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8-3-11 Creepy Website! Can We Figure Out The Code?!?!

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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:31 PM
Whats troubling me, that not every "smiles" on formspring are "connections".
And what is interesting, those missing ones have ALWAYS avatars related to case(and one has vintage pic as a background).
Maybe this is the clue...that formspring has clues, then..BUT not on Q&A specifically, just...around.

now, look who made helvette smile:
aditionally, to realize what i am talkin about, check known "connections" list of 8311(so you may get a picture, why i am troubled).

tbh, i do not know what to think, anymore.
just lurk around avatars related to FOLLOWING ones, so one lvl deeper, than surface, i'd say.
you should know which ones..if you remember BASE images.
let me explain more:
check ones that 8311 SMILED to, THEN look into their profiles, and then look at "Who made Helvete smile" in these profiles.
THEN look at their Q&A.
this is how i found conet Q&A with troubling...answers.

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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:32 PM
I edited a post further up the page to include this because I don't think that Becky being 36000 should be ruled out.

"There is nobody in our group named Becky. 36,000 is in Africa"

Names do not exist for these people. They are not necessarily ruling out that Becky is not 36000 here.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:33 PM
Maybe, Brandon (boyfriend of Jacy) is 18000... "one half" of her?

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:33 PM
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that he admits he has been lying?

That means that all the work here to fore has been worthless, because he LIED.

He is immediately suspect in *everything* he has answered, either negatively or positively to.

Personally, I think it would entail starting *all* over again, because many of us were working on the basis the answers were truthful.

Quite frankly, I am out, and feeling more than a little played.

I now go with ARG, game, or viral marketting, but ARG rings the truest.

Have fun now, trying to determine the lies from the truth.It basically just doubled the research, not to mention having to start all over.

So this is how they "add" more information?

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:33 PM
caught up again.....dang thats tuff.
Lots of great minds with great ideas. Lots of new faces too. Ive seen alot of ideas surface that ive delved into but didn't feel they were significant but glad to see we are all thinking alike or at least entertaining similar ideas.
My next post, hopefully in a few minutes will be a new idea. Or at least I think its new. Forever I hope you will correct me if it is not.

The ride continues.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:34 PM
This recap is for those who asked for it. If you do not wish to read it, feel free to read the other 186 pages, I have no problem with that.

If you find I missed anything in this recap PLEASE U2U ME with it - then I surely won't miss it.

I gave everyone credit for the work they did. If you are not included, it may be because it was brought up earlier. I can't list every post or it would be a 186 page long recap.

To be quite clear: I am HERE because I am ENJOYING being a part of the community

Real quick before anything else Libertygal posted a list of Proffitt's lost in the mountains.... I agree with her this could be a breakthrough. - While the Q&A said no one named Becky is in the group (a question that no longer exists on formspring... at least not that I can find), doesn't mean they're not related. Also a great theory by Croatoan about Jacy Johnson being friends with Becky, and thegooner shows us Jacy's status updates - could be totally related.

They now admit on formspring that they lie "175,000 doesn't exist" (reaffirmed by Libertygal, who makes a very important point that now ALL CLUES are suspect - and therefore everything in the recap could be wrong.


Top 4 Most Popular Theories
You may or may not agree with any of these, we welcome your opinions - there are plenty of theories to go around, and these are not the only things we came up with. I'd love to add something new!

1. A Sociology experiment, or a Message about "You" and how you work with others.
- A good take on this by, here.
- My opinion: Since there is really no way to be sure of this until the date in question, we can only look at EVERYTHING we've done since the beginning (summed up to the best of my ability here), and deduce it was the intention all along, to keep us digging at clues that are completely irrelevant.
- biggkatt found this "secret study" at (external link)
- At least 2 members have stated it was "about you" in a context of it being "FACT". I hesitate to post their names simply because they have participated otherwise and I don't want to cast any shadows over their intentions. So I wont name them directly in the recap but my opinion is here, and I like ANSPHAR's take on it here
- - I think Totek said it best (no need to click, here it is! not the first time mentioned, but the most eloquent to quote)
- - - - I'm starting to think this is an attempt to awaken people to the fact that everyone and everything is connected in one way or another and that humanity needs to work together.
- - - - - - - I also like what watchdog8110 says "We won at getting past stereotypes in the human race to achieve a common goal. Search as a combined unit."
- My speculation on how simple the answer really might be (would have to be if they want just anyone to figure it out)
- Important points (some already brought up, but consolidated clearly) by LazerTron - I agree, I think whoever started 8/3/11 is in over their heads. - they also seem to agree in the question "Q: You're making a very, very big mistake. - A: We know."
- TinMadDog gives a convincing reason why it is NOT a sociology experiment - as does itop - between the two of them I'm near convinced its not
- Grower found an interesting German "thought experiment"

