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I am Sick and Tired of All the Lies SO, I am Exposing What the Church Does Not Want You to Know

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:23 PM
I grew up in the Catholic Church, always feeling like I was being lied to. I have spent many years trying to find the truth behind the Man, Jesus. Below is my research. Most of what I have collected, I did so without the internet, so I apologize now for the lack of sources. I assume that most of this information can be found on the net but I do not know for sure. Some of the sources I used are the Bible, the Torah, translations of Roman documents and other historical papers, as well as help from a few Jewish friends of mine from the past. There is a lot of information here and it will take a few posts to have it all up and for some of you die hards out there, there may not be much you don't already know. I promised myself that one day I would put it all out there, and today, I have decided is the day.

---------------------------Joshua Ben Ja'acob Ben Gennesareth---------------------------

Our story begins at the time of the conception of Joshua, pronounced, Yeshua, or as we we know him, Jesus, and the events happening in the area. The Romans were, for all intense purposes, in control of the known world with Herod presiding in the region. It was riddled with violence and very restless with the expectation of the coming Messiah and the consequential deliverance from Rome. Herod had an extreme fear of the Jewish community. He feared that the rightful Maccabean King would rise among them and lead them in a revolt against the Empire. Because of Herod, there were very few people in direct bloodline to the Jewish Kings David and Salomon still alive and those that were, he felt, posed no threat. With this in mind we begin our epic journey.

Mary, Miriam in Hebrew, Joshua's mother, was betrothed to Joseph of Arimathea, but had intercourse and became pregnant one cold night in November of 8 BC by Jacob, Josephs brother. Upon hearing her confession Joseph was put in a hard spot. Normally, a woman who commits adultery is stoned to death or in the very least, the entire family was unclean before God and was ostracized. However, Mary was of the Maccabean Family bloodline. She was a Hasmonean. Joseph had to end the betrothal by law, but chose to preform a "git". A git was a secret divorcement which required no explanation and Mary was free to marry the father of her unborn child. She was about 14 at the time.

There had been no attempt to retake the throne since 132BC by Simeon Ben Kaubah Ben Kosebah or Simon son of the Star from Kosebah but hope was alive with this child.

About three months later Herod received word that a new Hasmonean King had been born. He would have just watched how he was raised had it not been for the fact that the child was the son of Zacharias. Zacharias was known to Herod, but too old to be a threat until, as Herod saw it, his blatant disrespect of Herod's trust. Zacharias sent his wife Elizabeth and their son John(later known as "the Baptist") to an Essene community, also loyal to the Maccabees, known as Qumran along the shores of the Dead Sea, immediately after Johns circumcision. Essene's were Jewish sectarians, healers and prophets. They lived with strict rules of truth as purity and separation from what they saw as a corrupt world of illusions. I'll continue their description later in the story.

Herod, in his rage, personally sought out Zacharias and killed him, but neglected to ask questions as to how old, his location, etc. To prove a point to the Hebrew people he ordered his troops to kill every male two years old and younger. Against popular belief Joshua wasn't even born yet and it was John that he was after. The people thought herod had slain John and he was safe.

Six months later in the Summer heat of August in 7BC Joshua was born to Mary and was pronounced King. Herod would not be around, as diseased as he was, to stop the future King and his revolt. so as long as the secret of his birth was kept. He was born in Beth-Heccorem, or as we know it, Bethlehem which is modern day Ein Karem, about three miles from Jerusalem. The rest of the birth story appears to be correct except an actual number of visiting Kings is never given.

At this point, I would like to go over a few translation errors that the Catholic Church(referred to as the Church from here on) has kept hidden. It was written that Mary was a virgin but this is not exactly true. In Hebrew there are two words to describe a virgin. Bethulah, which means, not yet known to man and Almah, which means, not yet bore child. In the Hebrew text almah was used. When it was translated into Greek, there is only one word for virgin, Parthenos(originally I wrote Pantheons which is incorrect as pointed out by Konstantinos below) , which is the literal translation of bethulah and the myth was born.

The Church has maintained for 1300 years that Mary remained a virgin throughout her life. They hold that brethren and brothers means cousin. The word Akim in Hebrew was used to mean both, it does not strictly mean cousin. As in example Luke 3:1 where Herod's brother Phillip is mentioned . We know through historical fact that Phillip was Herod's brother. Galatians 1:19 "But of the other Apostles saw I none, save James, the Lords brother". Paul was writing in Greek which has separate words for cousin and brother and brother was used.

Because Alpheus was James's father, and James was Joshua's brother, then Alpheus was Josua's father. According to Hegesippus, an early Church historian, Joseph had a brother named Cleophas which derives from the Aramaic name Halphi which is another form of Alpheus. It was not uncommon to take on a greek name for use in public but it had the same meaning as his Hebrew name. Alpheus is Greek for Successor and successor in Hebrew is Ja'acob, pronounced Ya'acob, or Jacob.

