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Gulf War Syndrome Research Project recruiting

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posted on Aug, 12 2004 @ 01:30 AM
A new research project has been started with the goal of researching the nature, causes, possible cures, and responsibility for Gulf War Syndrome.

Research so far has strongly indicated mycotoxicosis, a product of biological weapons based on certain types of mold. It is believed that Ketoconazole or Dioxycycline (spelling?) are potential treatments.

What remains is to research the possible involvement of other factors, especially Pyrido Stigmine Bromide, and to discover which companies manufactured and exported the offending substances.
Research team members to investigate the type and legality of the immunizations given to troops before the gulf war are also needed.

This will hopefully be a very productive project, and if important information is discovered there will be a strong effort to recieve publication of the results.
Volunteers please U2U me. Thanks

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