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The Weird and Wacky World of Physics: Parallel Universes, Bye Bye Heisenberg and Gov Conspiracies

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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 05:04 PM
In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it - Martin Rees

How many of us have watched Doctor Who and wished that all those impossible and insane things could become true? I know I’m guilty. But give me a good enough reason why it’s not possible? Think back to Galileo and Einstein. It’s sometimes the most bewildering of ideas that are the most insightful. Worlds where we have doppelgangers, spooky connections between people over incredibly large distances…they could all be true. The notion of the unknown is one that intrigues most of us. We shouldn’t fear and shy away it but rather embrace it. The more we probe into it, the more we look into our basic theories, we’re able to find ways where the impossible can truly become possible.

String theory predicts that we are just one out of the 10^500 universes and we know have a value of how far we need to travel to get to a replica of us. Welcome to Part 4 of 'The Weird and Wacky World of Physics' where in this one I shall attempt to explore the possibility of the bizarre and the extraordinary. I'd like to put a little disclaimer...some of the ideas that I present below, okay, well most of them are completely subjective to you and your opinion. They're not facts. I’d like to suggest reading the previous threads since I am incorporating those ideas with this one here…

Part 1: Strings, Calabi-Yaus and Massless Blackholes
Part 2: Time, Time Control and the Government
Part 3: The Big Bang, Holograms and Repulsive Gravity
Part 4:
- Parallel Universes
- Bye Bye Heisenberg
- Science Fiction Gov Conspiracies

Parallel Universes
This is a war universe. War all the time. That is its nature. There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games – William Burroughs

Imagine that every speck of you was mirrored somewhere far far away. Imagine that in this universe you may be a conspiracy theorist and in another, you’re carrying out world domination. Imagine that you’re sitting here possibly reading this article and in another, you’ve just been elected Prime Minister. Just imagine. Coming to terms that we may be not the only planet but not the only universe can be a very difficult thing indeed. But there’s really no reason for that not to be a possibility.

Start counting from one and see where you end up. Will you ever end up at a real finite number? According to most people, the answer is no. Counting to a billion would take you 30 years and trying to count to infinity? I think that is well beyond our average lifetime. Infinity, indeed, is one of the essential mysteries of the universe. When you look deeper into it, you see you’re playing with fire. It has strange paradoxical properties…and yes, parallel universes are just one of them. If there is no end to the world, then there shall be no end to the number of parallel universes, the infinite replicas of Earths.

And where are these copies of us?

If indeed the universe is infinite, which according to NASA it is..we can actually get a distance of how far away our replica is from us. The logic behind it is shown below:

  • The radius of the observable universe is taken to be 4x1026 m. It is assumed that the matter in the universe consists of nucleons, which has a radius of about 2x10-13 m.

  • Therefore, the universe has roughly 10118 partitions for the nucleons. These partitions can be filled or unfilled according to the configuration of the universe.

  • The total number of different arrangements is 210118. A box with a radius of 210118x1026 m ~ 210118 m would exhausts all the possibilities. It contains possibly all kinds of parallel universes.

  • Beyond that box, universes - including ours - must repeat.

Let’s face it. In an infinite universe, you’re not unique…you’re insignificant.

Previously in my last thread, I mentioned inflation and the whole Pogston scenario. In a multiple amount of versions of the inflationary theory, the burst of inflation, of spatial expansion is not just a one event. In some, it is a repeated event at various locations of the universe. Just like how we think that our universe is the universe, if there were intelligent beings, they would believe that their universe is the universe.

As we all know, that the further you breach into the microscopic level, we start to meet the quantum jitters. These also have a profound effect upon the inflation field. This means that the value of the inflaton field ( if you’ve forgotten about it please go back to the last thread) will undergo these quantum’s value moving up and down slightly randomly. Normally we can’t feel the effect of these due to them being so small. However, the maths indicate that the larger the energy an inflaton has, the greater the fluctuations from quantum uncertainty. During inflation, the inflaton’s energy was very high therefore the quantum jitters were very large.