The Church even acknowledges that Alpheus was married to a woman named Mary with whom he had several children, who in Mathew 13:56 are listed as James, Joses, Simon, Judas, and his sisters. How the Church explains this is that Alpheus's wife was the virgins Mary's sister. Okay two daughters named Mary in the same household? Probably not. As far as we can see Joshua's mother Mary only had one sister and her name was Salome, who was the mother of James and John Zebedee. Salome was at the crucifixion, according to Mathew and Mark, along with Mary Magdalen and Mary mother of James and Joses.

If it were true that Josua's mother was a virgin then she did not attend the crucifixion. Yet in John 19:25 "Now there stood at the cross of Jesus, his mother, and his mothers sister, Mary the wife of Cleophis, and Mary Magdalen." Which is four not three unless you fix the arrangement. It then reads, "Now there stood by the cross of Jesus, His mother the wife of Cleophis, and his mothers sister, and Mary Magdalen." Now it coincides with the other two Gospels which say three. I believe, at this point, it has been established that Mary, Joshua's mother had other children with Joshua as her first born. There are several points in the Bible that prove this point further but I think it is time to move on.

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:24 PM
Our next stop is the wedding at Cana or Kana(both spellings are correct). To a large extent getting married is what Judaism is all about. The circumcision, which was done to Joshua, was a sacred promise to God that he would produce children for the next generation. In that time, the father had five responsibilities to his sons and he was bound by the Torah. They must be circumcised, they must be redeemed, they must be taught the Torah, they must be taught a trade, and a wife must be found for him. Marriage was legally and socially demanded, in fact if not done was considered a curse and not having children showed Gods disfavor. They were expected to marry between the ages of 16 and 20 years of age, if he wasn't the opinion was to let him die and he was ostracized.

On with the story. In Luke 8:1-3 "many women who ministered unto him their substance." Simply put Joshua and what few disciples he had were being supported financially by this group of women and "kept". Among whom were Susanna, a runaway wife named Joanna, and Mary Magdalen. He was in the intimate company of this entourage and the Church does not deny it so we must assume he was married to one of them.

At the wedding at Cana, after sifting through ancient Jewish customs, we come to John 2:1-2 "And on the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee, and and the mother of Jesus was there and both Jesus were called and his disciples to the marriage". Because Joshua was called and it was his mother that did the calling signifies she is the hostess so one of her children was marrying. Joshua being called shows him to be the groom. When a groom was off on business and his wedding came, he was called to it. Yet, the couple is not identified outright. The rulers praise "Thou hast kept the good wine until now", speaking to Joshua, tells us that Joshua was the groom, for it is the responsibility of the groom to provide the wine. Not only does it show Joshua provided the wine but that his mother expected him to. The author explains that this is a simple wedding with only a small amount of guests, however we can tell that the wedding was massive and quite possibly had sever hundred guests.

According to the story, Joshua told the servants to fill 6 wine pots to the brim with water, which he supposedly turned to wine. Each pot was said to hold two to three flirkins each. Averaging the size to two and a half flirkins each and the math reads as such... 6 pots X 2 1/2 flirkins X 9 Gallons X 8 pints = 1080 pints or 90 dozen modern wine bottles and remember, this is an additional amount. Not only is it enough to completely intoxicate 800 guests, but remember those that just sip at it and that this was on the third day of the wedding that he "made" the wine. Not such a small wedding, more like a wedding for a King. I should also mention that Cana was a Hasmonian city. Any King getting married must be witnessed by the elders thus the location of Cana.

Now to discover who his wife was. The Church actually calls her by three different names but consider her as one person. The penitent woman, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalen. I have shown previously that Mary Magdalen was present at the crucifixion, which is a strange place for a harlot. So we look at what we know. Mary came from the village of Migdal on the plains of Gennesareth. Her family raised doves for sacrifice at the temples and was extremely wealthy. The Hebrew word Megadal means breeder. There are eight places where the four gospel authors mention the women present, and in all but one Mary Magdalen was mentioned before Joshuas Mother Mary. As she was his wife she takes precedence over his mother.

According to the Gospel of Mary, discovered in Egypt in 1896, there is little doubt that she was his wife. About 50 years later, fragments of the Gospel of Phillip were unearthed and reads as follows: " There were three who walked with the Lord at all times, Mary his mother, and her sister, and Magdalen, this one who is his partner." The very next line she is referred to as his spouse and goes on to describe his obvious love for her as he kisses her often. These documents are from the second century whereas the Gospels are from the fourth.

