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Libya: Rebel and NATO attack on oil city repulsed

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posted on Jul, 16 2011 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by Paulioetc15
Gaddafi is purposely trying to place his civilians in harm so they were used as human shields by NATO bombing.

Gadddafi purposefully put a bunch of university students in universities, a bunch of civil servants in infrastructure desk jobs/buildings and waited for NATO bombs to do the evil deeds for him?

You work for US propaga- I mean Intelligence?
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PS, Gaddaf doesn't have feathery angel wings, lets bomb him, and his kids, and his grandkids, and Canada for good measure
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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by kro32
There has been so much proof thrown up about Ghaddafi and how evil he is, alot by myself, that it's really impossible to deny.

I'd be more than happy to give you all the facts again however a simple google search will give you all the evidence you need that this guy needs to go.

Hey, guess what?

The assertion of what is good or evil is determined by the perception of the individual. There is no universal good nor any universal evil because every single sentient being has the ability to determine what they think is good or evil.

The only way that we can make a universal determination revolves around justice, not a common good. To determine what is just here, all you need to do is open your eyes and look at what is going on in Libya. You think Gaddafi is evil for fighting for his people? To protect his country? Compared to what, the imperialist invaders bombarding his people under a blatant "humanitarian mission" lie or the outsider mercinary rebels fighting for globalist coorporations?

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by jerico65

Originally posted by ImYourHuckleberry
I just hope Gadaffi can come out on top with this one and put NATO back in its place. It always makes me feel good when the real good guys are winning.

Gaddaffi? A good guy? You mean the guy that was behind Lockerbie?

Yeah, right.

Bet you felt real good when all those innocent passengers were murdered, huh?

hey buddy..
wake up !
lockerbie was a FRAME UP
so that puts YOU on the wrong side of your own comments..


Thursday, 7 July 2011
Lebanon: another Western frame-up?
[This is the headline over an article published today on the website of the Gulf Daily News. It reads in part:]

Here we go again. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, a UN-backed body investigating the killing of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri in 2005, has accused four people of his murder. They belong to Hizbollah, the militant Lebanese Shi'ite movement, but may not be guilty. (...)

Arrest warrants have now been issued for Hizbollah's chief operations officer Mustafa Badreddin, and three other officials - but some argue they are being framed by Western intelligence agencies because Hizbollah is a threat to Israel.

If this sounds paranoid, consider the case of the Lockerbie bombing. The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 killed 270 people, mostly American.

At first, US intelligence blamed Iran, claiming it used an Arab terrorist group based in Syria to carry out the operation.

So Syria was under pressure too, but then in 1990 Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait and Washington needed the Syrians as allies. Suddenly, the Iran-Syria case was abandoned and the new suspect was Libya. [RB: As Rolfe has more than once pointed out, there are real difficulties with this explanation.]

Libya, under Muammar Gadaffi, was an enemy of the West, so new evidence was found linking Libyan intelligence agents to the attack.

Gadaffi was brought to heel and Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was tried by an international court and sentenced to life in prison. [RB: The court was a Scottish one although it sat in the Netherlands.]

Alas, the new "evidence" was then gradually discredited as key "witnesses" turned out to be incredible.

In 2007, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission said it would refer Al Megrahi's case to the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh (the Libyan was being held in a Scottish prison) because he "may have suffered a miscarriage of justice".

etc WMDs all over again

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 06:32 PM
how come its always the Israel firsters caught steelin?

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