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We Need To Create Our Own Media Outlets, Our Own Local Newspapers!

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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:38 AM
Most still rely on newsprint for their stories, and as we know the media has been complicit in censoring what is put forth, what stories we read.
David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting
in June of 1991

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty if an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries"

thanks for keeping secrets MSM love david rockefeller

From my post here:

The real thing that needs to happen, is WE NEED TO CREATE OUR OWN MEDIA.

Every community could have one or more newsprint, delivered door to door FREE. Like the Western Advertiser in Penticton. No charge, everyone got one. Its paid for by advertising. We don't need to advertise corrupt businesses and pyramids. Local ethical businesses, and really educate people about the real news, the real hard hitting questions we should have on every issue. Some of the conpsiracies themselves.

They could showcase local journalism, by natives, and citizens, teens even, community events, fundraisers, fun days, paid for by advertising.

They could showcase protests and the Spanish type protests, where they handed flowers out to the SS thugs that suppressed thousands of people standing up for justice.

The paper itself should be a non profit co-operative, they can't target one group or family.

And never allow them to shut it down. Spring up another and another no matter what, in every town, in ever province.

That is the best way of waking people up to the corruption and lies by the controlled media.

Of course these stories don't make news.

Also blog radio, interviews. People could have a lot of fun learning to be real media hounds who get the bottom of issues.


Too many tap into the problems, but when it comes to the solutions, they can't get on the same page. People need a real voice. Most don't go online for their news, though that is slowly increasing, so newsprint, in their hand with a community effort, something their own children can get involved with, would be such a growth in awareness locally. People need to start realizing all the institutions surrounding them from politics to media are corrupt. Even if people sent in the most obvious, cost efficient, yet generous and equalizing solutions, they won't be adopted.

We need to solve these problems locally ourselves, in groups, and we need to flex muscles in local leadership, sharing this.
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:42 AM
That is why I love ATS.
Somewhat of a media outlet in my opinion.
I think the next step would be ATS getting its own T.V channel.
That would be flipping awesome.

(Probably not going to happen though.. realistically)
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by TechUnique

Well actually, ATS street news, offers a look at what we can locally. Every town would need its own group and news, including equipmet, so a nonprofit, newspaper, Free and Delivered Door To Door like a good newspaper in BC, paid for by advertising, and fundraising, and gettting some equipment, ie. good digital camera's and mikes, even some infared for some of the projects.
To begin with, people do have enough, if they share, to get going I'm sure there are some better cameras around.

Newsprint, ATS style street reporting, asking for public views, blog radio, interviews. Projects that include and are put forth by the First Nations People and Local citizens, for example, and include teenagers and local grass roots, free lance journalists, could even involve school projects.

Bring whole communities together and start to wade through the media bias and silence, and corruption.

We don't need a streaming News Station, on the TV, every town could have a presence online, with video recorded sessions and interviews, some live streaming, and advertise local events, local businesses for funding.

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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by TechUnique

Excellent point.

I've always wondered what would happen if a mainstream TV channel dedicated time to alternative news outlets just like you pointed out.

Sensationalist and perhaps often wrong, maybe.

However, I bet the viewership would be off the charts though. Since MSM seems so concerned about advertising and revenue why wouldn't they take a chance?

An "ATS" show, or anything similar, on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX would tear the Nielsen ratings up I think.

CHA-CHING! C'mon MSM...lets get going on this!

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:53 AM
Here is a story that has barely been touched by the media, with many voices silenced over the years, and corruption evident on all levels:

Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada's West Coast

Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada's West Coast

For many of the issues, First Nations People could take the lead, I've been fortunate in my life, to have met and talked with many very politically oriented, pro grass roots justice Natives.

