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they're both missing the bigger picture.

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 03:10 AM
kerry made a comment not long ago about how we should be able to import drugs from canada at a lower cost than what we pay here. while he didnt blast bush for this he did blame him for not making it easier for people to do this. well kerry certainly got part of this right...we are paying too much for drugs in this country. however i feel he missed the big picture by a country mile. rather than blaming bush for not making it easier for us to get the same drugs but for less from canada why didnt he address the actual problem of the pharmaceutical industry overcharging us? in short the blame bush and garner more votes for himself. by blaming bush for this he only serving himself rather than serving the people. while i dont feel bush has done us any favors in this matter i find it baffling how they blame each other just to gain a few more votes all the while not addressing the bigger problems that really face us, not the problems that face them, winning an election.

i cant support a candidate who doesnt address the bigger problems we face together as americans. drug costs being only one of countless issues we face. while i might be biased as i dislike and distrust the pharmaceutical industry i do feel we as americans are getting jacked and as long as politicians blame the other candidate for the bigger problems they arent doing us any favors only themselves.

now i dont dislike kerry because he's a democrat, i dislike him because he is a politician who is as transparent as a window pane. no sooner did i watch him make this comment about the cost of drugs and bush did i realize how short sighted it was. a person who trully wants my vote wouldnt talk about the other person, he would talk about his own platform and what HE intends to do. he talks about the issues, not what his opponent has or hasnt done about the issues. i take great issue with a person who belittles a major problem only to serve himself. to blame the opponent is but an acknowledgement of the bigger problem that he doesnt know about, forgot about or simply ignored. i feel he has fallen short as he only sees a step or two beyond him as evidence by what he said.

this isnt an attack on kerry but it is a commentary on how politics is played in this country. while they talk about the issues, they only do so in regards to blaming their opponent rather than focusing on the problem itself. bush didnt create this problem. drug costs have been sky rocketing for some time now, not just in the past 4 years. this has been an ongoing problem and i for one am disappointed to see politics as usual while we the american people suffer while they dont pay a thin dime for THEIR health coverage, we do!

if drug costs were such an issue for him why didnt he draft a bill legislating price caps on drugs? why didnt he do something about it prior to being nominated? why did it only become an issue AFTER he became the democratic candidate? why does he blame bush solely for this problem? does he address this problem because he cares about us or because he cares about getting votes?

i question ANY politician in these regards. bush isnt immune in this. he has done nothing while we paid through the nose for drugs that we can get for less across the border. why are we allowed to be victims while the politicians blame each other and do nothing? how much longer are the american people going to blame one politician when it took a whole senate and congress of them to ignore these problems and let them get as bad as they have? bush alone isnt to blame and neither is kerry, they are but a fraction of the actual problem. as long as both sides do nothing and blame each other and suck us into their "us Vs them" game we lose. there is no winner when we fight each other. while these bloated companies make billions of dollars off of us by over charging us for drugs that doctors push on us we become more poor with each prescription while kerry blames bush and bush blames kerry and the real issue is never solved with a REAL solution. it is all too easy to point figners and lay blame, it is harder to come up with answers and so far i dont see one answer from any poltician for any problems that plague us as a people.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 05:04 PM

noone has anything to say? noone feels let down or disappointed by any of this? is this how we act when we're treated this way? i guess its better to ignore this than actually facing up to the fact we're as much to blame for what happens as the people we elect.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 05:14 PM
Puppets on a string can only do what the people above tell them to....we are the auidence who gets to watch the show, and most of America thinks they are not being controlled by someone else

viva la revolution!!

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 05:36 PM
Actually if we get drugs a better prices from Canada that will force the drugs companies into lowering their prices here in US so they can compete.

For some reason this administration does not care how the market is been manipulated here in US by drugs manufacturer.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 06:20 PM
i think you're still missing the bigger picture here.

bush alone cant do anything for or against this by himself. as i said before it took an entire senate and congress to do nothing as well. and "this administration" isnt the only administration that has had this problem during its stay in the whitehouse.

again placing the blame of all on one person is short sighted. even placing it all on "this administration" is short sighted. bush hasnt done anything and i wont deny that but lets be honest about this. take a step back and take a look, can he alone draft sponsor pass bills and sign them into law? no. so why does the president alone get blamed? i blame us the people for electing these people who act short sighted and want us to be short sighted. blaming A single politician is a lot like putting on a bandaid on a compound fracture, it attempts to stop the bleeding but does not to fix the broken bone which is the bigger problem of the two. we are as much to blame as they are for this. after all WE put them there!

