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"The English Prime Minister is innocent" - Hague. No-one asked if he was!

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posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 12:14 PM
In previous articles the possibility that David Cameron, the English Prime Minister, may suffer from narcissistic personality disorder was explored.
Then the question was raised if Cameron was too close to Rupert Murdoch the proprietor of The News of the World newspaper which is involved in a phone-hacking scandal in England and the USA.

We now have Willaim Hague the English Foreign Minister coming out of the woodwork today to tell us that Cameron is innocent of such an association.

Why is this interesting?
Hague was formerly a columnist in The News of the World earning £400,000 per year.

He has a record of poor judgement and deceit.

1. When he was at Oxford University he was "convicted of electoral malpractice" in the process.[5] OUCA's official historian David Blair notes that Hague was actually elected on a platform pledging to clean up OUCA, but that this was "tarnished by accusations that he misused his position as Returning Officer to help the Magdalen candidate for the Presidency, Peter Halley. Hague was playing the classic game of using his powers as President to keep his faction in power, and Halley was duly elected...There were accusations of blatant ballot box stuffing."[6] On a subsequent visit to OUCA as a guest speaker in the 1990s, Hague was reported to have told them "It is not the election that one needs to worry's more the tribunal thereafter."[7]

2. Hague demonstrated poor judgement when dealing with media claims he was involved in a homosexual relationship.

A 2001 poll for the Daily Telegraph finding that 66% of voters considered him to be "a bit of a wally" and 70% of voters believed he would "say almost anything to win votes".[19]

Cameron must be worried if he has unleashed this guy to help defend him. The situation is resembling Wategate more and more as every day passes.

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