (Christian Identity, Creativity Movement, Nordic racial paganism) to neo-Nazi subcultures (Esoteric Hitlerism, Nazi Satanism, National Socialist black metal).

Yup, definitely a Nordic thang.

That whole So-Cal social experiment seems like it could have blown some bad seeds around the globe.

More from this source

“[Schizoids] are hypersensitive and distrustful, while, at the same time, pay little attention to the feelings of others. They tend to assume extreme positions, and are eager to retaliate for minor offenses. Sometimes they are eccentric and odd. Their poor sense of psychological situation and reality leads them to superimpose erroneous, pejorative interpretations upon other people’s intentions. They easily become involved in activities which are ostensibly moral, but which actually inflict damage upon themselves and others. Their impoverished psychological worldview makes them typically pessimistic regarding human nature.” (Lobaczewski, 123-4)

Like recognizes like, and you can just load up the lesser psychopaths and direct them at the desired targets. Ick.

edit on 23-7-2011 by mistermonculous because: check out the aquino ties to the military as well as mr. jack parsons and his ties to the military industrial complex. this kind of stuff could produce some fool-proof patsies. patsii?

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posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by shaneR

yes, port arthur! you just beat me to it. i recall somewhere that some guy was on the verandah during the shooting and remaining quite calm. dont know if that was exactly how it was. also the number of direct hits indicated a highly trained shooter. which the guy wasn't. john howard, the then pm, rushed the anti gun legislation through very fast. howard also just "happened to be in new york and england at the time of 911 and 7/7. what a strange coincidence.

posted on Jul, 23 2011 @ 11:06 PM
Hey guys don't forget the fact that Norway was protesting against the banks as well. So they were pulling away from an agenda that thought it was in full swing there. So of course they are going to give the public a reason to back the war and lets also not forget trying to change their direction of thought.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 03:04 AM
What gets me is how everyone can say NWO this and NWO this and never do anything about it.
The best support for evil is for good people to do nothing about it.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by Frater210

Just an unbalanced person with a twisted agenda, access to weapons, and the ability
to manufacture explosives. Nothing more... In my opinion.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

I seem to remember seeing Europol reports that showed that in fact, only 6% of recorded terrorist or terrorist relasted events in Europe over the past few years have been carried out by Islamic extremists, yet they now say they are the biggest threat?
Shame, I just recently deleted the reports that were in PDF format from my pc, but I am sure the data can be found fairly easily.

If I was the Norwegian government, I wouldn't let any agency from outside into the country or be involved in it's internal investigations. Never know who those agencies, or members of them, really report to.

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