Remember Pogston? (I love that guy.) I showed a scenario where he fell down. Imagine these jitters are similar to tremors so to speak and imagine that there’s just not one Pogston but clones of him. Some of these weak tremors cause lots of Pogston’s to fall down and a few strong tremors cause a few Pogston’s to jump back up. Mind my Paint skills ha:

Now as you can imagine this will cause the “space” around it to be divided in some sort of domains. It is the quantum jitters that cause the inflaton field that determine if the inflaton field falls down the curve, stays high or back up. Quantum jitters tend to decrease the amount of space suffused with high field energy. Inflation tends to increase the amount of space suffused with high field energy. The increase occurs at least as quickly as the decrease in most of the versions of the theory. In others, usually the increase wins over the decrease.

I couldn’t find a decent image on the Internet therefore I decided to scan this from ‘The Hidden Reality’ by Brian Greene. It’s worth mentioning now, if you’re interested by the concept of parallel universes, it’s a great book to read. The darker patches are where the inflaton field has dropped down the slope and where it is lighter, it’s where the inflaton field is high. It is now easy to imagine how these universes can come to be. The universes occur is in the darker grey patches..they are like the holes found in cheese….leaving you with your very own ‘Bubble universe.’

So simply:

I think that image summed it up better than all that I wrote up there ha.

The Universes of Max Tegmark
Coming across a few searches, here’s a great thread by Jkrog that I’d like to bring up…click here to view the article. He talks about a programme describing “levels” of types of universes. This theory is brought in by Max Tegmark, a physicist at MIT.

For years and years, those who dared to speak of the idea of other universes were mocked upon so why did our thinking revolutionize so quickly? Since we happened upon M theory which incorporated 11 dimensions and the fact that the Inflationary Big Bang theory indicates that the universe is actually infinite.

The levels that Tegmark believes there to be:

Level I: A generic prediction of cosmological inflation is an infinite ergodic universe, which contains Hubble volumes realizing all initial conditions - including an identical copy of you about 101029 meters away.
Level II: In many models, inflation can produce multiple Level I multiverses that have different effective physical constants, dimensionality and particle content.
Level III: In unitary quantum mechanics, other branches of the wavefunction add nothing qualitatively new, which is ironic given that this quantum parallel universes have historically been the most controversial.
Level IV: Other mathematical structures give different fundamental equations of physics.


“You are now arriving at the end of the universe. Please mind the gap.” Level 1 is based on the idea that inflation causes the universe to be infinite. Cosmologists use the CMB to rule out a finite spherical geometry. The freaky thing is that although the physical laws in the universe are the same yet the different initial conditions cause the environments to be different. Each universe settles down to a specific inflaton field which determines what absurd and unbelievable spectacles that could occur within that universe. Cosmologists believe that our universe is one 100,000, which brings about the estimate that the closest identical copy is 10^10^20m away.

If you thought imagining infinity was hard to stomach, try this in a Level 2 multiverse. Chaotic eternal inflation. Space, in general is stretching and forms “bubbles.” Each of these bubbles is a Level 1 multiverse, making the structure of space fractal on the highest of scales. So far, we believe that are 2 ways these are possible.

1) Symmetry breaking – let me give an example…at one point, we believe that some of the forces unified such as the weak and electromagnetic when the temperature was much more hotter. After a certain temperature, the symmetry was broken and now both forces are distinct and separate.
2) Cycle of birth and death of universes – this one is self explanatory.

A level 3 multiverse has literally the same features as the level 2. These emerge if the fundamental equations of physics, those that determine the behavior of the universe after the supposedly Big Bang, have more than one solution. Different realities we can’t even imagine to perceive. In this universe, there is only one wavefunction. Decoherance occurs which is like a wavefunction collapsing therefore we can’t see Level 3 parallel copies of ourselves but we can see level 1. The existence of a Level 3 depends on one major assumption; that the time evolution of the wave function is unitary. So far, experiments suggest this is true.

A level 4 universe is Tegmark’s own creation. He believes that at this…its maths, meaning that every statement in abstract maths describes different realities and existences. I can’t remember the thread, but there was one on medication and a member’s experience where he experienced something similar. If anyone can find that, it’d be much appreciated!

It’s just the teeniest bit hard to get round your head, no?