2. A message regarding the Holocaust
- There are many supporting facts in this document regarding the Holocaust. I recommend you do a keyword search for Holocaust and/or Germany just in case I missed moving any to this section.
- an interesting take on this from wescobar. His wife believes it could be Hitler's daughter.
- possible image proof? nice find Domo1 and a few posts down here he finds a Belle Frajnovits Selman involved in the Holocaust
- thanks to harlot7 showing us many correlations in her post!
- - "UMBRELLA organization" connection made by tracer7 - an anti-semitism organization
- Undo goes more in depth about the Liberty Bell and Big Ben (both being/having bells)
- - - - Additional notes in her post ties into the Holocaust ideas
- Wildworld reminds us of Die Glocke (The Bell, spaceship?)
- thomasc83 found out there were approximately 175,000 Jews at the time Hitler was in Vienna
- The only snag I find in the Holocaust theories is from the Q&A
- - - - Q: Adolf Hitler / A: God No.

3. its about an art project regarding "stoning" - this section mostly references "the doodles"
- Some things I suspected confirmed by mutantgenius here.
- Work we did on the stoning aspect from page 104 can be found summed up in this post and image by me.
- Druid posted some updates to that image Here - and more importantly HERE (you don't mind I keep forgetting your "42" do you? ♥)
- - BigKatt found that "Summer B" started on June 27, and ends August 5th at University of South Florida - this may correlate to the alleged date it was first put up (June 24) and end date (Aug 3)
- "Sighting photos" have the University of South Florida on them? thanks to Jagx1981 (Adding this to the stoning section as an art project but is is also valid for a sociology experiment of some kind)
- scotms found an artshow on 8/3/11 in Houston with a Bell street nearby.
- bigkatt questions the Q&A someone asked "if I said I will cast the first stone what would you say", the answer was "that you're a liar" therefore the first stone may already have been cast - (or they know who will)
- MrOysterHead speculates that what they're reallying saying is no one is without sin, "he who is without sin casts the first stone" therefore if you do, you're a liar.
- Highpriestess also found that the very first crash dummy ever was named Sierra Sam
- Possibly disturbing info from the Q&A regarding their alpha-code
- - - - Q: can your symbols mean whole words or just letters? - A: whole words
- - - - pivilu points out that runes work this way as well - this could be possible, although the Q&A says its based off the english language, I think that answer was awfully vague to disclude runes.
And since I keep forgetting to point out these weird symbols (☼ ▲), I'm going to credit drphilxr for the reminder - read his post for Elenin references and a blown up pic of the Star of David located in the original doodles.
- WarminIndy shares some more info on runes, Odin, and the fact that 8/3 is a Wednesday.
- some great research and a lot of connection between Art and Sam and Houston (HAA) from scotms
- I like this take on the doodles from CunningGstuntS - implying that it is a metaphor

4. Religious connotations possibly related to comets or constellations
- Religion has an entire section at the start of all previous recaps - I have moved most (if not all) elenin info to this section
- Further good supporting information for comet relation comes from jacktorrance regarding Comet Levy being in the constellation Casiopeia at the same time as Elenin is in Virgo - more info - and ANSPHAR reminds us the 3rd comet is named Honda
- More good supporting information from RipcurI regarding the "smurfs" message, our planet being blue, a comet hitting, check it out
- And yet MORE Elenin creepiness from qonone - August 3, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the brown dwarf perigee position, while the brown dwarf is crossing the earth orbit location.
Blood disease issues and speculation in connection with Elenin...
Zippidee - Allegedly virus found in Antartica dating to last time Elenin came around. 40% mortality rate of rh- blood type. 60% survival with hyper auto immune as well as reduced aging and some dna changes. (source needed)
Along these lines violentz313 pointed out that BELLE could stand for "Biological Effect of Low Level Exposure" - Omegarage agrees, and adds new theories to it.
Rushunt u2u'd me with a summation of this blood thing, I thought it was worth adding after all
- "Basically the rh-blood warning about comet carrying a disease that affects neg blood types . Prior known to be here from last passing of elenin and found in antartica. After com met passes 170.20 will broadcast warning, possible tie to 8.3.11"
- IceFlower is still unconvinced!
- dyllels points out that 170.20 MHZ is the Federal Disaster Network
- plewis found that each name of the members of 8311 correlate with names of "minor planets and asteroids"
- BeaverTail points out that "the Arizona flag has a star with "major rays" projected
- Stormborn and Amandala worked together to find and show us how the doodle resembles some constellations/meteor showers coming in August. - Domo1 speculates the "meteors" are the first stones cast.. interesting. - Minori and Highpriestess also had some good things to add - consider this link only a beginning reference, and I recommend reading beyond that point. (Notable read from Minori re: USF, fraternities, and thier logo.
- Highpriestess connects the first sightings with Houston and NASA.
- kluskinoodle shares some of his research, including items he found at (credit where credit is due, double kudos!) - a bit long to read but very interesting - I recommend it - connects the "michigan" (see Q&A) aspect along with the NASA ideas and constellations, etc.
- Totek points out that "Belle" is in the "Andromeda" galaxy - while we all agree the Q&A says its not related, again, maybe they're not alien but "coming home"
- plewis51 finds an Apollo astronaut that may connect NASA with Michigan (and there was no apollo 11?)
- qonone found an interesting end of the world scenario for 8/3
- drphilrx gives us info on Alphekka and Altair

