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The Ten Commandments ; Moses return to a crowd out of control <-- NOW US

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by smallpeeps

Looks like a confirmed Date.

"The eruption at the latter site over 3,600 years ago"


posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Ben81

You need to research.

There are something like 23 "books" that were purposely left out, banned, removed from "The Bible".

A world known ex-priest, archaeologist/linguist friend of ours has told us time and time again that the "Bible" as we know it is so mistranslated, it's not even funny.

Example: One letter, just one letter can change the entire meaning of everything.

X has said and Stichin knew him and supported him (they went on one dig together) that in all translations one letter was left off.............instead of God all the ancient scrolls read Gods (plural).

Now, Start doing some heavy duty research.

So many books have been banned, left out, removed.

One of the most reputable Bibles but still not complete is the Ethiopia, Bible.

"Born Again Christians" usually take the King James' Bible which was translated from an existing Old and New Testament manuscript of the Bible which was written in Greek (Textus Receptus). The Bible, itself, was completed being written by 100AD -- John the Revelator being the last one to write anything which was later included into the cannon of the Bible. Those whom try to claim the Bible was written hundreds of years after Christ was suppose to have ascended to Heaven, and by people whom never even knew Christ, are sorely mistaken and/or ignorant of the true history of the Bible.

Again, certain books of the Bible were not included in the original cannon of the Bible because of either a lack of verifiable authenticity or because they contradicted accepted Scripture. Those books were later included as the Apocrypha and a few of those Apocryphal books were later accepted as cannon and renamed. The remainder of the Apocryphal books remain unaccepted by Protestants and are, thus, only found in Catholic versions of the Bible.

As various tribes conquered different areas, they rewrote history (and the Bible) to suit their needs often changing and mistranslating.

"The Word of God"...................each must decide for him/herself.

Imagine if you traveled even to a remote jungle area in South America where the tribal people had never seen a bic lighter or sneakers that light up as you walk................they would think you a "God".

One man's "God(s) is another man's distant traveler.

Commandments......................designed for the few to control the many.

I'm a good, decent, kind, law abiding person, not because I believe in a heaven and hell (I don't) but because I believe in the golden rule: "Do unto others, exactly as you would have them do unto you.

And this includes most animals.

Only exception is self defense.
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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 10:03 AM
Moses had great knowledge of things. The golden calf probably wasn't solid gold. At the time these idols were made of wood, clay, or rock and the gold pieces would have been pounded to thin foil and layed over the calf in small sheets. It then may or may not have been heated to make it look solid. Moses melted down the gold and threw it into water. It would have formed a colloidal gold water, early nanotechnology. He made the people drink this water. It would have caused all the bacteria to die in their guts releasing all their toxins speedily and this would have sickened them. It also would have formed intense pain from the heavy superconducting metal shorting the cells in the lining of the stomach and organs. There probably wouldn't have been antimony in the gold to do this so antimony poisoning wouldn't have been an issue. Moses then had the Levatites kill them. Sounds like he was pretty pissed. We can't be the descendants of these people because they all died except some of the Levitites so the assumption is wrong. We got greedy on our own, we didn't inherit that. Many of the pagan people of that time were not corrupt, they just worshiped the horned god. The Horned god was not the devil either, he was probably an ancient leader with horns. The Royal collection of England is supposed to contain a womans horn. The woman gave it to a queen long ago. People occasionally have horns.

Yes, if Moses were here today they would definitely be forcing him to go to anger management classes. Either that or we would be locking him in a padded cell. A society without morals cannot survive. Even reducing the morals causes major problems. The complete seperation of church and state is impossible because most of our laws were created from the commandments. Other religions have comparable rules. Do you notice in the bible that "Thou shall not steal" does not apply to overthrowing other government. It was all right to kill and plunder other civilizations. I personally don't like taking anything that I have not earned honestly. I guess I would have been in trouble those days.

I believe in god and believe he is the god of all, the same as the main god of other religions. The argument seems to be in his name. My church is the woods because I feel most relaxed there. People see things the way that fits what they know. Everyone's different and because of that life is not boring. If everyone saw things the same this site wouldn't exist.

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