Scrap the four familiar space-time dimensions and think big. 11 space-time dimensions. They’re thought to be folded down so small that they are practically invisible to us. Mathematically, we are able to fold these dimensions in lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of different ways. Each type of folding results in a different universe, causing the end result to be a possible 10^500 universes. Pretty clever, no? It is. Many physicists believe that this is a flaw in string theory but who says parallel universes are just a work of fiction? They’re limiting their thinking. We don’t know so we can’t assume it to not be a possibility!

The Calabi-Yau manifold is a geometrical construction that helps to show the “folding” of these extra dimensions. A group of mathematicians at Oxford plotted all the known manifold’s topological complexity (how twisted the manifold is) against their Euler number (what mathematicians use to show how the extra dimensions can be compacted.) Here's the link to the paper to those interested. The diagram is show below:

It’s a shape of a cone. What the group found that those near the bottom are just like us; the universes generated are quite similar to our very own. What’s even more intriguing is that some of the manifolds near the tip can be transformed into another manifold by changing their shape and structure. This indicates the idea that NO MATTER wherever you are on this little diagram, through various geometric transitions, no matter which manifold in the triangle, you can always trickle down to the manifold at the tip.
Once again, we’re at a crossroad…more questions are brought up than answers fulfilled.
What causes the transitions? Is the universe minimizing something?

It’s possible that the universe is. A feature of the Calabi Yau is that it has ‘handles’ that are related to the Euler numbers. The manifolds at the tip have the smallest number of handles. If the universe somehow removed these handles than add them, it would allow a mechanism to be born where the universe would be driven to the bottom of the cone. A good analogy is that it’s similar to mountain steam that has high potential energy that moves downhill because of gravity until it reaches the sea where the potential energy is low. The problem now is showing that they all trickle down.
I think I’ll leave that to the mathematicians.

Cosmological Constant, Dark Matter and Strings
What’s the difference between 0 and 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001…not much right? But this very tiny difference may just change our books. Deductions that the cosmological constant (the number that determines that amount of dark energy journeying through our space) was 0 have been overthrown. Physicists, time and time again, have suggested that a non-zero cosmological constant might be found one day and if so, it’ll lead to the fact that we’re living in one out of many universes.

The cosmological constant appears to have a very profound link with dark matter and as we’ve seen, it indeed has some links with parallel universes so maybe these three concepts are actually linked together? Dark matter appears to be bustling in our universe, people can detect it yet no one can see it. But what if dark matter does indeed have something to do with parallel universes? Parallel universes are an idea such that there exists other universes which we can’t see as they lay in another dimension. Think back to a metal rod…from far away it seems to have two dimensions, moving up/down or left/right but as you get closer there’s the anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. The same principle applies to the parallel universe.

From what we know, dark matter doesn’t interact strongly and this may because it could exist in 100 universes or so. The same applies to the graviton (the force carrier of gravity). Gravity is the weakest force. String theory suggests that the non-gravitational forces (EM, strong and weak) are open ended strings yet gravity is a closed ended string. This allows the graviton to not only wander from dimension to dimension but universe to universe, causing it to be so weak. This can explain why dark matter exists in halos around galaxies and here’s why:

Gravity is an attractive force, which means that gravity pulls things closer to itself. So two galaxies in two different universes should actually align. And the major part of the other galaxy in parallel universe should be blocked by the galaxy in our universe, so it should look like all the dark matter existed around the galaxy.

Here's the BBC Horizon Series; Parallel Universes. You can just follow it through, below is Part 1:

Bye Bye Heisenberg
Heisenberg may have slept here - Anonymous

In February 1927, Heisy showed in confidence his Uncertainty Principle to Pauli which would have later shaken the pillars of society. The basis of it is, that we cannot know both the position and the momentum of the particle; it can be one or the other. This also applies to things like time and energy, The sharper one approximation is, the blurrier the other is. So in essence, everything is a probability. Nothing is certain and that brought large implications to the religious society of the era. For those mathematically inclined here is a brief mathematical explanation from MIT.

Below is a copy and paste job…since I believed it’d be much easier for people to understand.

One such pair is position and momentum - essentially a measure of a quantum particle's movement. If you know a particle's position x to within a certain accuracy Δx, then the uncertainty Δp on its momentum p is given by the mathematical inequality Δx Δp ≥ ħ/2. Here, ħ is a fixed number of nature known as the reduced Planck constant. This inequality says that, taken together, Δx and Δp cannot undercut ħ/2. So in general, the more we know about where a particle is (the smaller Δx is), the less we can know about where it is (the larger Δp is), and vice versa. This applies to spins and polarisations, energy and time and so on.