In the story of Lazarus, Joshua received a message to return to Bethany because Lazarus was dying. Instead of rushing home he hangs out at Caesarea-Phillipi, 120 miles away, for two days, then sets out for Bethany which takes five to six days. Lazarus was dead for four days. What we are looking at here is that Martha came out yelling at Joshua, reprimanding him for his tardiness. Mary remained inside and silent. "and when she went away, she went her way and called Mary her sister, secretly saying the Master has come and calleth thee. As soon as she heard that she rose quickly and came unto him." In those days when a husband came home he sent for his wife and until he did she sat and waited, which is exactly what she did. When approaching him she gave him a piece of her mind, but we notice she called him "Baal" which is Lord or Husband.

In Luke 10:38-42 when Joshua arrived at the house in Bethany, Mary directly sat at Joshua's feet, which is the place of a wife. After the wedding about ten months later, Joshua returned to Cana, about the time of the feast of Dedication held in December, to show the elders the fruit of his marriage, and his heir. His name was Joshua Bar Abbas or Jesus son of the Lord. Because a son can not be called after a living father, he was known as Barabbas. Nothing of his life is known until the insurrection, which we will get to later. Joshua then spent the following years traveling, building an army, teaching and trying to stay under Romes radar until the baptism of Joshua by John.

John came out of the wilderness and began baptizing people in the river Jordan. Baptisms were not new. The Essenes submerged themselves before every meal and the Sanhedren high priest did it daily. We must look at why John's were so special. The meaning of "Sacrament" was a solders oath of loyalty and allegiance, at the time. John was building and army to attempt to take his throne. He was gathering solders by washing away their old oaths and giving them new sacraments.

In steps Joshua. We have an interesting situation here, as both were told they were the King. Because we are told that Joshua came to John to be baptized, we assume that Joshua had made the decision to follow John and to put attempt on the proverbial back burner, recognizing John as the elder. Yet as we see in Mathew 3:13-15 the two argue as to whom will follow whom and John Baptizes Joshua. It is funny to note that the words spoken by God at this point are derived from the second Psalm which are the exact words used at the coronation ceremonies of the Hasmonean Kings and Massiahs.

The most interesting part of this scene is the mention of the dove. Essenes. Maccabees and Hasmoneans wore a symbol on their foreheads called "tau","taw", or "tav" to ward off physical and spiritual harm but because of persecution it was moved to the chest. The symbol is much like the modern cross. Another change was made to a dove with out stretched wings keeping the basic shape. The Hebrew noun for dove is "tor" which is phonetically identical with "taw". Joshua addresses Simone Peter three times as "bar yonah" which is usually read as "son of Jonah" or "son of John" However, the second noun for dove is yonah. Joshua recognized it and reminded him three times of his responsibilities by calling him "son of the dove".

Joshua then takes off into the desert to be tempted. Not by the Devil, but by himself. He had to make a decision as to what to do about John. When Joshua returned, he and John had a heated argument. They split and went their separate ways. It is well to mention that Simone Peter and Andrew left John to follow Joshua. Very soon after, John was arrested and later executed making Joshuas choice to leave all the better. Some speculation among historians is that Joshua actually turned John in to better his own chances. It is noticed that Joshua no longer meandered through the countryside after Johns death. He was more deliberate in his actions. Joshua showed profound love for the oppressed and outcasts. He urged honesty, purity of heart, and humanity.

Now we put the story of Lazarus into its proper time line and context. Joshua was hiding up north while plans were put into motion. Lazarus was not dead or dying. It was a way to tell Joshua that the time was now. Knowing his travel time in relation to Palm Sunday(I know it wasn't called Palm Sunday until after the events about to happen, It was the Sunday before Passover.) he chose to not take the risk and waited two more days. The events that occur next are rapid and swift. After arriving in Bethany he was anointed with the royal spikenard by Mary Magdalen. Only the King may be anointed and only his wife can anoint by law. He moved on to Jerusalem and headed for the Temple.

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:26 PM
Jews flocked by the millions to attend the feast of Passover, a feast of lamb marking the redemption from slavery in Egypt, which was less than a week away. Any male over the age of 12 was required to attend by Jewish Law if they lived within 90 miles of the Temple. There were only about 200 temple guards and one cohort of Roman soldiers(about 50 men). Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas would arrive later in the week with a cohort a piece.

The time had come to attempt to retake the Temple and the throne. When a King was attempting to retake the throne, the Jewish people would come together to fight. This put the odds to about 50 Jews to 1 soldier. Joshua was to cause a disturbance in order to draw the soldiers out and his men would attack. When the people saw this they would also attack eliminating the guards and "POOF" Joshua would be king, throne restored. Unfortunately, as we all know this is not what happened.

When Joshua approached he saw an ass. In the prophesies, it is written that the King would enter riding an ass. So, Joshua being overly confidant, began to ride the ass. Upon seeing this the crowd swarmed him trapping his men so they could not engage their enemy. When Joshua caused the disturbance the soldiers came out and his men could not fight and the plan failed. Joshua and his disciples escaped but many of his men did not, including his son Barabbas. They were arrested for insurrection(the attempt to overthrow the ruling body).

