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Curse the evil japaneese fads!

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posted on Oct, 2 2004 @ 08:20 PM
Tenchi was good... movies were ok... everything else I couldn't get into, the promo stuff mainly... I guess it's because I never really paid much attetnion to the series.

Naruto... my bad, I made a significant error in that post.

Everything else that is listed is #.

If the anime consists, of mass trading cards... games (expecially on Nintendo)... more than one series set with more than 7 seasons a piece... you've really gotta go back over your territorial states.

posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by Shugo
What's sad is that these movies get like $1.2 bil, at least the first week er something. Then it's everywhere... then a new one comes out, before you know it, there's 600 movies.

i say sneak attack the factories where this stuff is made. pay back for pearl harbor!

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 11:12 PM
I know this is a really old thread, but I have nothing to do so I will reply to this anyway.

Shugo, you sure have a very japanese name for someone who hates the japanese culture so much.

Also, "Yugioh" can't, and doesn't exist in the Japanese language, because it's an impossibility.

The letter "h" cannot exist by itself. I know this is a version of some really phucked-up romaji, but "oh" does not equal the "oo" sound. It doesn't even equal it in english, so I don't know why some people still seem to think (and even insist) that "oh" would equal to "oo" or more precisely, ō or ou.

You must be the kind of people who would romajize "densha" as "densya", am I right?

Look at google translate and eudict (for example) for the correct and the only logical romajization: Hepburn.

Kunrei-shiki is so insane that I am not even going to talk about it much, except to mention that it is what the Japanese use, so essentially they are told to write their own language wrong (it doesn't matter to them though, because they rarely need romaji for anything, because they use kanji+kana). I mean, what people call "Mitsubishi" (all japanese street signs, and name romajization conventions in movies etc. follow the Hepburn, the correct romaji), would be "Mitubisi" according to Kunrei-shiki. Unbelievable.

Why does there have to be so many wrong romajizations in the world, when there is only ONE that makes any sense, phonetically, logically, and it even follows how Hiragana/Katakana does things? Why? This world is like a bit experiment, on how to do EVERYTHING the wrongest and grossest way possible. Now if three different people, all learned three different romaji systems, they would either make each other completely insane, or simply not be able to communicate in romaji.

Please, use and learn Hepburn - that's what most of the world uses, and that's the one that makes phonetical sense and is what Hiragana/Katakana most closely would look like, if you simply converted it to roman alphabet. Stop that "oh" and "sya" nonsense, and use "ou"/"ō" and "sha", like normal people would (if there were any on this planet).

It seems that my replies to rants seem to turn into rants themselves.. in any case, I don't care about pokemons and trading cards - why would you? There are always going to be such passing fads that are spoonfed to kids, whose parents are too lazy/dumb/asleep/sheeple to care what the corporate world does to them and their kids. So what? It's not like this is your problem - you can easily choose not to watch pokémon, and not to collect any cards. Problem solved.

I agree about the manga/anime being pretty awful stuff, after really wanting to like it and trying to scan it thoroughly from head to toe to see if there's any gems.. all I found was a few 'tolerable' or 'mediocre' presentations that ignored the potential they could have been, and a lot of garbage of various kinds. There is one movie which I still don't know what to make of it - Project A-ko. I have no idea if I like it or not.

But I have found a big bunch of real gems from other Japanese entertainment - you just have to either know where to look, or stumble into it accidentally (like I did). You can't honestly say that "Minimoni de Bremen no Ongakutai" isn't a beautiful story, wonderfully executed, filled with really soul-caressing musics and melodies, with a really unique and unpredictable story arc, that you would never guess would be possible from something that sounds so silly as a name. Or how about "Ribon no Kishi" the musical? It's also pretty unpredictable and unique in many ways. And really inspiring livemusic, and great performances. I could list several others, but what's the point, this thread is so old, and I just type this for fun, not for any serious reason.

Well, one more thing: An old Japanese videogame called "Chrono Trigger" is among the Top 5 video/computer games I have ever played. It's beautifully (and inspirationally) hand-pixelled graphics are a real sight for sore eyes, it's unbelievably moody, atmospheric and "fitting" (for the situation), varying musical soundtrack is just something I had to stop the game for to simply just listen to it for a very long time for many of the songs. It's closest to "magical" that I have felt for a really long time. It's plot is "fantastic", in that it involves time travel and all kinds of neat twists - and the spells, fight sounds and graphical effects are just so superb that you really feel it when you hit the opponent - it feels like a real victory, every time you hit someone with your sword, let alone the imaginative magical spells and .. oh, I could just praise it for a long time.

The Japanese culture has produced gems and crap - you don't have to focus on the crap, you can ignore it and focus on the gems.. it's more satisfying and beautiful that way.

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