The uncertainty principle also applies to other pairs of quantities such as energy and time, and the spins and polarisations of particles in various directions. The energy-time uncertainty relation is the reason why quantum particles can pop out of nothingness and disappear again. As long as the energy, ΔE, they borrow to do that and the time, Δt, for which they hang around don't bust the uncertainty bound, the fuzzy logic of quantum mechanics remains satisfied.
Yet for how long will Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle stay strong as a rock?
Bye bye Heinsenberg and meet quantum entanglement.

Entanglement is indeed pretty spooky. The theory is that is that there are connections between two objects NO MATTER the distance therefore this means that the states of 2 quantum entities are coupled. Let's take an example. Let's use Scrody's cat's twin. Poor Fluffles is trapped in a box. We don't really know if it's dead or alive, infact it's both however by opening the box, we collapse one wave function getting one definite this case it's dead. So the wave function of it being alive was collapsed by the very act of opening the box. Curiousity indeed did kill the cat. The same thing occurs with quantum entanglement...a wave function collapses to 0 causing the probability of the other to raise to 100.

Entanglement interactions refer to particles that have to travel faster than the speed of light to collapse the wave function of the second particle. Faster than the speed of light did you say? Yep and that's one of the reasons why Einstein himself described it to be 'spooky,' because one particle seems to know what was measured by the other. Two particles no matter the distance KNOW what occurred on the other telepathy but with particles... Researchers have shown the strength of interactions is a tradeoff. The more influence one has on the system, the more uncertainty there is. And the more you decrease the uncertainty, the less you can steer the measurements, therefore the uncertainty principle puts a limit on the amount of information that an entangled system can hold.

Yet that can know all change. The reason why information that a quantum system is lost is because of entropy. The more you squeeze the entropy of one variable, the more of the other increases. But that's not always the case. Quantum entanglement has now been shown to have a distinctly weird effect on uncertainty. Imagine two photons are entangled (these are particles which are “packets” of electromagnetic radiation). Entanglement, as I've said, shows that although states aren't really defined until they are measured....measuring one and giving it a definite value will pin down the other state of the particle. Trying to measure this using the normal laws of quantum uncertainty indicates that again it can only be measured to one definite value.

So imagine Gertrude and Jake are measuring these 2 photons. Gertrude uses Heinsy's uncertainty principle to measure one of the quantities up to a certain limit and obtains a value. She tells Jake which quantity she measured. Jake needs to know find out the result of Gertrude's measurement as accurately as possible. Simple. Jake just needs to measure the other photon to give the value of Gertrude's measurement...and it's even more accurate and even reducing the associated entropy to 0.

At the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Science and Tech of China this was experimented...and guess what, it worked! Uncertainty is reduced by increasing entanglement...but there's always a but. And a big but it is. Although we are able to measure both quantities now to extremely accurate values...we can't measure both at the same time. This indicates that Heinsy's principle works up to a certain limit. Within the quantum theory, entanglement helps to break down uncertainty. But zooming out shows that Heinsy is stops the everyday world in being insane and even the microscopic quantum world.

Science Fiction Gov Conspiracies
What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are - Tony Robbins

Nothing is impossible. Heck even that word spells out ‘I’m possible.’ Yes, I know. Very cheesy. But it’s true. In the last century we’ve been able to finally hit upon the potential of physics…we hit the brink of science fiction. Let’s look at just some of the things that we have achieved and what could be possible in the future.

Harry Potter and his famous Deathly Hallow; the Invisibility Cloak is now a big, big possibility. Physicists have successfully been able to turn a few things…invisible. Yep, invisible. So you’d never know if some CIA trooper is in your home, watching you. Muhahaha. Light rays bend around the objects that are incident to it, emerging on the other side exactly as the same direction as they began. So now there’s some sort of hole which the light object bends around. Anything inside this hole is invisible like so:

As you can see there is geometry of curved space….hence, we are using general relativity. Just one of the many uses for it. Here’s something interesting: which is apparently going to be used in the construction of concert halls. But think of the great possibilities we could use with this metamaterial technology, one such example would be invisible gloves when doing surgery. Yet be cautioned. Think of all those hungry for power and greed would do with this. Hiding nuclear weapons, making it easier for terrorist attacks etc. There’s a lot that could happen if advancements go viral.