Mark 15:7 "and there was one named Barabbas which lay bound with them that made insurrection with him, who committed murder in this insurrection". Mathew calls Barabbas a notable man but does not say why. This brings up two points. Insurrection is a capital offense and the men, including Barabbas, should have been executed immediately, they were not. And as well known as Joshua was to both the Romans and the Sadducee, he would have been hunted down and killed, this was not done either. Joshua probably had many men protecting him but that doesn't explain Barabbas, so we have to look further for the answer. As I said before Joshua Bar Abbas was Joshuas first born son. At this point he is about 18 years old. Jerome's use of the phrase " Filius magisti eorum" in the gospel of the Hebrews translates to "son of their teacher or Master". further proof is found even today in the gospel manuscript by Armenian and Jerusalem Syric versions of Mathew.

Judas Sacaeii was held and beaten by the Sadducee until they found out from the Romans that they had Barabbas in custody. He was told to go to Joshua and tell him that if he turned himself in his son would be released. According to the current Bible a prisoner of the peoples choice was released on Passover, yet history nor Jewish custom has ever proven this to be true. However we know he was released due to Roman records and that he was crucified in 66AD but I will get to that later. Joshua spoke often about the possibility of his crucifixion if he failed, and fail he did. Which brings us to the Last Supper.

Joshua saw that his chances to take the throne were over but if he turned himself in it would give his son the opportunity to try at a later date. An elaborate plan was needed to be put in place in order to accomplish the ends. The authors of the first three gospels put the last supper as the Orthodox Jewish Pascal Feast which began when the trumpets sounded the beginning of Passover at sundown and that it was served the night befor Joshuas surrender, trial, and crucifixion. This is impossible due to the fact that it would have put the crucifixion on the Orthodox Sabbath but this year was also Passover making it twice as sacred. Even the Romans did not crucify no let anyone that was crucified remain on the cross even one minute into the Sabbath. The Synoptics (first three gospels) state that Joshua was removed from the cross because the Sabbath was approaching. By the Synoptics time line Joshua ate the Passover meal on Thursday, which is also impossible.

The only way the time line works is if Joshua was an Essene, which he was. The Essenes followed the Solar calendar, instead of the lunar calendar the Orthodox Jews followed and because of Genesis 1:14-19, which was when God created days and nights on the fourth day, their Sabbath was on Wednesday. With the Orthodox calender Passover could land on any day of the week but with the Essenes Passover landed on the same Wednesday every year.

Okay, now that we have the proper time line we can move on. Two disciples were sent from Bethany to Jerusalem with the instructions to find and follow a man carrying a water pitcher to his home(putting aside the fact that the water bearer is the astrological symbol of Aquarius, the gift giver) and that is where the feast would take place. Only Essenes would gather water, for it was strictly a womans job. The Essenes were so populous that the upper city in the Southwest corner were all Essenes. In fact, the gate at this location is known as the gate of the Essenes. Upon finding and following the Essene they were brought to a house in which the second floor was to be used.It measured 60' X 30' which is big enough to hold a couple hundred people. It was chosen because a large assembly was expected.

The assembly included his generals, supporters, and financial backers. Anyone who had an invested interest. Just the army that Josephus had camped on the mount of olives was at least 2000 and at one denarius(about 10 cents) a day/man X 365 is about $73,000 a year and was probably higher. In the hall there was probably a lot of fear, anger, and sadness but a decision had to be made as to what would happen next.

The guests left and the hall was empty save Joshua, his disciples, and Joseph of Arimathea and they really got to talking. They all realized that if he turned himself in he would be crucified without a doubt. The real question was did he really have to die? If the events must happen they were going to control the time in which he would go to the cross and they had a secret weapon. At 9PM that night the Orthodox Passover was 45 hours away. As I said before not even the Romans left a person on the cross into the Sabbath so that means he would have to be on the cross the shortest amount of time possible to be removed from the cross on Friday. This is were it gets exciting, he has to exchange himself for Barabbas, stand trial, receive punishment and crucified just at the right time. Not too late or they would postpone and not too early or he risks death from exposure.

The Romans had two forms of crucifixion that were very different from each other and were never mixed. Those two forms were the slow method and the fast method. the slow method entailed a piece of wood as a saddle between the legs to support the body weight and their wrists were nailed to the crossbeam. The victim would hang on the cross alive for several days exposed to the weather and passers by and eventually dehydrated and/or starved to death. It was a long and painful way to die.

In the fast method the victim was tied at the wrists to the crossbeam and a piece of wood is placed at the feet so the victim could stand. they were left to hang for a few hours for others to witness, then the legs were broken brutally. With the inability to stand and the body in shock, the lungs would collapse and soon cardiac arrest. You were dead in an afternoon. i think you can guess which one Joshua wanted. With the fast method chosen, it set his time line to be placed on the cross Friday morning, no later than noon, or it would be postponed with the certain death of the slow method.

