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Cops and your CCW

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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by Manhater

I'd have never been in his shoes to begin with. Leaving a suspect int he car while you search? FFS even a rook out of the academy knows better.

In addition he tries to notify the officer almost immediately after the officer gets within earshot but is told to shut up. If I tell a suspect to shut up and he follows my commands- I cannot then arrest him for his compliance with my orders.

That officer is tore up from the floor up and needs to find another line of work

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by Manhater
Put yourself in his shoes for a minute ...

There's a massive, MASSIVE difference between being scared, surprised, angry ... and threatening to execute someone and "not losing any sleep over it". Oh yeah, and implicating your partner by saying he would be a beneficial witness on your side.

This guy has a serious character deficiency. Period.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:38 AM
Wow there are so many things wrong with that stop.
In Connecticut the law is simple you don't get a CCW you get a permit to carry open or concealed but the cops will harass you and say they are going to arrest you for breach of peace (in the 2end) but they can't.

They lie and say its a concealed only state and try to scare you. just look up the JAMES GOLDBERG he was carrying concealed and a little bit was showing (read up on it) now its a famous case (i think by now he got his permit back) the courts ruled in his favor and made it clear that CT is a carry state not a concealed carry state.

And as long as you act lawfully they can not arrest you for BOP2 even if it insights a riot.
Cops just don't want lawful people to have guns.(damn shame)

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by Manhater

Originally posted by SFA437
That right there is the single most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Period.

Been a cop for 12 years and if I posted what I really wanted to say I'd be banned

You would be banned??

Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. I'm not saying his action are condoned or right. The was in the backseat of a car with an armed guy. He didn't know it, not until after the fact of which he lost his temper. He could have been killed.

His own doing.

Yes. It just may have just hit him then. But, not in this instance, because the guy was be forthcoming, but not in this instance, that he didn't know the outcome.

The Officers reaction was not in any way justified. The Driver of the car has (had?)a concealed weapons permit, which requires extensive background checks in most states. People who go out of their way to obtain said permits are obviously attempting to abide to the law, how is this a threat to the officer? Criminals and those with criminal intent do not usually get carry permits or even purchase their weapons legally. If anything the officer should have been upset with himself for not following proper procedure.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:51 AM
It is bad cops like this who give the other 5 percent a bad name.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 01:21 AM
It seems to me that the different areas of Ohio, and certainly the individuals inhabiting these areas, have very differing opinions on our state's relatively new CCW law. Obviously, the arresting officer in this video has issue with citizens lawfully carrying a handgun (and it looks like some other "issues" as well). Conversely, the Ashtabula County Sheriff William Johnson has states on TV that he urges the citizens of said county to arm themselves.

I for one have just recently initiated the process for an Ohio CCW, and incidents like this cause me to fear for my life and the life of my family while carrying. Ironic, because the whole reason for my CCW is to protect my life and the lives of my family members.

I don't want to simply echo the other posts here, but I would like to state that I agree that the officers here acted way out of line, and the arresting officer needs to be fired and barred from law enforcement, and possibly charged for threatening to kill some one. And yeah, I don't think the driver's actions prior to the stop were totally benign, but I'm not commenting on the relevance of that.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 02:31 AM
The guy may be an idiot but I don't think the officer should be threatening anyone with violence.
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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 03:04 AM
video count is locked, internet censorship!!!!

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by DaddyBare

That is very interesting.. yeah.

I had the sneaking suspicion that they do not want anyone else to be armed. I think it must be a fear thing. Seriously though if you fear for your life why would you be a cop.

/sarcasm it is probably a control thing

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by ElectricWizard
Seriously though if you fear for your life why would you be a cop.

It isn't a dangerous job.

The guy behind the counter at your convenience store places himself in greater danger every night.

Same for lumberjacks, fishermen, etc. With "offficer safety' taking such high priority, being a cop is a safe job.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 04:44 AM
I am sorry, but I couldn't read past page two before posting this. How can this officer not be in prison right now? If anyone anywhere made such dramatic threats against anyones lives. Even without someone being there.... they'd most likely be in the system awaiting trial.

Paid administrative leave? Bull. If I threatened to kill or even mentioned I should kill someone at my job. I'd be behind bars and oysters deep on someone named bubba.,

I am glad we have some decent cops in my town. At least that I have run into. but this bull.... this is inexcusable. I don't care what the person did, short of make a similar threat against the officer..... He should not have recieved this treatment.

Do these people not understand that you can only shove someone so many times before they shove back. I don't wanna see situations get ugly.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 04:52 AM

Originally posted by sessej
How can this officer not be in prison right now?

