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Is Satan truly evil?

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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 09:42 AM
Another reason we invented god and satan and religion is because people know what this world is: death, suffering, misery, pain. They want a REASON to keep on living that can justify the huge sacrifices we make. Otherwise, without god - without an excuse - this is just miserable.

We all know it, if we're willing to admit it. This world IS pain! It IS death! Are you willing?

People would rather believe a fantasy then to accept that all of this is mostly agony. It's best compared to a prison. We get brief vacations, but we'll never escape. A lucky few might get special treatment. The vast majority are little more than ants running from a tsunami.

Fear of meaningless misery is the greatest force known to humans. They'll gladly disbelieve.

Fantasy is our nirvana. Just believe that this prison is the universe. Be creative. YOu'll be fine!

I believe we should embrace the darkness. Embrace the fear. Swim in it. Become it. Know it. Know your enemy better than yourself. And use science to secretly sabotage it. If we're lucky then our species will escape, if not, we'll eternally be attempting to outsmart the darkness.

We should become like a trojan virus and infect the darkness. If we're lucky, we will defeat it.

In other words, we will die fighting. Not willingly; there is no afterlife waiting for us.
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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by David_Reale

God and Satan exists. But not in the way that most people perceive. God is only seen and felt, through spiritual connection. This only happens through the way you live your life. You cannot be one with God while "indulging" with the rest of society. Its pretty simple really. First you acknowledge the fact that God's way was established long before civilization. Man took it upon himself to build everything you see around you, but without God. To take part in this man-made world, you will surely be denied God as well. Notice how "spiritless" society is. Our inner being that drives us is undetectable by science. We are not just flesh and blood. Society can hate us and kill our bodies. But it cannot touch our spirit. But we each need God in our life to grow spiritually. So you can imagine how society works to distract us from God to hurt our spirits. Our spiritual being is precious to God. He cares nothing for our flesh or the material world. It rots to the ground like everything else on earth.

With all that said, you should have gotten the notion that society is Satan. He isn't a man doing his job. The force of Satan opposes God and his ways. Satan's number one purpose is to prevent our spiritual growth. There is a great purpose involved here. It seems as though a prophecy must take place. And for that to happen, it is possible that WE are all a part of this. Else, why would Satan care so much to condemn God THROUGH us? I don't think we really need to know this. ANd its likely important to NOT know. We must reach God SINCERELY and NOT through FEAR. You cannot fool your way to spiritual enlightenment. You must take a direct voluntary effort to such an existence. And anyone who is sincere about it, will willfully reject the ways of society. Anyone who simply goes to church, continues sinning, and asks for forgiveness every other day will NOT know God at all. They are fooling themselves at the mercy of Satan's illusion!


posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:34 AM
Truly satan is evil and i advise not dabbling too deep into the mysteries of dark forces, just like heaven has a a hierarchy so does hell there are many different levels in the spiritual realms but the darkness is not where anyone wants to be and anyone that does is truly a fool because they don't believe in the price the will pay for it.

what i would like to know is does the rest of the world completely ignore the spiritual significance in god and what he can do for man?

his healing is real and his power is incredibly search out the light with a sincere heart and try pray you might find something you never would of thought to be real its said that god will answer man through his own ignorance.

on another note is the whole world in denial?? i mean cmon i live in aus and I'm sure more than one person witnessed the telepathy that ben guy used people could hear this guy from the sky! incredible why is this all forgotten 2009-2010 then i think he had an episode claims demonic possession this is real news and real scary i guess thats why he was debunked and probably hated but his message was pretty clear for those who got it anyway peace take care lives are most important people need love more than anything and theres not enough of the unconditional kind, and jesus, he is the son of god, so am i and a lot of other people but there are a lot of basterds too so choose a side. one love

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:18 AM
Again, yes, satan is true evil. Satan probably was a co-producer in the production of the self-consciousness. This is why Jesus is now the Morning Star, instead of Lucifer/Satan

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:12 AM
No Satan is not evil. So many people are confused when they say He is evil. People say he was kicked out of heaven because He revolted against this jahova, This is not true. He left because He was so disgusted with 'gods' atrocities. How can you justify Satan as evil when his name means: the Shining one, the Light-bearer, the Morning star. What does jahovas name mean? Iam that iam.

Many people WILL tell you that he is "evil" and leads man into sin. He doesn't man leads itself to sin, man makes its own choice to sin. How can Satan make people sin when its man's own choice to drink, do drugs, and have sex? Who cares the bible has cases of all of these, and even murder, rape, animal/human sacrifice, and many more horrible things, this jahova allowed people to do the above things. jahova doesn't give a stuff about humanity he just cares about his own putrid self.

Satan gave people knowledge to know good from bad. If he was "evil" like people claim he is, why did he tempt adam and eve to eat the fruit of knowledge? Because jahova created man to be an unquestioning "perfect slave", unthinking and unknowing. People claim to have read the bible and they say that there is no evil in it, let me tell you that their heads are so far up their own butts that they cant see the truth behind what they are reading. They deny constantly that the bible is good, that jahova is all that is good, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing. These are false. If he was any of those things why would have have to "see for himself" when he is all-seeing, why would he let so many of his followers sin, without him intervening and telling them no when he is "all-knowing", why did he have so many people, murder, rape, and plunder for him when he is "all-powerful"?
Thats because he cant do anything for himself and these christians cant see that. So they just follow him like the little sheep they are and just "beLIEve". Just to believe in the lie they are so deeply trapped to.

I bid you not to follow the path of these christians, it is not a just one, it is not a reasonable one, it is not a true one. Thats the problem with many christians they dont have the brain capacity to reason.

But, im not against christianity, they can believe what they want to just as i can believe what i want to.

IF any christians reply to this post saying that "im going to hell" or "you are a fool, Satan is evil" or "you are a f%#k head you are so stupid". Then that just proves my point that your heads are too far up your own read-end.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by Soulo

I had a weird dream to a few years back. jahova was talking to one of his angels michael i think and Lucifer was listening in from behind a stone column, jahova was talking about creating man and then lrtting them believe in his lie, only to destroy them in the end.
Lucifer went back and told the other angels about jahovas master-plan. Many believed him and many didn't. Eventually jahova found out and started arguing with Lucifer.
Lucifer end up leaving heaven on his own free-will, he was never kicked out. He was simply disgusted with jahova and his vile plan to create and then destroy, even though that is just what jahova likes to do; create and destroy.

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