Other Information included in all the previous recaps begins here.

This is a condensed version of this entire thread. I realize it is long, but its better than reading ___ pages of posts right?! I will try to separate information and keep it as brief as possible. If any errors are found or I miss anything, please U2U me. I can't dig through all the pages either.
ALL links should go to ATS posts within this thread, unless otherwise noted.

If you have not read the Q&A I strongly recommend This post and this post by new member AKA23 - She ignores EVERYTHING we did and summarizes it force us ♥

Please take the time to read this recap, especially if you have not read anything else. Odds are, your ideas are already addressed here.

Religious Items
John 8:3-11; originally posted by Damasan

1 Samuel 8:3-11; originally posted by Kamesan, transcribed here, and ltinycdancerg gave an amazing interpretation.

Lucas 1:37? (pointed out in several places from sightings pics) possibly the bible passage "For no word from God will ever fail."

Revelations 8:3-11 posted by N34Li3Z - how we overlooked this I'll never know - mentions Wormwood... interesting...
Cuervo mentions that Wormwood in Russian is Chernobyl - Very cool info!! (Requested to add by Cuervo: Chernobyl is "mug wort" in Ukrainian dialect, which is a Wormwood.)
karen61057 points out that mug wort and wormwood are both plants used to make mind altering substances.

Apparently, there is a religious movement starting on 8/3 - Facebook page - and they need 18,000 revivalists - nice find by plewis51

Information on a blog entitled "the cork tree" was posted by Dustbowldebutante who's author is apparently "Mormon" which may fit since we know Mormons do not drink or smoke, and neither do members of 8•3•11
Mormon scripture Covenants 8:3-11 shared by balrathamir very interesting - with possible links to wormwood here.

Domo1 has speculated its all related somehow to the movie THX1138 (is this religious? I admit I didn't see the movie
but I'm going to leave it here anyway) - dragonlight posts some information he found on another site regarding THX being connected.

- citizenAlpha found an interesting correlation to "The Genesis Prayer"

- WarminIndy found a Mary Belle Jones related to David Koresh and the branch dividians - further digging found she could very well be 83!

- greenco made an interesting correlation from Belle M to Betheleheem

- Baphomet is mentioned many times in the last 30 or so pages - but I have to give momeees credit for her in depth look at it. And this addition to her info by Qwenn got my own wheels turning....


On 7/21/11; the Q&A says the "new images" are "key" - Also note that the Q&A says we will get a current picture on 8/3/11

Original images of boy and girl (though the boy has not been directly related to any of this), were posted by David291, embedded by me and quickly seen in a quote at the top of the page by mudbeed

For your quick viewing pleasure here is a small version of all 3. Only "Belle" is confirmed associated with 8•3•11

Alleged DOB: 11/11/1928? - 6 Yrs Old

EXIF information provided by Damasan

A link that may or may not be relevant but a REALLY good idea from LOST2still - can anyone do an age enhancement on Belle's original image?

Alt Text provided by harlot7
- - Note: ALT Text mentions Bob Dylan songs; when questioned about 115 on the Q&A, they responded "Jesus was denied too" - qonone pointed out that is a Dylan lyric. Interesting artwork can be found on the Wiki: Bringing it all back home (album)

There is a hidden picture within the picture found by Domo1,

Constellation type symbols were found in the image of "Belle", also by Domo1

Alphekka turns out to be some sort of constellation, posted by ChemTrails101 (quoted by me with comparison images of Domo's and the Site)

A lot of image names are constellations as well, noted by NEW MEMBER! Kradyck

A close up of the lips show a skin disease, found by Domo1

An example of how/why her face is photoshopped is also presented by Domo1
- - 8•3•11 has admitted that the image is photoshopped due to skin disease

"Belle A Babb, Mansfield, May 23, 1846, August 1, 1911" TOMBSTONE found by BrnBrdy
- - However, we are told that "Belle" is alive

A mirrored reptilian freaky image was shared by rushunt

An animated image shared by AKindChap

While checking out the "connections" at forum spring, TNTarheel found an image of twins in black in white.