In those days, crucifixions happened all the time, even the executioner could be bribed not to examine the body too closely and there were no shortage of drugs that could give the impression of death. For example, to the North of Judea lies Asia Minor from which comes the opium poppy and Judea itself grew rye, which when allowed to mold and the mold is saturated with aether(which was produced in Egypt) would extract the ergot in the form of white crystals creating a substance much like '___'. So it was beginning to look very possible. With the plan in place it was time to begin.

Joshua sent Judas to take the message to the Sadducee that he would turn himself in and they ate. Soon after Joshua and his remaining 11 disciples made their way to Gennesareth and waited for the Sadducee to be arrested. From this point Judas goes off to kill himself, or did he? Because Judas knew the plan there would be no reason to commit suicide, however the Zealots(strong supporters of Joshua) were trained assassins and without knowledge of the plan could have killed him. there is not enough evidence to tell for sure , but I believe murder over suicide. Joshua had a full day to be brought before the Sadducee, then to Pilate, to Herod Antipas, back to Pilate, whipped, and ultimately sentenced to death by crucifixion. With a calculated amount of "smooth talk" time was drawn out and the fast method was chosen.

Okay, now I will reveal their secret weapon. Pontius Pilate and his wife were "secret" disciples of Joshua. There was a rumor that he received a bribe of the equivalent of $60,000. Pilate was so thought of by the early church that he is remembered and celebrated on the 25th of June by the Coptic Churches of both Egypt and Ethiopia. Pilate knew the time table and helped stall the proceedings to keep it. The plaque he had placed over the head of Joshuas head read "the King of the Jews" and when asked by the Sadducee to change it to "I said I was the King of the Jews" Pilate simply brushed them off saying "it has been writ". By this time Barabbas had been released.

Our story picks up as Joshua was carrying the cross beam to the crucifixion location of Golgotha, "the place of the scull". There are some problems with this. In John 19:40 "Now in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden, and in this garden a new sepulcher wherein never a man yet laid". it stands to reason that if they could manipulate time they could also manipulate location.

By the way, the Hebrew word for scull is gulgoleth. As the sepulcher belonged to Joseph of Arimathea, so did the garden, and therefore NOT a public place so witnesses had to watch from outside. At the time the word garden, gen in Hebrew, had specific guidelines. It must be surrounded by a wall and have its own form of irrigation. Written Hebrew, until about a thousand years ago had no vowels. Without vowels golgotha looks like glgth. Glgth, if the vowels are put in like so, golgeth, it becomes a very different word. Gol meand "wheel" and geth means "press". A wheel press was found in an oil producing garden. Joseph of Arimatheas garden was Gethsemane. In Arabic, Gethsemane is "el jes man i yeh" and when pronounced in Hebrew, Jessamine, which means "White Jasmine over by the wheel press" not "place of the scull".


posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:27 PM
We now have Joshua tied to the cross exhausted and in a vast amount of pain, fully aware of the time he had to hang there. He was offered vinegar and gal which he declined. After a while he requested it. It was raised to his lips by a sponge on the tip of a spear, known today as the spear of destiny. John is the only one who reports the spear in Joshuas side. It could have been vinegar and gal that dripped off the sponge when it was pressed to his lips. Either way a few moments later Joshua "died".

It is good to know that vinegar is a cheap lightly fermented wine and gal is opium. There could have been enough to render him unconscious, unable to wake, until it ran its course.

At the time of Joshuas "death", Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate. in Greek he asked if he could remove the soma. Pilate quickly corrected him and said ptoma, and said yes. Soma in Greek means living body and ptoma means dead body. What happens next gives it all away. I have already established that as the Sun sets the Sabbath and Passover begin. Any Jew male that touches a dead body is unclean for the Sabbath and must go through the cleansing process. It was a womans job to handle the dead. He then put him in his burial shroud, again against the law and a womans job. No to mention Joseph of Arimathea was a Sanhedren(a member of the high priesthood)and not even a common Jew can touch a crucified man or they would be seen as cursed by God. Either Joseph of Arimathea broke three major Jewish Laws or Joshua was not dead. Joshua did not die on the cross. Now, knowing the customs, shouldn't Pilate have questioned these actions had he not been part of them?

Joshua was placed in the tomb with 100lbs of aloes and myrrh, by Joseph of Arimathea an Nicodemus, and the stone(gol) was roled into place to seal the tomb. One hundred pounds of aloe and myrrh is a ridiculous amount, unless it was not all aloes and myrrh. Picture yourself, if you will, standing in front of this tomb with Mary and Peter. it was described as having his burial cloth and head napkin, folded neatly, and an angel. 100lbs of aloes and myrrh would not have been missed and Joshua had no reason to take it with him.

