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Daz Studio 4 FREE until July 31!!

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posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 07:43 PM
I just found out today that DAZ STUDIO VERSION 4 will be FREE until July, 31st. Get your download now before it's too late! Woohoo! After the 31st it will be $50 to buy. So glad I ran into this today. For all you art lovers this a great deal! You only get 4 attempts to download it. If you have to reinstall it. I would save it on a CD for like back up for the near future.

Enjoy, Enjoy.. Woohoo. So, Happy!

posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 08:02 PM
thanks a bunch filling my basket as we speak lol

2nd line

posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 08:11 PM
Thank you for the heads up, searching for what else to get too. Thankful for the sort by price lowest to highest and there are a few pages of free items.

Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Discount: -$915.93
Paid via Gift Cert/Voucher/other credit: ($0.00)
Total: $0.00

edit on 10-7-2011 by kittendaydreamer because: love the discount line wanted to add it.

posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 08:48 PM
wow, why does it feel like x-mas has come early...

posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by Manhater

Thanks for the heads up!
Now to check for more freebies!

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