Another big one is teleportation. In 2004, yep not that long ago, Austrian and USA physicists teleported atoms. Atoms were first cooled down to -273 centigrade. A billionth of a degree above this causes all atoms to behave in the same way. When this occurs, scientists fire 2 lasers causing it literally disappear. Using an optic fibre to transport the signal appears to be much simpler than any other teleportation theory since it doesn’t require entanglement. In 2010, physicists achieved quantum teleportation across a distance of 10 miles. Just in 6 years. However this isn’t similar to Star Trek….instead of sending matter across a distance we can send information (because of entanglement) yet this thread suggests otherwise (that matter has been teleported).

But now to the conspiracical side of this science fiction. Now what do we associate with invisibility and teleportation? Does it ring a bell for anyone? This is a poll I took part in:

Yes, I'm bringing this up again. Apart from time related conspiracies which I loosely described, all accounts have the notion of invisibility and teleportation bonded with it. The first 2 are more detailed versions of what I spoke very very shortly in the 2nd part.

Philadelphia Experiment.
t’s thought that in 1943 the US Navy was conducting invisibility experiments aboard the USS Eldridge. The aim was to make the ship undetectable to radar. Yet there were rumours that while this was achieved, so was another. The ship itself, was thought to become invisible to the naked dematerialised in Norfolk Harbour and materialised in Philadelphia Harbour 24 hours later. Apparently, 21 survived to die later of the 181 crew members, 40 died and 120 never came back...

What’s funny is that the ONR states that the conspiracy theory that we know today occurred on misconceptions of degaussing (a wartime procedure) where electrical cables in the ship’s hull cancelled out the magnetic field to make it “invisible.” The Naval History and Heritage Command said in a statement that 'the use of force fields to make a ship and her crew does not conform to known physical laws.'

During 1943 to 1944, Einstein was involved in theoretical research on explosives, explosions since he was a consultant for the Navy in this time period. Yet the Navy did say that he was never involved in research about invisibility/teleportation. Mhmm, right. I know someone who worked in Quinetiq. This company does specialist research for MOD and being a private company, also for many governments. 10 years ago, my contact who has a PhD in missiles and radar, developed technology that the Americans didn't have. He worked on missiles that were in effect, not able to be detected on a radar and did so which were filed to Afghanistan. He only spoke out about it to me since people know about “invisibility” and it's gained hype. Einstein may have been sworn to him. My contact admitted there is way, way more that they did and that the government themselves do which he isn't entitled to talk about.

And of course there's a lot of controversy to this. It's been called a hoax many times. Yet it still shows no sign of waning. Accounts by naval officers and the official statements by the Navy seemed to be hype up this “theory” even more. Some even believe that Morris Jessup was murdered to keep secrets. If this type of technology is possible, NO WAY will the Navy admit to it.

Again three links that could be worthwhile to read:
ATS's own thread on the experiment
Research Project

Project Montauk
It was said that under the Montauk Air Force Station there was a massive underground complex where a projects occurred similar to the Philadelphia experiment., which was actually fuelled because of it...the new discoveries they had made. Stories began circulating in the 80s where Preston Nichols spoke out that he had remembered some memories that had been suppressed (so now there's a mindwiper now as well!?). After Nichols spoke out, Al Beilek took the opportunity and stood by his side who brought about stories that there were links between the Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk experiment.

Now bring in the amazing Nikola Tesla. Gotta love this man. According to Beilek, he was the lab lead researcher. Thing is he died in 1967 before the secret lab was THOUGHT to be built. It's possible that the lab was built way way before or Tesla was already working with the government. Why would he though? It gave him the opportunity to develop the extraordinary. In his later years, he was trying to research ways to communicate with ET's . Achievements of the lab include a "time tunnel" that allowed experiment subjects and researchers to travel to Philadelphia to alien planets and far into the future. Al Bielek's website includes a timeline of his travels: Conspiracy theorists claim the massive Surface Air Ground Environment (SAGE) radar on the Montauk site was used for mind-control tests on teenagers, many of whom were abducted for use in the experiments. A special chair was supposedly used to draw out the dormant psychic powers of some test subjects.

