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Norway "Tragedy" give me a break.............

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 07:10 AM
It's funny how we all debate this kind of stuff as if our opinion counts for anything. an individuals opinion means nothing if not backed by action.
Who out there is gonna take the scary kind of action nessecary?
Are you planning on doing this before or after you pick the kids up from school, buy the groceries and pay the bills?
"Hey Bob are you gonna help us overthrow our countries goverment this weekend? We dont have the resources to field a conventional army so were gonna plant roadside I.E.D's and we also need some volunteers to strap bombs to themselves."
"Sorry Jim I'm busy this weekend, gotta work overtime to pay-off the new 60 inch tv I bought, it'l take a while because after i've payed goverment-war-financing tax's I have so little left."

You all know the answer, but you wont go through with it.
Maybe a couple a dozen virgins waiting in the afterlife will help?

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