An incredible, in depth, disection of the Belle images was posted by Russorevresbo

While searching the site info, MarineRecon77 came up with this google earth image.

A good take on the doodled images from NEW MEMBER! RichieBod (includes a picture of the doodle) Mutantgenius mentioned the arrows indicate a speaker turning his head
Also noted (but couldn't find the original post) that the top right image could be a top down view - which ties into the TOP DOWN code on the site!!!!
doodle.png (external link)

Their decoded alphabet was posted by Domo1
and a much clearer version posted here by drphilxr

- Momeees and I speculate there's a reason that some posters say 3•8 rather than 8•3 - but haven't found anything definitive (I'm convinced this was something they planned earlier in the year and just swapped the date, no proof though) - violentz313 found an "alien disclosure" date of 3/8/11


Important Note
Dethduck, tried to "clear away the clutter" - I'm inclined the agree the end answer has more to do with Numbers (although in the Q&A they claim their names are not relevant at all, they're just names), that NO VIDEOS or WEBSITES are endorsed by 8•3•11, except the formspring page, and the page, and we should focus on the "girl" image. A very long but worthy read if you're inclined to agree ♥

Additionally, please visit an extensive DECLUTTERING, including quotes from the Q&A by dethduck, here


Video Items
These were found randomly and HAVE NOT been linked to the 8•3•11 sites

Very creepy videos (need a nightmare?) posted by AnIntellectualRedneck

rushunt found an interesting video showing hidden pictures in the "belle" image.

Cuervo shares a video I couldn't really follow in regards to radio frequencies and "distorted coherence" - check it out if thats what you're working on.

Domo1 found this guy on youtube claiming its solved - based on work from Dethduck and answers in the Q&A, I'm inclined to disagree, but you check it out! Never know where we might find a clue.


Q&A Items
This does not include all 400+ questions answered, just a few of the more important items (if you find something I missed, please let me know) - NOT ALL information they gave is necessarily part of the answer. It seems like anyone who comes close to an actual theory IMHO isn't answered at all. While they do say casiopeia is their favorite constellation (and we do agree there are constellations on Belle's face in the image), that doesn't mean its related. It just means someone asked what their favorite constellation is.
NOTE: (reiterated) What I find important, others may not, and vice versa - MORE quotes from the Q&A are posted by Dethduck on page 60 - its strongly recommended you read them ♥ it is also an incomplete list, and I will update when he adds the rest of them ♥ you can read them yourself at the formspring link.

- The formspring link is here - I strongly recommend reading it - I'm personally on my 5th or 10th read of it, and still finding things I missed or misread from the beginning.
- Most important Q: do I have anything to fear from you. A: NO (caps are theirs)
- Members of 8•3•11 go by numbers for code names - they claim their significance is irrelevant
- - - - 175.000 = The one who responds to questions. This in North America. The leader (18,000) got in touch with him.
- - - - 18.000 = The leader. Has read the novel "Anthem" by Ayn Rand. Only can be tier 1.
- - - - 36.000 = is a woman. This tier 2 level. Oldest member
- - - - 68.000 = Encode messages. It is not human
- - - - 21.000 = Has read the novel "Anthem" by Ayn Rand. Tier 2.
- - - - - - also important to note that they say these are JUST names and we place too much importance on them
- 8/15 is Jake's birthday (no clue who Jake is..)
- They claim they are NOT RELATED to the 8-3-11 facebook page
- They do however support this Facebook page 8•3•11 (external link) but claim the administrator is not related to their group
- They like the constellation Casiopeia (perhaps because its 11,000 light years from earth? thanks for the add MaxTO
- They use the Gregorian calendar
- They are not terrorists
- They answer one question with "whoever said we were going to help somebody"
- They have a female member and a member in South Africa
- They don't drink coffee or smoke
- They claim this is not related to money in any way - they exactly say "We are not marketing a movie, book, game, magazine, multimedia experience, roller coaster, grocery store, or anything else you could possibly spend your money on. We are not in this for profit of any kind."
- They claim this is not related to aliens in any way (though its been mentioned they're not alien but "coming home" and that Dylan music was sent into space in the 60s)
- They claim this is not related to "Guy Fawkes" in any way
- They claim it is a "retraction" of some kind. (I like matrixportal idea that they're lifting veil from society)
- in the Q&A an important question about will they retract EVERYTHING they've said/done - the A is No.
- They claim it COULD be considered art (as speculated by several people throughout the thread)
- They claim to have ONE NONHUMAN member named SAM - (dog? cat? pigeon? algorithm?)
- - - - Its speculated SAM could stand for .. anything at this point - I was the one who capitalized all the letters however, we do NOT know its an acronym
- Sam is listed in the "site info" (Billing Name:Sam Eightthreeeleven, and yes we have tried calling the phone number, it rings then disconnects, or requests a message be left)
- The responder on the Q&A also claims to be "nervous" about the upcoming date.
- Whatever THEY are doing is because "YOU won't "
- - - - they also say "We didn't say because no one else would. We do not think of the general mass as weak or scared."
- They claim it will be LEGAL
- They claim it has nothing to do with Marble Hornets
- Only those who are involved will know details before August the 3rd.
- Only they can answer the "indicated" questions.
- It's the opposite of a political group trying to promote an unilateral thinking
- They believe this is a positive movement.
- This wasn't planned
- They aren't selling anything "tangible"
- EXACTLY 38.451% of the world is injustice - what could that mean?????
- They say that their message has been distorted already
- They imply that Michigan is a Country (where 18,000 is from), I found at least one publication that thinks Michigan is a country here - Xcalibur254 points out that Michigan is Ojibwe word, possibly a reference to first nations. Grower searches "the michigan thing to death" for us
Sostratus has first hand knowledge of the Michigan Country Lines publication, and thinks its nothing special (I half agree, I think its irrelevant to the puzzle, but I think it gives us a general idea where the puzzle originates from)
- They say their purpose HAS BEEN GUESSED at formspring - however - That does not mean they posted it - as many of us have asked questions and received no response.
- We determined questions asked in Binary are mostly gibberish and don't look like the alpha-code HOWEVER pivilu made an interesting correlation from a numerology site - and Nyiah correlated some of it with geographical locations - awesome work guys/gals!
- They did answer one of my submitted questions, here - the question may have been fail as it was based off something Matrixportal said, rather than complete Q&A info - but it does determine they aren't answering the relevant questions, since mine was answered within 2 minutes of submission. Also I was not logged in when I asked.