Of course there is no evidence that there is a lab underneath Montauk however a chain-link fence surrounds the allegedly “deserted” base. Why? Neighbours speak of trucks carrying large generators in to the base and that there are children out playing who some theorists believe are runaway children which they experiment on.

Discussion index and links
Crystalinks on Project Montauk

Government and Teleportation
The Teleportation Physics Study was carried out by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics, it’s purpose is:

"This study was tasked with the purpose of collecting information describing the teleportation of material objects, providing a description of teleportation as it occurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status, and a projection of potential applications. The study also consisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurring naturally or under laboratory conditions that can be assembled into a model describing the conditions required to accomplish the transfer of objects."

Davis broke down the various possibilities in this way:

1. Sci-Fi: the disembodied transport of persons or inanimate objects across space by advanced (futuristic) technological means (adapted from Vaidman, 2001). We will call this sf- Teleportation, which will not be considered further in this study.

2. Psychic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by psychic means. We will call this p-Teleportation.

3. Engineering the vacuum or space-time metric: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects across space by altering the properties of the spacetime vacuum, or by altering the space-time metric (geometry). We will call this vm-Teleportation.

4. Quantum entanglement: the disembodied transport of the quantum state of a system and its correlations across space to another system, where system refers to any single or collective particles of matter or energy such as baryons (protons, neutrons, etc.), leptons (electrons, etc.), photons, atoms, ions, etc. We will call this q-Teleportation

5. Exotic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by transport through extra space dimensions or parallel universes. We will call this e-Teleportation.

Out of all these, he encouraged further study into the Psychic teleportation. He said:

"P-Teleportation, if verified, would represent a phenomenon that could offer potential high-payoff military, intelligence and commercial applications. This phenomenon could generate a dramatic revolution in technology, which would result from a dramatic paradigm shift in science. Anomalies are the key to all paradigm shifts!"

But what if this has already been discovered?

If you read from page 50 onwards. It’s then the report gets a bit woo-woo. On page 55, it states that research on the paranormal, psi and parapsychology has been performed and documented by numerous people. It goes on to say how there is a program, The Remote Viewing program, sponsored by the CIA, DIA and INSCOM at some point over 20 years. This ended in 1994. People believe this is a further study from the experiments of PK, psi and mind control that were conducted in the 1940s to the 1950s. It’s thought the person who conduced that gave lectures to the army, Air Force and Navy on possibilities of mind warfare.

It involves clairvoyance, precognition and allows a practitioner to acquire information independent of time and distance. Some people were able to bend metals with no physical force being applied. Government science advisors and senior military officials took part in these events which apparently occurred at the Pentagon or at the officers’/scientists’ house and at one quarterly INSCOM retreat. I don’t know how far they achieved and what else they went on to do but whatever it was, it won’t be disclosed. It could even be practice now. That’s frightening.

And it just doesn’t stop there. More experiments have taken place as stated. In September 1981, an extraordinary paper was published in the PRC in the journal Ziran Zazhi (translation: Nature Journal) and this paper was entitled, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body.” In there it states that gifted children teleported small objects like photosensitive paper, micro-transmitters, insects from one location to another without even touching the objects at all. Representatives from the PRC National Defence Science Commission were present which caused the DIA to create an Intelligence Information Report.

Teleporting to Mars
I came across this article found on Examiner:

It talks about how Arthur Neumann and Andrew D. Basiago who took part in classified projects conducted by US defence agencies state they have teleported to US bases on Mars, meeting some Martians there. Neumann took part in a Project Camelot interview where he told theat he took part in a 1-hr meeting attended by Martians who live under the surface and humans. Basiago, is a former child participant in a travel project launched by DARPA. He relates his experiences about DARPA’s Project Pegasus. He talks about going to past and future events which he took by teleportation and chronovision. He even went on to say that he met 3 Martians at Jersey in the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility.

They go on to say that the American government is training schoolchildren to become America’s first generation of ‘chrononauts,’ which is running with CIA as well. In the article, he goes on to state the name of the officer. Read the article, it’s really interesting (the last section).