i just think people need to take a step back from their ideologies as what they do effects us ALL together.

and there is a reason for this. while we follow their lead in blaming one or two other politicians there are other politicians who make money off of this.

also a simple business concept here. we pay more because we buy more drugs, plain and simple. thinking they'll lower prices here is foolhardy, that would hurt their bottom line, huge profits. they'd rather raise the prices there before they'll lower the prices here. so if anything this could become a problem for canada as well. and then we'll all be in the same boat, still getting overcharged for drugs our doctors make us think we need for every little thing in our lives. and the majority of people STILL get their drugs here, not in canada. and why do you think so many politicians have tried to stop it? it hurts them as well! like any other industry they line politicians pockets to ensure we blame or two politicians rather than looking at the bigger problem and addressing it. politicians keep us fighting among each other while these companies make "campaign donations". pac money is an industry all unto itself. my grandfather was a lobbyist, i know what special interests groups and lobbying are all about. i know the tricks of the trade all too well. and we're all victims of it.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 07:17 PM
Well I am happy to be able to afford a good heath insurance that covers my drug bills.

But for the people that can not afford the luxury of having insurance I feel their pain.

Now for bush, well he is the president he can make things better.

And for bush 24 million went into his campaing by PhRMA for the 2000 year election.

And bush soround himself by them Mitch Daniels former of giant Eli Lilly and Anne Marie Lynch and Bill Walters, are PhRMA members the first one is or was in the budget comission and the oter two were in bush transition team.

[Edited on 12-8-2004 by marg6043]

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 10:13 PM
mitch daniels is the same person i believe who is running for some office in indiana. former president of ely lilly. i dont like him. i hate these drug makers.

but what can bush all by his little lonesome? you seem to think he can do something. well what? what can he do without anyone else? make a speech? shake his fist at pfizer? make a face at bayer? i've been saying it and one day you might catch onto it, it takes a lot more than one person to get something done. just like blaming one person is short sighted, thinking only one person can do it all on their own is short sighted. this is how we mentally set people up for failure. we create these standards for those we dislike knowing full well they cant live up to the standards. we also do this to reenforce our ideas about them. it is a vicious cycle. saying he can make things better and nothing else is pretty idealic and not realistic. but im curious what you think bush alone can do about this and every other problem that has faced us prior to him taking office and will continue to face once he leaves it. saying "he's the president he can make things better" is a pretty bold statement that requires an explanation. is he the only one to blame for this? and that isnt a trick question. he shares some blame but do you feel he carries 100% of the blame? if so why? if all the power is in his hands why have a congress of senate? what is their purpose if he alone has all the burden? i guess we elect the rest of them to fight each other and take our money in the form of their salaries????

i just find it odd we blame one person for a problem they only inherited, not created. i find it too simplistic to blame one person or put all the burden on one person when it takes three sides of the government to make actual change. if issues we're as easy as blaming one person we owouldnt have the problems we face now. obviously blaming a single politician doesnt work as those politicians have come and gone and yet the problems are still there. trully if the problem was the single politician all things would have been fixed upon there leaving. but this isnt so.

might be time to rethink the overly simplistic "lets blame one politician" tactic and go back to the drawing board.

posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 11:19 PM
You're exactly right - it is too simplistic to blame one politican....but I believe that the way our system works...making a statment related to my earlier post....well, it's kind of like the wizard of oz - the man behind the curtain is who's in charge and the guy in the spotlight takes the blame - most Americans don't care to pull the curtains and see who all is behind them. And to be honest, who really knows? Chances are it's the mega-wealthy...paying bribes to politicians - playing wag the dog.....which is precisely why I truly believe the American people need to overrun our gov't if they expect any true change....

People's lives will be lost, chaos will occur - revolution is as much a part of world's history as fear takes courage, people, and idealists - but it is needed...clearly our system is in shambles and restoration is required in a politcal arena filled to the brim with personal greed and corruption - All the more reason for why I plan on leaving the US unless something happens that changes things within the next 5 or so years...I'm tired of living here....I've lived in Europe before, and I find it much more appealing....

[edit on 8/12/2004 by EnronOutrunHomerun]

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