Extra Thanks to TNTarHeel, Neil1972, DesteredIsland, BeaverTail, Komodo, harlot7, and grey580 for all their help with this list (each name goes to the respective helpful post)


What do we know about Belle?
- IS Not dead
- IS Not in danger
- IS A symbol of the cause (related but not involved)
- IS American
- IS Sick/ill, but her illness is not the "fault" of the group
- IS Not hospitalized
- WAS not tortured or physically damaged
- HAD or HAS a skin disease (confirmed at the time of the photo)
- IS Six years old in the picture
- IS 83 years old today.
- We also know from the Q&A that Belle is not involved in their group, she is a "symbol" of their "group"

Thanks to YoungMind92 for the majority of this list

The Conet Project - ENRICKS - and 4412
Its been widely speculated that this is some marketing compaign regarding The Conet Project/Wilco/and those 3 letters I keep forgetting (YHF?)
dethduck called (conet) out here, and explains the Conetproject in detail here.
We are reasonably confident that both are unrelated.
Interesting info found by nunya13 on Mossad regarding the letter YHF
sdwrage notes that "yankee, hotel, foxtrot" means "our ears to the radio" - bftroop says it also means "attention"
4-4-12 is unrelated - OneIsOne associates it with a weight loss site

there is no link to any of the information coming from ENRICKS website - we believe it is unrelated, and has been stated to be an ARG by many members.


Interesting Numerology Items

- Recent item Marlow found a connection between 8.3.11 and 38.451% - little difficult for me to follow but for those on the number aspect, a must read

- 11 is thier favorite number (claiming they were born 11/11 at 11:11)

- 8311 spells BELL - and "Belle" is supposedly 83 years old.

- 83113 is the Zip Code for Big Piney, Wyoming. (thank you BrnBdry)

- 8+3+1+1=13 (thank you Phasma)
- - - - This follows the thinking that it is related somehow to Mary Bell, child murderess, mentioned by Libertygal - Mary Bell's partner in crime was 13.

- 1/1/83: 1/1/83: ARPANET adopted the standard TCP/IP protocol
- - - - Very nice find AstroBuzz!, who went on to point out (possibly in regards to their "levels"/"tiers"
- - - - A tier 1 network is an Internet Protocol (IP) network that participates in the Internet solely via settlement-free interconnection, also known as settlement-free peering.
- - - - A Tier 2 Network is an Internet service provider who engages in the practice of peering with other networks, but who still purchases IP transit to reach some portion of the Internet

- A prevalent theory in regards to the US Debt crisis on 8/2, may explain the code names of 3811 members. As tsawyer2 points out...
- - - - 18,000 troops to afghanistan, another 68,000 added last year, and as of 3/31 a total of 175,000 total troops

- 8*3*11=264 - Google is dropping H.264 from Chrome found by harlot7

- wildoracle13 shows us UM8R311A (chills!)