Oh lookie what I found....the ATS thread:
Project Pegasus

Possibility of Life on Mars (not sure how creditable this site is)

German's Black Paint
In the 1940s, German scientists aimed to find the perfect black paint. Black is the absence of colour….when there is no light, our eyes see things as black. The scientists thought that by trying to find the perfect absorber, it in essence would make things ‘black’ and not viewable. Thing is, on Earth that’s a problem. If it’s daylight and something is black, we can tell the object shape etc. But if in space, in a region where there are no stars or anything giving off light….it’d be sensational. Everything there is black anyway so by introducing this object that has been painted in black; no one would actually be able to tell it is there. Of course, these Germans tried and failed but it is rather a grand idea. If somehow an ‘invisible’ paint is produced and able to be used on Earth…think of all the stealth possibilities.
ATS's own thread on Stealth Technology

When you think about how many people go missing each year, it’s mind boggling. Where do they go? What happened to them? It’s not possible that all of them are kidnapping or deaths. In 08, the Missing Person report stated that possibly 150,000 children are lost each year. In 2009, 275,000 Britons only disappear so imagine the amount in the world. Dozens of woman vanish from Canadian wilderness. Where do they go? What happens to them? Surely not all of them are dead/kidnapped etc.

Thanks for sticking around


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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 05:11 PM
Excellent thread BP, I'll digest all this information tomorrow.

You deserve an applause for putting all this together.


posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Grey Magic

You deserve an applause for putting all this together.


This has been such a fantastic, awe-inspiring and hugely educational series of threads you've made here BP. Seriously, it's incredible work and it's what we should all be striving to create.

Great job!

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by BlackPoison94

Very awesomely detailed thread you have here BP. It will take me a whole day just to read but will be well worth it for the knowledge and dedication you have put into it. We have a scientist in the making here no doubt about it.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 05:33 PM

posted on Jul, 12 2011 @ 01:14 AM
Nope it doesn't you have a url to it?

If anyone wants to skip all the Physics-related things....I'd just recommend the Government and Teleportation part...that was what interested me the most!
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posted on Jul, 12 2011 @ 01:30 AM

S & F

Now that was a very nicely written piece.
Concise and easy to follow. I'll be checking out the videos now and I'll respond a bit later.

Awesome work

posted on Jul, 12 2011 @ 02:08 AM
Another epic thread from BP.

S n F, really awesome.

What i particularly like about it is that you make the "Wacky world of physics" understandable even for simple minded individuals like myself.

Makes it much more enjoyable.



posted on Jul, 12 2011 @ 04:27 AM
this is exactly the kind of read that has kept my mind engrossed since first finding this great place
ty sir for more searching to do for myself

posted on Jul, 12 2011 @ 05:15 AM
Is it egocentric of us to think there should be other Universes with variations of ourselves in them?

In a Multiverse, why wouldn't other universes be unique, with their own sorts of lifeforms, etc.

And thank you for giving me a days reading, and re-reading

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  • Beyond that box, universes - including ours - must repeat.

  • There are infinitely many real numbers between 1 and 2. None of those numbers are equal to 3. Citing "infinity" as proof of repetition is simply not correct.

    Also, I don't believe there is any proof that space itself is quantized. It's hard to see how that would even work. Space would have to be quantized for the number of permutations of universes to be finite and thus subject to repetition. You seem to have tried to state a reason for quantized space, but it's at best unproven theory.

    Originally posted by BlackPoison94
    From what we know, dark matter doesn’t interact strongly and this may because it could exist in 100 universes or so. The same applies to the graviton (the force carrier of gravity). Gravity is the weakest force. String theory suggests that the non-gravitational forces (EM, strong and weak) are open ended strings yet gravity is a closed ended string. This allows the graviton to not only wander from dimension to dimension but universe to universe, causing it to be so weak. This can explain why dark matter exists in halos around galaxies and here’s why:

    Gravity is an attractive force, which means that gravity pulls things closer to itself. So two galaxies in two different universes should actually align. And the major part of the other galaxy in parallel universe should be blocked by the galaxy in our universe, so it should look like all the dark matter existed around the galaxy.

    Actually, you've just inadvertently laid out the building blocks of a very strong case for why dark matter may not even need to exist at all.

