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Comming Changes In The Catholic Church

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 12:40 PM
I've been talking to quite a few Catholic priests as of late, and I've been hearing some interesting things.

There are several changes and reforms that are comming down both before and after the current pope dies. Chief among them are measures to stem the tide of what the Catholics see as one of their largest threats: Fundamental Evangelical Christianity.

The priests I've been talking to are mostly Jesuits, and they say that they have been quietly (as is the old Jesuit tradition) asked to make very clear the distinctions between fundamentalist Christianity and the Roman Catholic tradition. They've also started to take charge against them as well with preaching against things like taking the bible litterally and pre-reformation ideologies.

I've also started to get the feeling that there will be a power struggle as soon as the pope dies, with the more liberal and more conservative leadership trying to take more of the power. Many of the Jesuits in America want to see major changes to prevent things like the priest abuse scandals from ever happening again, but some European hardliners still think that the status quo is the best way to go on.

Well I'd be interested in knowing what people think about this

Blessed Be

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 03:56 PM
Interesting post. I belong to a Jesuit Parish (which is unusual in itself) and m my husband was educated by Jesuits. I definately sense the same patterns that you sense.
I have been told that there will "most likely" be a major power struggle, when Pope JPII dies, between the conservatives and liberals among the College of Cardinals.
I know some priest are ok with the more Evangelical form of Catholicism but,most of the Jesuits, do not seem to be so happy with it. I know it's not encouraged in our Parish.

Keep us posted on what your sources say. I am very interested.


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