- Their code numbers have nothing to do with radio frequencies according to IceFlower

- Items that sold for $18,000 found by ltinycdancerg
- - - - An etch-a-sketch of Obama, and the original pilot script for "Lost"
- - - - Additionally in reference to the Holocaust, Germany sold for 18,000 thanks thomasc83 - check out his post, he has a lot of interesting notes
- - - - and yet another Hitler item - The first copy of "Mein Kempf" sold for 18,000 (thank you patternfinder

- On August 3rd of various years (1492) Columbus set sail (1934) Hitler became Fuhrer
- - - - mentioned before but reminded to me by notquiteright
- - - - 1941: Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen of Muenster denounces the “euthanasia” killing program in a public sermon - Thank you Tracer 7 (who also mentioned there's a DC Holocaust Tour on 8/3/11)


Audio Items
- potential_problem found some interesting things in the mp3 ID tags. Also when he played them backwards, they sounded like "carnival" music, with the word "help" repeating (cause it wasn't creepy enough already!)

- harlot7 noted there were email addresses ending in *.gov (potential thinks is a fake generated list, but its up for speculation)

- AlphaOphiuchi found more words in an audio saying "I'm Megan student, I'm student, I'm finished. Megan finished, six."

- sdwrage pulled the "phonetic alphabet" from the "Help Spread the Word" page for us.


Other Speculations Include
- a marketing gimmick for a game/movie release (the most compelling evidence from IceFlower)
- - - - some movies in question: 11:11, Atrocious, Belle, and Smurfs , though the Q&A denies this
- - - - games in question: resident evil (though they're not umbrella anymore), NEW MEMBER!! kluskinoodle mentions Assassins Creed re: Altair (along with some other interesting ideas related to constellations) - give it a read!
- - - - potential_problem has a interesting concept about the doodles explaining the marketing campaign theory this is his image directly

- aids/hiv awareness campaign, interesting take by Fishticon84 - who also notices here The 4 tone sound that it plays on the "Sightings" page is extremely similar if not exactly the same as the sound that the Montreal Metro (subway) trains make when they leave the main stations
- Loglady has an interesting theory about it being related to the BBC production of a game called "The Code"

- something to do with the US debt deadline on 8/2 (financial collapse? i like how jacktorrance presents this
- - - - also interesting which I forgot, Obama's birthday is on the 4th - thanks for the reminder bigkatt
- - - - Veritas1 shows us Obama's "Umbrella Defense System[/url] - and notes that the German word for "bell" is "snake" - she has many good posts on page 175 (starting there) worth looking at.

- some type of ARG (Alternate Reality Game; speculated early on by Zyril here)

- a very nice theory from QBSneak000 about rememberance day ♥ (Domo1 said someone else brought it up first though, sorry ♥, I can't get them all!)

- Copyfight (external link) vs Copywrite?
- - - - lynn112 believes it may have something to do with being AGAINST intellectual property laws. Many ideas being thrown around about this, it has been pointed out THAT may be the Conetproject link, as the music used is available for free online. More information on this can be found posted by Libertygal
- A "back to basics" take on internet freedom is posted by bftroop

Is there a relation to Boyd Bell, confederate spy, speculation from lesisgod

Is there a relation to Belle M Wagner? author of Science of the Soul and The Stars/ Within the Temple of Isis? Interesting new name thank you LouBelle

Is it related to Lou BELLE!!!!
(What? we needed a joke!)

Is there a relation to model Camilla "Bell Alberta", Lady Gaga, or actress Jena Malone?

A nice find by OneisOne regarding Project 1138/Same Sex marital benefits (see post, includes info about Albert.png)

Is there a relation to Ultrasonic Testing (external link] shared by shushu in reference to the Q&A noting there are "levels"

What or who is SAM? This could actually stand for many things and was mentioned many times and I can't include them all - if it doesn't specifically relate to something already discussed I can't mention it. Some of us believe the "mannequin" in the doodle is Sam (see stoning theory at the beginning of this document)

What could they be recanting?

Is there a relation to John Proffitt? (thank you WarminIndy - closest info recap here)
- watchdog8110 found this John Proffitt who thinks people are stupid...
- White Pages results show 115 John Proffitts living in the United States (there's that number again!)