    Galactic motion implies more matter in our galaxy than we can see or explain. Cosmologists predictions had failed. "Dark matter" is an idea invented by the cosmologists to explain where the "missing matter" is. Maybe, in fact, there IS no extra matter. At least not in OUR universe.

    Gravity appears to be much, much weaker than its sibling forces (strong, electroweak.) It has been postulated that this may be because its influence is not restricted to our 3 dimensions, and thus we feel only a small part of its true force (related to the "thickness" of our 3-dimensions in this higher dimensional space.) If this is the case, then the gravitational force from our Earth, our sun, our galaxy is extending outward into other dimensions.

    If there are parallel universes, we would expect that some of this gravity must be influencing them, and some of their gravity influencing us. Thus, the "missing matter" evidenced by the Milky Way's faster motion is simply a direct result of the extra-dimensional gravitational influence of the nearby parallel Milky Way galaxies.

    Yep, that's actually a dang fine theory. Thanks for helping me figure it out.
    I hereby take credit for this theory on this, July 12 2011 6:47 AM. Just in case it's true, maybe I can get some money out of it.
    (You can have some, lol.)

    Someone should run a mathematical comparison between "the percentage of dark matter in the Milky Way", the extra-dimensional effect of the gravitational force and the speculated proximity of parallel universes. They should be related such that if you knew 2 of those 3, you could solve for the missing one.

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    Very good information, always.

    I find the gov't programs are the most facinating.
    Especially the testing on subjects to find mental abilities.

    I can only imagine what really took place 50 years ago in those labs.
    The brains behind all those studies...what were they searching for?
    Imagine what is behind closed doors today...

    Thank you for the excellent read. (and links!)

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    Thanks everyone for the comments and taking the time to read through this!

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    I'm female

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    I think it is egocentric...but it doesn't rule out that it's a possibility. I think it's even more egocentric to think that we're the only lifeforms in the universe.

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    Oh okay dokay...what I quoted there was from another site...I forgot to quote the link but let me try and find it.
    And hey, if that's true...I expect some

    It's just another theory like how many of these are!

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    So do I!
    That's the question...what do they hope to achieve when finding those results? That's the scary part.

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    Thanks BP94 -- I've s&f'd, but need more coffee before I have a chance of getting through the first paragraph...

    I'll be back!

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    Do you want to leave this universe for another duplicate one, it's very easy. All you have to do is put two possible decisions in front of you such as will I look to the left or will I look to the right. Now as long as you do not do either one, both exist, because you can see and observe both taking place. Now, choose to do one. You have just exited from one universe into another. You can still perceive me here right now because I am still writing this reply, so my connection to you has not popped out out existence yet, call that a string. Once I stop typing and you stop reading this post you will decide to read another and break the string , only to have your end latch onto something else. It may be that you flow through thousands of universes daily just by making a choice. Each one only different by the very decision you make.

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    Great work!

    Will need to read it over again but I dig your hypothesis.

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    Captivating! First thread I've actually bookmarked and revisited. Excellent work!

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    Well done!!

    I'm not sure I understand it all... But I'm trying!!

    It'll probably take a couple three readings to get the gist of it. But nicely written, BP.

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    The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

    Interesting stuff.

    I've been watching Through the Wormhole, the series on the Science Channel hosted by Morgan Freeman. It's pretty good with dumbing down some of the topics to the point where I can at least contemplate some of it. The math required to get really serious with it is far advanced beyond anything I'm capable of.

    One point they made on the discussion of string theory that stuck with me. A string's (assuming they exist) size.

    If an atom (that's One Atom) were the size of our ENTIRE solar system, a string would be the size of a light bulb. Mathematically, a (theoretical) string is a trillion, trillion, trillion times smaller than an atom. At least according to Morgan. The dude played God, I'm not going to quibble.

    As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

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    In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it - Martin Rees

    Blind people experience things.

    The First Forms of life had no Eyes they existed.

    Bats and other Creatures use Echolocation to see.

    S & F None-The-Less but i think the first quote is somewhat Short-Sighted.

    Beauty(Of the Universe) doesn't need an observer to exists.

    Its just there waiting for life to take in all the remarkable aspects and wonderful things.

    to yearn and discover with the infinite curiosity that life has come to exhibit.
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