It is called a multi-tiered justice system.

They occur in societies that are in collapse or that are near to collapse. Like keeping two sets of books, there are two sets of laws; one for the average person and another for employees of the state.

What is acceptable for one to do is totally unacceptable for the other. And when someone form the upper tier is punished, it is usually not nearly as severe as it would be for a mere mundane such as yourself.

Something that might land you in jail for a decade might land an upper-tiersman six months paid leave and free counselling. Or worse, he might have to go to another department and take a pay cut of a few grand... the poor thing.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 08:02 AM
One thing i'm confused about is how the guy got the video. It looked like it was taken with the police car camera. Do they give you a copy of the video for evidence after being arrested or something?

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by mossme89

His lawyer is the one who obtained the video.

Also, I've posted it before but for those joining late - you can get direct information on the Canton, Ohio Police Department Facebook page.

They have been answering our questions pretty quickly. There are some questions they won't answer, and I usually have to do some research around the net to get those answers. I found the officers name on another site, as they wouldn't tell us his name. But it's pretty interesting.

The officer is still on sick leave. (all of us taxpayers are giving this criminal of a LEO a paid vacation)

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 09:57 AM
Jeez,what a stupid cop,he was clearly trying to inform the them about it...

I think that cop overreacted in my opinion,they didnt seem to be thinking about what they were doing,or didnt follow protocol.

I cant believe the way he threatened the driver as well,what stupid things to say.Cops saying that kind of stuff are no better than your local gangbangers rolling around with guns threatening to kill you.

Ive said it before and ill say it again,we need more peace officers,not police officers..
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posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by EagleTalonZ

The officer is still on sick leave. (all of us taxpayers are giving this criminal of a LEO a paid vacation)

The taxpayer loses regardless.

We pay for the cop to harass. We pay the cop not to harass. We pay the investigation into the harassment. We pay for the termination proceedings against the union. We pay any applicable obligated severance. We pay the law suit settlement. We even pay for the incarceration if warranted.

The ultimate lose - lose situation is being a taxpayer.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by thisguyrighthere
reply to post by Frogs

Sure it is. Doesnt stop them from trying. They need to charge (threaten) you with anything they can in a pathetic effort to save face with their own actions.

There's a clear pattern.

Cop goes nuts.
Somebody releases tape of it.
Cop get's defensive and protective and tacks on charges.
Makes cop look even more ridiculous.
Charges get dropped.
City has to pay stupidity fine in the tens of thousands.
Cop goes through cartoon disciplinary actions amounting to nothing of consequence.


What gets me is how often this is done. Like none of them are aware that it hasnt worked out so well for the other depts? Heads firmly lodged in the sand I guess. None of them are up on current events?

I hope municipalities have some sort of liability insurance that helps with paying out these settlements. Otherwise taxpayers should be pretty ticked off everytime some nut blows a gasket and they lose $30,000-$300,000 dollars.

It's not 'in the sand' where most of their heads are stuck. Look about 30 inches higher. My honest opinion is that most cops think they are our betters and more important than the people they 'serve'. They KNOW they are not liked and that's one of the main reasons they act the way they do. The other is, they know that little to nothing will be done in the way of discipline. When they Are caught, it just makes them defensive cause they know how stupid and Ramboish they looked. When cops start losing their jobs because of tirades like this, we'll see a change. Not until. Most know the law in general and interpret it the way they want , not the way it was written. This officer obviously let his personal views of civilians carrying effect his actions.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 10:09 PM
The driver tried to notify the LEO twice. He was told to shut up by Officer Unfriendly after the first time.. In Ohio, it is a misdemeanor 1 for failure to is also a misdemeanor 1 to disobey a lawful order given by a LEO. The driver was damned if he did, damned if he didn't.

The thread that has been started (and is now into page 37!) on OFCC is :-

Canton PD Notification

Feel free to join up and express your views, or just to keep up on the story.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 03:11 PM
Not sure if someone else has posted this but on the 1st there was another article written about this Officer that is interesting in relation to his behavior -

Officer Daniel Harless

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by ElectricWizard
I had the sneaking suspicion that they do not want anyone else to be armed.

It's the cowardly way.
Aren't you proud of the boys in blue?

In contrast the below listed article is an example of true courage, willingness to protect others, ability to think in a dangerous situation, willingness to lay your life on the line in short everything the LEO of today is NOT!!!!

Yes, I have a bad case of contempt of cop. Also known as 'seeing them for what they truly are!'.

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