Amandala found a "mass telepathy event" on facebook, taking place on 8/3

Also from WarminIndy, whats up with the "Look both ways before cross the street"?
- - I removed info I found on this, as the statement "remember to check for cars when crossing the street" was in the Q&A as the Q - the answer was "no problem bud"

Could the frequency of wing beats per second account for their code names? (re: sparrow/monty python/I lost the link)

Rushunt found this3.8.11 It is Georgi Markov was poisoned / killed by his wife Anna Belle Markov Dilke, which killed him with a umbrella poisoned, 08/03/11 is the date the org .. BELLE is trying to save their trauma. (and included some more very creepy videos in his post, don't miss them if you need another nightmare!)
Additional info on this Markov/Umbrella poison from WarminIndy

drphilxr reminded me that 175,000 women denied a womens rights movement affiliation and that Arabella Mansfield was a "shemale" lawyer (wiki didn't confirm the shemale part, but did say she was a womens rights lawyer) - it was asked about on the Q&A but no real answer was given (response was "the first shemale lawyer" like they were poking fun of the shemale part, or the questioner)

Someone pointed it out it may be related to steganography (external link). I lost who said it, if you'd like credit, please U2U me.

Mad Simian speculated there may be SSTV (slow scan tv) signal embedded in the audio (if anyone is capable of checking on that)

A new speculation caught my eye from B. Morrison about the unec misspelling - and that it could mean "Brutality Unnecessary"

Also, they did respond to a question about new pictures on the sightings page - and claim they are "KEY" - this is not the first mention of 'key' so that might be important although they previously said a "key wasn't necessary" - Phasma sorted out some locations for us! along with this info about Austria, and this info that ties in with the Holocaust theories
And I think we may have overlooked an idea from biggkatt who thinks their 2nd "key" reference could refer to the Florida Keys - also a good idea about sam being Uncle Sam.
Also several items picked up between Mutantgenius and Nightflyer96 in the flyers. For more info start here

LONG POST by WirminIndy with loads of speculation including Casey Anthony and Jaycee Dugard, possibly leading into the "womens rights" theories. A MUST READ!

semperkill found this string of characters, Tsawyer2 relates to MD5, confirmed by qonone

And I dont know if I'm proud or disappointed that its on page 83 but someone finally brought up HAARP

sort of - juggalo77 speculates about the doodle images and weather modification ♥

Tsawyer presented a theory about Belle's assisted suicide to take place on 8.3.11 - definitely a new one for the list!

The domain info has been beat to death and OneIsOne points out an interesting fact: The 8-3-11 site is hosted thru GoDaddy, a trace will always ping back to Arizona.

Relations to Jack White found by Grower - lengthy post but interesting read for anyone who's a Rolling Stones fan

BeyondTheFold speculates "there are a lot of arrows" and that even the "umbrella is an arrow" - good thinking - potential_problem shows us where the Umbrella symbol comes from in ascii
Additional information on the meaning of arrows comes from D4nny

DeviousMaxximus speculates about a 4chan smiley found on one of the sightings images - check it out - see if you can find the connection - Q&A implies they don't want to be associated with 4chan "any more than they already have" - Why not?

There is also much speculation about BAC (blood alcohol content) - around page 165 but I can't seem to determine who originally came up with it, or how its related - a U2U on this gets credit ♥

Temporary placement - - While surfing the 8311 site ltinycdancerg came across this log in screen (I did stumble on that as well I just didn't mention it because I don't know what to make of it) - and shows us her attempt to call them - no answer

The Q&A claims they will answer if someone calls....
Tsawyer2 also finds the login page and attempts to crack it - there are several posts from him (starting there) and apparently after a some time of trying, the FTP went down - some speculate this indicates we're being watched. where it went down

quitesane shared a lot of information about "Dana" from Canada, and thinks she may be part of the group.

Itop notices one of the sightings images is named "Oero" rather than "oreo", and the camera is centered on the oreo sign - some kind of hint? - lilredzone found information on this as well. semperkill thinks they might mean Orion - Jacktorrance points out that OERO could refer to Oenothera rosea. A plant that grows almost exclusively so the s.w. U.S. rushunt gives us the AKA of "primrose" or "rose of mexico" - he has several out back

Thanks to jewells for sharing info from other forums (for additional reading check them out)

Minori came up with an interesting theory about "Bellum" - interesting wiki quote on Bellum "the war of all against all"

PennKen2009 found some information on reddit about a possible identity for Belle - Ana Belen Montes - mucho info - must read!

Also the immediate 2 immediate posts after that one by patternfinder: protocols of the zions - and rubyeyes: Anabella Watkins - may be good items to look into.

This is a good time to note, if you do find info on other forums, its the right thing to credit them. In last nights googling, I found other forums using our items, and Domo1 found items we used from them. Its good to cross reference, just be sure to give credit ♥ I believe this thread proves ATS leads in research and information compilation, and should also reflect our integrity.

