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US navy ships visit Vietnam amid heightened China tensions

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posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 07:11 AM
There have been several threads about increasing tension with China. This news update indicates that we are not in the 'backing into the corner' kind of mood. As tensions rise between China and various neighbors, and as U.S. default fills the headlines and prompts a ton of 'what if' scenarios, we have continued with what is business as usual: our ships in the area of Vietnam. China seems less than open to it.[url=http://]US navy ships visit Vietnam amid heightened China tensions[/]

U.S. and Vietnamese officials have stressed that the seven-day ship visit and naval training are part of routine exchanges planned long before tensions began flaring between China and Vietnam in late May. China has criticized the port call as inappropriate, saying it should have been rescheduled due to the ongoing squabble.

Maybe this is actually a good sign that tensions between the U.S. and China are not as high as many (including myself) have worried. Or, maybe it is a sign that we don't care.

There just seems to be so much going on right now. I worry that things with Pakistan and India are heating up and China is right there. Alot of the posturing and repositioning in the past 10 months or so is just starting to look (imho) like the activities that were part of the run up to the World Wars.

I freely admit I get nervouse. Perhaps I worry too much. What are your thoughts ATS?


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