I said earlier that I describe the Essenes at a later point in the story. Now is the time. The Essenes were very much advanced for their time. They studied medical practices, law, politics, business, and sciences. I would personally associate them with or as the original Illuminatti. which could explain why Herod feared them so much. Their dress traditionally a bright shining robe , much like the description of the angel. As an Essene was waiting in the tomb, Joshua was brought in and the stone was rolled into place. The Essene opened the bag and removed the tools and medicines needed to care for Jesuas wounds, food and water, and because he was naked a robe. After three days two other Essenes drugged the guards and moved the stone and Joshua walked out. when Mary and Peter arrived an Essene was cleaning up. At no point was the resurrection even considered. Mary assumed the tomb had been robbed. When told by the Essene(angel) that he had risen, she and Peter realized that Joshua was alive. Joshua was mistaken for a gardener and could have walked off into history, but the love he had for his wife was too much and he called out her name.

We now move on to Joshua saying good by to his disciples. The story of doubting Thomas is a farce. If he actually walked through the solid door there would have been no reason to roll the stone back to leave the tomb. Joshua, as described earlier, was tied to the cross so, for Thomas to put his fingers into the nail wounds is impossible, and because there was no conception of resurrection and Joshuas disciples knew the plan there would be no reason for him to be touched except to embrace. When he left he went South, but I will get to this in a moment.

Some people believed in what Joshua taught and that he was the true King and the belief intensified when the rumors began to spread that he survived the cross. The land was talking about his teachings, death, and mysterious disappearance and some claimed to have seen him. On the fifteenth day after the crucifixion Joshuas disciples were gathered in an attic room "and they were suddenly seized by the spirit". They had a secret meeting with Joshua and they began to actively convert followers and teaching the lessons of Joshua. The Sadducee regarded the "Joshua sect" with increased irritation. They began to think this new "sect" was a serious threat to the covenant with God and rejected its teachings with anger and violence. They felt that Jewish history could be at its end so they sent Saul out to the houses of the followers who dragged them off to prison.

Saul(Paul in Latin) was born in Tarsus, which is in Asia Minor. He was a Roman citizen , which meant he could not be punished without a trial and could not be crucified, as well as any accusation could be appealed to a higher court. While he was young he went to Jerusalem, studied and became a Pharisee(another type of Sanhedrin). He was sent by the high priests to Damascus to decide whether or not it had been lost to the "Joshua sect". Joshua came to him along the way and told him the truth. He also instructed Saul to find Ananias, a member of the sect. It took Saul three days to find him and Ananias helped him to understand. Saul went off into the wilderness of Edon and Mood across the Dead Sea, a barren region occupied by the Nabateans, a once nomadic Arabian tribe that settled there in 300BC. We will pause there for a moment.

I said that Joshua went South according to the Bible. Traveling South from the Kidron Valley it becomes the Lower Kidron Valley and turns East. Then continues on for a while until it becomes a wadi and eventually opens to the West shore of the Dead Sea and the Essene stronghold of Qumran. On the other side of the Dead Sea is the wilderness of Edom and Mood which is were Joshua taught Saul for three years.

Upon returning to Damascus, Saul bore witness to having seen Joshua in the flesh and claimed the same authority and rank as the original disciples and began to teach in the Damascus Synagogue. When the Sadducee found out they were outraged and planed to have him killed. When Saul heard of this he fled to Jerusalem ans sought out a "sect of Joshua", whom he had drastically reduced in numbers a few years before. He was met with astonishment and caution. Soon after he heard his life was in danger and fled to Tarsus. After a short time, he was met by Joshua Bar Abbas(he is called Barnabas in the Bible at this point to hide his identity) and was told that things were straightened out. Saul and Barabbas then traveled back to Damascus were the "sect" accepted him with open arms.

Saul was appointed as a teacher. From 45AD to 49AD Saul and Barabbas traveled Asia Minor teaching the lessons of Joshua. In this four years, according to some historians, they converted tens of thousands into followers of Joshua. Because of Joshuas "accent" into the God-Man, Saul believed him to be supernatural and refereed to him as such. In 49AD at a meeting in Jerusalem he explained the possibility of a blending of a "New Faith" and the people of Israel. That meeting formed a new church council and Christianity was born. It was at this time the rumors of miracles began to surface and spread. He explained that the Jew was the Christians brother and should be loved, for one day they will accept Joshuas teachings.

At the end of his fourth journey(62AD) he was arrested for preaching that non-Jews should be allowed to enter the Temple, which was a serious offense of the Law. He then claimed his Roman Citizenship and was sent to Rome. He lived for two years, basically on house arrest, waiting for his trial, while continuing to convert and teach. Because of the rapid growth of the Joshua sects Rome began it's slaughter with Saul and he was decapitated in 64AD. Hearing this and knowing the Roman attacks were inevitable, Joshua fled to Masada for the protection from the Essenes.