Things to read
Additional Thanks to TRiPWiRe for some recap info - also check out some interesting image features he found in the Sightings
And Thanks to grey580 for his ulti-list of "things we know from the Q&A"
Things that are absolute: By kluskinoodle with links to their corresponding formspring answers - nice work!

clearseeing has an awesome take here regarding The Timing, The Myster, The Code, The Denial, The shop

This was posted in the beginng, but its probably where the most clues will come from so check out where AKA23 brings us back to the basics of the Q&A HERE and HERE

My take on riddles and proof of how insane this thread has made me

I think this is probably the most honest answer in all the pages to any question
from justinsee - because its too hot outside to go out.
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:37 PM
The 'responses' are down to 473. They are continuing to delete them.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:39 PM
That may have been sarcasm when he said 175,000 doesn't exist.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:41 PM

Originally posted by DARKCYDE_CROWLEY
That may have been sarcasm when he said 175,000 doesn't exist.

He also said that Becky wasn't part of the group, but then deleted that and anything to do with Becky.

All of his actions now are loss of trust issues. He is about to lose a lot of players, I suspect.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:41 PM
This group is definitely one of the worst internet puzzle game creators ever. I think they had an intention with their game, but became so overwhelmed with all the theories that the people playing have come up with. Now their game has "gone off the rails" and they haven't a clue what to do, or what kind of "clues" to give out to get the game back on track.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:43 PM
Maybe he deleted the Becky questions in respect of the privacy of Becky who may or may not have something to do with this.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by DARKCYDE_CROWLEY

I agree it could've been.... I've been thinking a lot about the answer to this question though

how about just forgetting the totally ignorant questions and keep answering those of us that genuinely are interested? I get discouraged when you answer "silly" things and not important ones. please don't lose faith in this movement!
Sorry. Some of the silly questions are pretty entertaining for us.

could be its all just entertainment to them ....


I dont think a privacy issue is related - since it was a Question, not an answer
as Libertygal (and others have) said - they're deleting questions now - its going to make them look bad to people like us who are paying attention
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:44 PM
Huge, huge, HUGE thanks to Forever for doing the awesome recaps!

Q Are you worried that people who have been following your clues have gone off on wild tangents? It seems rather than releasing further clues to get them back on track you are just ignoring them. Is this true?

A Yes. I've given further clues but they've ignored them.

Doo, doo, doo, doo...someone is waaaatching!

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:44 PM
Sometimes a cake is just a cake, becky proffitt might have nothing to do with this, thats why they are deleting her name from the formspring, as the member above me stated.

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by HalLangerhans:
This group is definitely one of the worst internet puzzle game creators ever. I think they had an intention with their game, but became so overwhelmed with all the theories that the people playing have come up with. Now their game has "gone off the rails" and they haven't a clue what to do, or what kind of "clues" to give out to get the game back on track.

I agree. I just sent them a question asking what they think caused their project to derail...hehe

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by Libertygal

Originally posted by DARKCYDE_CROWLEY
That may have been sarcasm when he said 175,000 doesn't exist.

He also said that Becky wasn't part of the group, but then deleted that and anything to do with Becky.

All of his actions now are loss of trust issues. He is about to lose a lot of players, I suspect.

That part of 175,000 might be sarcasm but... now, what? every answer can be suspected, from the soft ones to "anybody will be harmed"... really, what on Earth are thay playing at?

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:47 PM

First they involved Grace Sutuchan with you, now is Becky Proffitt... This girls have no more privacy in their life because this.

The harassment is disgusting.

Now this... do they want her involved or not?
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:47 PM

First they involved Grace Sutuchan with you, now is Becky Proffitt... This girls have no more privacy in their life because this.

The harassment is disgusting.

7 minutes ago

Kind of loses the "to protect Becky's privacy" thing, huh?

posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:48 PM
going back to the user "Masako696" which i spoke about earlier.

A question was asked to " 8 3 11" quite some time back asking:

" If 175,000 has -•- as a previous symbol, and 68,000 has -, and 18,000 has ~ … what symbols does 21,000 and 36,000 have (If they have)... (excuse my bad english)" the reply was:


now in the Questions and answers forum of "Masako696"

a user by the name of "Myslit" posed the question "pole." and got the reply:

"Congrats~" the same symbol after congrats as stated in an earlier question posed to 8 3 11.. unless this is faked. i could be pointing to the user "Myslit" as being 18 000.
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posted on Jul, 24 2011 @ 04:48 PM
LOL in response to everyone here thinking they're clueless how to get it back on track, I submitted this question

"maybe its time to end it, and just give up the answer, there's nothing special about 8/3 it happens every year, with wednesday coming every 7 days, and there's nothing wrong with Sunday 7/24"

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