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ww3 and secret societies total control

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posted on Aug, 13 2004 @ 11:35 AM
here is a topic i found on the web:-

Look Religion is an Illuminati Sponsored Lie from Ancient Sumeria, Ur to Nineveh, Assyria and Babylon, from the Levite Rabbais to the Pope in the Vatican to the British Anglican Church and the British Royal Family!

The symbology is best emphasized in the Banned Apocrypha Texts of the Torah especially Daniel in the Lions Den (Babylon), the destruction of the Dragon Goddess Tiamat, Bel or Baal ie Marduk and Daniel being thrown to the Lions.


It is pretty obvious if you study Freemasonary the Qaballah and Sufi Mystic School line of Gnostic thinking (Gnosis means Knowledge in Greek)that this War is as much about Money as it is about Power, Power is Knowledge and the Muslims control Najaf and Kaballah the seats of this knowledge from the Sufi Mystic schools.

Freemasonary Worldwide wants to control the sources of this ancient knowledge ie power including Sacred Mathematics, The Meaning of Life etc and knows every Muslim knows the secrets as taught by the Ayatollahs, Mullah's and Imams.

Iraq and Iran are the centres of much of this knowledge, this is quite litterally a Crusade to gain control of power over the rest of The Holy Land.

One of the problems here is the British and American Cannon Fodder know nothing, outside of and totally controlled by the Council of 300, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission usual most powerful/rich Illuminati, and the power apparatus wealded by 6,000,000 Freemasons often unwittingly worldwide (3,000,000 in USA and 600,000 in UK).

Freemasons know at the higher Enlightened or Illuminated degrees that G-d as told the Judaic/Christian Sheep JaHAWeH or man and Woman, read Adam and Eve, was from the Tree Of Knowledge taught by the Snake/Reptile/Dragon/Satan/Lucifer how to make love and expand as a species via eating the Apple of Knowledge, they learnt of Sex and thus procreated and furthered the species. The Mark of the Beast of Knowledge was thus the Fig Leaf or Green Apron of the Heirophant to shield mankind from the power of the Sun 666.

Bottom line is it is quite correct that Mankind is controlled by and was logically helped by Lucifer/Satan to gain knowledge.

Freemasons worship the Sun or Light From the East the bringer of knowledge/Gnosssis.

Preachings by Rabbais/Roman Catholic Priests etc telling the People Knowledge ie the Produce of the Tree of Life/Knowledge the Apple, and the Giver of Knowledge to Man and Woman by Lucifer the light bearer is Evil keeps the Sheeple without Knowledge and under the power of the Enlightened Illuminati or Rulers.

The bottom line is Religion has demonised the pursuit of Knowledge to enslave humanity.

Pan, Bacchus, Satyrs etc were representative of the Pagan Religions of Freedom knowledge, fun, Sex life demonised by an aggressive Oligarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and Christian Rome and Byzantium to enslave humanity.

It is better to be Gnostic ie have Knowledge than to be a Slave to the Illuminati Machine.

Logically we therefore want the secrets of Najaf, Kaballah, Nineveh, Babylon, Ur and Sumeria to be available to all not controlled by an Oligarchy of the Illuminati Elite.

Iraq is not just about Money (Oil),it is also about the control of Knowledge ie Power, and the control of this Knowledge via the All Seeing Dragon Eye of the British Royal Family and Council of 300 Elite Ruling Classes.

Big Brother is Watching You, quite literally.

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