Masada was a palace stronghold, also on the Western shores of the Dead Sea, built by the Hebrews, on a plateau, taken by Herod, who spent many years stocking it as a retreat, if the Hasmonian throne were to be retaken, and then lost to the Essenes. It had a fresh water spring and enough room for crops, cattle, and a thousand men, women, and children.

The Romans attacked Masada in 66AD. All though it failed Joshua Bar Abbas was captured and crucified. For the next seven years Rome attacked and destroyed every Essene stronghold and city leaving Masada for last because that is were Joshua was. By destroying all the places he could run, they trapped him at Masada.

In early 70AD the Roman Tenth Cohort, Romes best Legion, arrived and surrounded Masada and for the next three years nit picked trying to find a way in. Then on April 14th 73AD the Romans broke down the gate, only to find a barricade had been built blocking the entrance to the stronghold. It was late evening and the Romans never fought at night, so they set fire to it and began their celebration of their pending victory, and would attack in the morning.

During the night the people of Masada committed genocide to a massive degree. When the Romans entered the next morning they found everyone dead. Over a thousand men, women, and children were dead at their own hands. The cattle were dead, the crops and stores burnt, save one grain bin to show they could have lived indefinably, otherwise it was left uninhabitable. The "Scorched Earth Theory" comes from this occurrence. It was here, at the plateau of Masada that the 79 year old Joshua Ben Ja'acob Ben Gennesareth died on April 14th 73AD at the hands of his own people.

Before I jump ahead in time, I would like to note his name. He is known as Jesus of Nazareth. Nazareth did not exist until a 4th century love poem, though it is a bustling city today. As we have seen, in his true name he was from Gennesareth, Gen, meaning, garden and -nesareth, meaning, of princes. Nesareth sounds an awful lot like Nazareth and to hide the true name of Joshua the Church changed it at a later date . With the similar pronunciations and the world being mostly illiterate it was not questioned.

Back to Masada but jumping ahead in time to 1964, an excavation was being done led by Scholar and soldier General Yigael Yadin, under the Israeli Department of Antiquities. Just under the lip of the plateau, a cave was found which contained several skeletons in miraculous condition, one of which belonged to an 80 year old man.According to the time line I have laid out for you, Joshua was born in August of 7BC and died April 14th 73AD making him 79 years 8 months at the time of death. All of the bones found at Masada were put into a mass grave at the base of the plateau.

It is said that found next to the bones of the 80 year old man, was a scroll written by Joshua Ben Ja'acob Ben Gennesareth(again pronounced Yeshua Ben Ya'acob Ben Gennesareth) or Jesus son of Jacob of the Garden of Princes, dated April 14th 73AD, the exact date of the Genocide. The history books tell us that it occurred on April 15th, but if you follow the Hebrew calendar back the date was in fact April 14th. Whether or not this scroll actually exists is not verifiable today, but we can look at what was happening at the time.

It was said that the scroll was stolen, undocumented, smuggled out of Israel and taken to the Soviet Union. All though the scroll is of great speculation the events that took place make one wonder. At this point in History the Soviet Union and the Vatican were on the verge of war. The Vatican hated the Soviet Union for denying its people Christianity. Not far into 1965 the Soviet Union requested a "sit down" with the Pope and other Vatican officials. What happens next is astonishing. The Vatican suddenly forgave the Soviet Union and gave then millions of dollars to rebuild its Churches. The Soviet Union used the money to build and rebuild radio towers and other non-religious government projects. The Vatican has yet to even sneer at the way the money was spent, much less reprimand the government of the former Soviet Union.

The most famous tower was built on the boarder just inside Check point Charley in what was East Berlin. It is known as the "Popes Revenge". The Popes revenge has a ball at the top of the tower and even after scratching the surface multiple times as well as painting it flat black, a cross of light appears in rain or shine.

Who, if anyone, has the scroll is unknowable, as we all know the Vatican will never admit to it anyway. Which brings us to the end of the story of Joshua ben Ja'acob ben Gennesareth, Jesus son of Jacob of the Garden of Princes, Hasmonean King of the Jews.

Thank you for reading feel free to comment.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:28 PM
I only have time to read a piece of this right now. Will book mark it though.

Thank you for taking the time to write all of this up.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:28 PM
what are you exposing here? and exactly what does the church not want us to know?

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:39 PM
Wow, nice work! And thank you for sharing your research.

S&F... read first two posts but unfortunately I must be off, can't wait to finish!


posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:42 PM
I will tell you whats being exposed nothing..............the story is incomplete just like the bible. what about the moving star (ufo) the 3 wise men followed jesus was an alien hybred that part is left out of the story all the cool alien stuff left out or replaced with so called angels coming down from heaven announcing his birth to a select few

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:44 PM
It's all kinda useless without sources.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:46 PM
This is such a great read, i cant wait to finish it, I've just finished one post.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:56 PM
And we should believe you because...?

