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Ron Paul says he's all in for the presidency, won't run again for Congress

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posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 09:15 AM
Unfortunately the reality is that Obama will be the next president of the US. No matter how popular Ron Paul is or how many votes he will get. Why do the american people not understand how the game is played after 1963?

You know,...with all respect...I would almost say that the people of the US deserve to be robbed, murdered and to be considered fools by the people in power of the US.

Soon the election circus on TV will begin again and it is all theatre and make belief...jesus wake tf up.

Hard evidence to back-up what I just wrote up I do not have, and would rather not have in my possession either.

To be honest it would not surprise me if Ron Paul is being used as a decoy and delibarately placed as an alternative choice/ vote, for people that do not fully trust the US government as it is. If so, I can only guess if RP is an active member of the people in control or that he is cleverly used and manipulated by them.

From what I have read and learned about (the alleged) people in absolute power is that they are extreemly intelligent when it comes to covering their bases. Planning years ahead and taking every possible variation of change in events/ people in account.

Like a chess game...or like the way they plot and plan wars at the pentagon. They probably have think-tanks working 24/7 with very talented people on the pay-role.

The seat in the oval office, given to the man with the most powerfull millitairy strength of world can not be left to chance......or by choice of the common man. The interests of people that gain power and riches depending on who is in that seat is too important.

JFK and many other great americans warned for the danger this to happen and it happened....but the american people do not want to see this....or belief this.

These powerful people have been given the time and opportunity to place their people in significant places and nail their powerhouse shut thight. They have become untouchable...above the law....above the...constitution.

That is what has happened in the US and how it is today....and it is spreading...lover the a cancer.

I think that it works very simple...a person graduate from college and turns out to have certain qualities in politics, millitairy, media, industry...even science (no matter where in the world). Next he will be watched and followed from a distance. He will be given promotions and at a certain level he will be introduced to people who matter in that world. From there on his future and succes will depend on the moral compass this talented person caries...

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