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Where We Go From Here

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 12:21 PM
Humanity has seen massive change over the past 20 years. Almost everyone's life is different somehow, we've seen one war end and another begin, the tech revolution has taken firm hold and our economy is very different from any other period in the history of civilization.

But what I'd like to know is where does everyone see faith and religion going from here?

I feel that two of the three western religions (Christianity and Islam) are going through the largest changes since the reformation. In America the rise and popularization of Evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity has reworked the face of religion seen and felt by many, and around the world, Islam has become the world's fastest growing religion. With this though they have experenced many growing pains as their moderate and conservative elements come into conflict with eachother and others.

Paganism has made a serious comeback in Europe and America over the past 20 years, and finally the public is starting to see them for what they really are instead of clinging to old Catholic stereotypes of evil witches from the middle ages.

I wonder which religions will see the most growth, and who will see the most reforms?

Any ideas?

Blessed Be

posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 04:10 PM
My take on it:

The world is locked in a great battle right now for dominance. The western powers are entirely controlled by corporate interests, and they are served by the politicians. Religion in the west has no real power, it is also subservient to these larger forces. because of this, the west is not really religious at all, but is entirely owned by the forces of economy.

The eastern religion, especially Islam, are directly threatened by the spread of this kind of globalism, because it has a caustic effect on the cultures it overtakes. A global marketplace comes hand in hand with the culture it generates: Irreligious, immoral, material, and ignorant. These characteristics of western globalism are anathema to the eastern religions, and forbidden under Islam.

Philosophy aside, this kind of change in the future is bad for everyone, and the stresses between Islam and the west are being caused by this push towards global domination by what they see as the forces of darkness and evil (which they are).

You will see conflict between the two, it is not something that can be avoided, as they cannot coexist at all, but one side wants to rule the other, and place the world under bondage and ignorance.

That's what we'll see, and the west will eventually lose, becuase it is a unsustainable formation.


posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 02:47 AM
I do not know.

I have been looking into the Illuminati lately, and it seems to Me that if they are real and they are successful and correct, Paganism (any and all forms) could actually make a global comeback.

Of course, those who are touting NWO and one world government also claim that "Satanists" are behind it all. Honestly, they really need to get a grip. They've indicated that covens on all levels are a part of this conspiracy and they've also included Druids in the pile with "Satanists," if you believe that?!

Based on that error, I have no idea how to answer your question.

I have to agree with Arky on one point, however.

The eastern religion, especially Islam, are directly threatened by the spread of this kind of globalism, because it has a caustic effect on the cultures it overtakes.

Too true. However, all religions not christian face that same threat. I do not want to see this "quest for global domination" to become a christians vs Pagans war. Not again. The laws against witchcraft have been repealed and Wicca (the organized religion of Paganism) is recognized within the American Government as legitimate...finally. I'd not like to see another era of the "feed 'em to the lions" mentality.

When I first came online in 95, I was bombarded with the "burning times" propaganda. Millions were not burned, there were a hundred thousand, or so. They were not burned, they were for the most part hung. Those who were burned were mainly christians caught up in local power plays for dominance over their towns and parishes; accused by other christians just to get them out of their political way.

So where are we headed? Who knows. I perform global magick; earth-based, Mother-oriented healing magicks. I know I am not alone in this, so I have hope.

After all, we would be as babes feeling around in a dark void, if it weren't for hope.

[Edited on 22/8/2004 by Elswet]

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