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One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All. "Vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue"

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posted on Jul, 11 2011 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by Ladysophiaofsandoz
It makes me think of Kuru disease (what cannibals get from eating brain matter) or mad cow disease. It seems that when animals eat or are fed the brain matter of their own species they end up with holes in their brains. Could this possibly be the link between the increased rate of Autism and vaccinations. Fetal tissue would have the cells that would latter form the brain. Since it is a miniscule amount possibly it causes other problems maybe even pinholes in tissue that result in the neurological problems of Autism. Just a thought.

I'm actually thinking more along the lines of you LadySophia. I was thinking that it seems far more likely that Autism might be caused from a prion in the beef. Especially after that HBO movie Temple Grandin.

Prions alter DNA and in cows or humans, the prion-altered DNA can pass to offspring. What the altered DNA does is it reproduces the abnormal proteins that aren't supposed to exist in the human body, nor the cows body.

If there is an Autism-prion, then some of the infected cows could be passing the prion-altered DNA to their offspring. And the same could be true with humans. Although, when it comes to prion-altered DNA it's usually an 11% ratio of those infected passing the prion-altered DNA to their human babies.

In that HBO movie Temple Grandin, she as a human could see how the cows see, almost like they had the same infliction. And the only thing that would calm her was the same things that calm a cow. With autism cases rising-- it looks more like diet. Families eat the same meals. One or both parents (or children) could have eaten prion-infected beef and either the direct Autism-prion or the altered DNA might pass to the offspring.

I'm not really buying into the vaccine idea. However, growing vaccines in human tissue is gross. But it could be potentially more harmful to grow a vaccine in monkey tissue and growing a vaccine in monkey tissue might cause a monkey-virus to cross species.

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