Hand in hand, grass roots, in every community, papers, free and paid for by advertising, they can start out as newletters, to save cost, radio show, street interviews, videos. Would be a really good endeaver.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:54 AM
I'm so glad you went ahead and started this up as a thread on it's own!
Sign me up!


posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 11:54 AM
I wonder what the logistics would be in order to create "our" own tv channel that was dedicated to covering all the news that MSM fails to mention.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 12:00 PM
Remember when we dropped the regulations about how many news sources one company could own

YEAAAH Unfettered Capitalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hellllo Mr Murdock
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by Skewed

I think the TV channel is not the way to go. Online, website for your news, and some streaming live interviews. The fund raising would be needed and the advertising profits to get some good dedicated equipment and local sites. Some people can donate servers however, and keep costs down. Also, those second hand computers most throw out, not too old mind you, but 5-8 year models work well clustered into super computers. Linux, free programs.

The whole idea is to get people working together and ensuring everyone gets a voice, and rewarding the more gifted wriiters, artists, film makers projects as well.

The videos in turn can be put on youtube, google video and other sights as well.

Street news, grass roots solution. But all showcased in a local paper that goes door to door, so that more and more will be going online for their news.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by silo13

Thank you, this thread was your suggestion. Since some of the ideas for actually lifting projects off the ground have elluded me, more of an ideas person, I imagine lots of us are online. The hands on, development of local projects are harder to motivate a small group to create. But this is the answer. Ideas for the actual formation of such projects would be good to add here as well. Also when including First Nations People we want to work with the idealists, and sidestep all involvement with those connected to the HH say, for there are strong connections and the wild west element too. Its targeting the right people with invites to discuss and plan/problem solve that is needed. Note ideas people and networking skills don't often go hand in hand, so its needs to draw from the talents and abilities of a group.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I do agree with you, mostly. However, with tv, there can be a "face" to tie to it. The problem with print only is there is no sense of personalization. I just think we should exploit every possible means that are available.
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Skewed

No I wasn't suggesting print only. If it could go so far as a station that would be ideal.

Print, as in a newsletter that is a small grassroots paper, paid for by advertising like the Western Advertiser in Penticton that went door to door, delivered, made lots of profit through advertising but also offered news and articles. Some you couldn't find in the regular news. A newsletter can grow into a printing press, but thats more expensive, backyard wide formatted printers would probably do the job.

This would be a cost efficient method of getting information out and giving whole communities projects to work in, and a voice, especially if unlike that paper it was a visible presence non profit.

That way, an online streaming media and video sight with stories, and interviews, including a radio station online, such as a good blog radio station, all cheap solututions, could be advertised and put directly into peoples hands in the paper that goes door to door.

That way, if enough people want their own station, and news media, and enough voices insist on roll backs to the NWO controls, it might just happen.

I see them as all tying into each other, gaining public awareness and input, and thus helping reach new levels.
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:02 PM
Please create a topic about the terrible tragedy in Russia

I have restriction

Russia cruise ship Bulgaria sinks on the Volga with 9 dead, 100 missing

RUSSIAN officials say nine bodies have been recovered from the Volga River after an overloaded cruise boat sank, but more than about 100 other people who were on the half-century-old vessel are still missing.
The two-deck cruise vessel was carrying 185 people - 148 of them passengers going for a scenic trip on Russia's most famous river - when it sank yesterday. The boat was certified to carry a maximum of 120 people.

A spokeswoman for Russia's Emergencies Ministry, Yelena Smirnikh, said today that nine bodies have been found and 80 people rescued.

A passing riverboat managed to pick up 76 people off the Bulgaria, which was packed with 188 tourists and crew members when it went down during a storm in the central Russian republic of Tatarstan, rescue officials said.

The accident happened around 2pm (8pm AEST) some 3km from the shore, officials said. The Bulgaria was now lying 20 metres down on the riverbed, they said.

The first survivors were picked up by a riverboat, the Arabella, which was the first vessel to arrive at the scene.

Officials said there was still hope for more survivors because the wide bend of the river where the ship went down had 13 islets to which people could swim.

But one of those rescued said he suspected many people - including dozens of children - might have died. An unnamed survivor told Interfax on his rescue about 30 kids had gathered in a playroom on the second deck moments before the accident.

"I fear they all died," the person said.

He described how the ship had sunk within minutes after suddenly leaning on its right side and capsizing.