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 02:59 PM
Maybe... The Church has been suppressing Jesus' teachings for years and calling them heresy while promoting their own doctrine which directly contradicts the Bible.

"If Jesus had been born in India he would not have been crucified. If Jesus told others there that he and the Father were one, they would have said “Congratulations. You finally figured it out.”

Good work.
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by IPILYA

That requires citation to be of any value whatsoever. It does not matter they are not Internet sources, list them anyway. How could anyone debate this in any manner if you fail to even give your sources for your beliefs?

Is this your work or just a compilation of things others have written and if so, what were their sources? Who did the translations and from what text? What books or papers did you use to arrive at these conclusions? How much is supposition by you? Are you qualified to do the translations yourself and if so which texts and what are your qualifications?

When you call anyone or any group liars, it is on your head to provide complete citation and information. Otherwise it's just sour grapes because you are angry for whatever reason. Could be an interesting topic if you provide what I ask for.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:34 PM
In your diatribe about the tomb, you totally ignored the fact the Roman Guard was posted and that the penalty for the stone seal on the tomb being moved was death by being crucified upside down. The Roman Guard would have fought to the death to stop than stone from being moved. Yet they all fell asleep? That has been documented from Roman records.

I'll take your word you studied this and know how the Guard was positioned and that it would be impossible to circumvent them without physically moving them.

It is also odd that the decision was made to not punish the Guard is it not. What do you suppose is the reason they were not punished in the normal manner? If you truly have studied this you know what I'm talking about here. Your comments on that?

Since Pilot's actual address stone was found Pilot's existence and part in this should not be in dispute either. Why did he give the Guard a pass?

Is it just the Catholic Church you hate or all Christian Churches and Christians? To discuss we need to know any biases you have if any?

I am Christian but I'm not Catholic so I don't have a horse in this race, but this topic applies to all Christians.

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:43 PM
I enjoyed reading this strictly on an entertainment level, sounded like the next anti-Christian epic to DaVinci Code.
As others have said, this is baseless without sources, and sources don't necessarily have to be on the web.
To do my part, I must point out your error with the translation of "virgin" in Greek.
You claimed it was "Pantheon" which is wrong. "Pantheon" means "multi-god" as in the Pantheon of Olympus.
"Parthena/Parthenos" means "female virgin". As you can see this is a significant translational error. Since you make numerous assumptions about linguistics and translations, I cannot trust your points based on the above.

As for my credentials regarding the translation above: I am Greek, and I have also studied Koine Greek (The dialect of Alexander the Great of which the bible was first translated into).

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:43 PM
I have read stories similar to this. But not this in depth. I personally have no problem believing it might very well have played out this way or very similar. But Blaine and others do have a point. You should list what sources you do have and know of even if there are no links to sites.

Still, I S&Fed you because I was aware of a good portion of this story, but not by any means all of it. Thanks for posting it.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555
And all

I will begin finding sources on the net and putting them in "Source Posts" as I get groupings together.
I will also begin at the top so the "Source Posts" are in order. If anyone chooses to help simply post them at will.

A good majority of the source is the Bible itself. My Bible has, at the bottom, The original words used so they are translated for me like Bethulah, Almah, and Parthenos. but I will try and find them on the net and source them.

All the documents and scrolls were translated by others and I will attempt to find who they were and add them to the "Source Posts".

Thank you for asking. I had every intention of doing this to begin with but the 4 hour edit limit(seems to be 2 1/2 hours for me), was not enough time and I wanted to get all the info all together without posts between, thus the rapid posts.

Anyway I am getting on them.

Thanks again.
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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by Konstantinos
I enjoyed reading this strictly on an entertainment level, sounded like the next anti-Christian epic to DaVinci Code.
As others have said, this is baseless without sources, and sources don't necessarily have to be on the web.
To do my part, I must point out your error with the translation of "virgin" in Greek.
You claimed it was "Pantheon" which is wrong. "Pantheon" means "multi-god" as in the Pantheon of Olympus.
"Parthena/Parthenos" means "female virgin". As you can see this is a significant translational error. Since you make numerous assumptions about linguistics and translations, I cannot trust your points based on the above.

As for my credentials regarding the translation above: I am Greek, and I have also studied Koine Greek (The dialect of Alexander the Great of which the bible was first translated into).

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Thank you for that translation. I went back to my Bible and I must have read it and assumed rather than making sure I had the spelling right. This makes me go beck through and recheck spelling especially with the translated words.

Thanks again

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by IPILYA

No problem. As I said, this post will be much more credible with the sources. I look forward to your updates

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 04:10 PM
that's either a very good story that makes perfect sense or I'm on something which I'm not lol but have always doubted the bible and this further confirms my thoughts thankyou, much appreciated read

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