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the best anime

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posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 10:14 AM
for all the anime fans on the board heres a few personal pics i strongly recomend..

revolutionary girl utena (its beuatifuly drawn and has lesbians)
excel saga (realy awesome anime to watch stoned off your ass)
x (deals with the occult & the apocolypse and the main character is a hot@$$. also has matrix like angents)
angel sanctuary (deals with the war between god and satan and the main romance would piss off alot of conservatives)

i also have to recomend battle royale. its not an anime but its this ill @$$ film directed by kinji fukasaku. it deals with these school kids that are engaged in this government funded death sport. its madd brutal and has chiaki kuriyama (the hot@$$ pscyo schoolgirl chick from kill bill). i want you chiaki kuriyama.

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