"It flipped over in three minutes and sank. Lots of people died."

And a school director from the village of Syukeyevo, near the scene, told the RIA Novosti news agency: "The river was fairly calm, but there was a heavy rain and storm."

State news reports said the two-deck vessel was built in 1955, in what was then Czechoslovakia, though Russian television said it had recently been modernised and included comfortable cabins for up to four people.

Some of the modernised craft, however, are equipped with only two rescue boats - and not the four the original models came with, RIA Novosti reported.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev spoke by telephone to his emergencies minister and the local head of the administration after learning of the disaster, the Kremlin said.

More than 80 rescue workers were rushed to the region, with a Mi-8 helicopter surveying the scene from the air, the emergencies ministry said

The Volga River has remained a popular summer tourist destination since the Soviet era, with occasional accidents rarely leading to major fatalities.

The last shipping accident recorded by Russian state media occurred in September last year, when seven people were killed on a lake above the Arctic Circle.

Perhaps the most famous shipping disaster occurred in August 1986, when the Admiral Nakhimov collided with a cargo ship while leaving a bay on the Black Sea.

Soviet reports said the boat sank within eight minutes, claiming the lives of 423 people.

video disaster

Read more:< br />
Tomorrow in Russia national mourning

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by lenya007

If you registered today, you only need to make 20 posts quickly to start a thread. They don't have to be long ones.

In order for a news event to be posted it needs to be put in the right forum, and often have a conspiracy angle from what I understand.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:18 PM
Honestly, like I've said elsewhere, twitter is the best source for news - you can follow a whole stream of people across the political board then peruse the bigger picture.

Any website/podcast/tv show/radio will have an agenda, get as board a mix of news as possible to keep you on top of what's really happening.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by yakuzakid

Twitter is in the hands of the corporate owners, and is not what this is about. This is about media in the hands of communities.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 01:29 PM
I think this is a really worthy project and part of the solution to the current corruption and control going on in the world. It would also provide a much needed way to unite communities, at the grass roots level, and get them to flex their problem solving muscles and negotiate different differences or a spectrum of views, and could highlight solutions not just the problems, and put the spotlight on those trying to do so in the current political, socio-economic, local regional, international and even highlight and reveal corruption and injustices, rallying round table support for anyone who is targetted, and for those who have been harmed trying to wake others up or solve problems.

This is what I'm going to try to develop locally in my area, with a group/others. And wish very much to include the visionaries amongst the First Nations People as well. This year this looks like a very good project to try and pull off. And ATS is invaluable resource for ideas, stories, and to send people looking for answers too locally.

So, perhaps coming up with a model with many variations, that could be imported to every community and region, how to's in specific, could perhaps be discussed.

I see the whole free world doing the same, and even exporting to much needed areas amongst the developing, gang ruled areas, like the Phillipines, Madagascar, and many others, for example.
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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, twitter is in the hands of corporate owners (apparently they kept #notw from trending), but they don't delete anything I or others post up (that I know about) and can't control outside content.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 02:06 PM
Howabout our own government and police force while we're at it??
We could make our own country if we wanted.

posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by yourmaker

People need to learn to problem solve ,they don't have the confidence. The media is corporate owned, its not supposed to be state owned.

So its something communities can get together on.

Political requires communities too, and counsels or citizens, coming together inbetween elections and problem solving, and taking in all viewpoints, including the homeless and vulnerable, learning to not point fingers at each other, gain compassion, and understand each other and then making changes on the local political arena, city counsel, and regional or provincial/state level, working they way up, to meeting with governments insisting on change, discovering for themselves how they won't get what they want, or it will be watered done, with key areas doing the opposite, as most of their solutions are, and that their suggestions for solving problems are blocked because the problems are there by intent.

That is when people can begin to shine, having flexed their muscles, learnt they can solve problems on local levels, they just might run their own people and vote in some change. And knowing they're likely to be bought off or assinated, they'll have to have lots of extra people and start to protect each other, back up.

Its always been the solution.

But political and corporate levels are different. Though the problem solving and developing muscles and public fitness are the same.
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