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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 06:16 PM
As you rush upon my world,
A land that you seek.
It is not a world for the meek.
You desire to know me,
to take my hand:
As I take my final stand.
Morals are settled,
on different plains,
as you can see we are not the same.
Different roads
diverged upon the way:
one to leave, one to stay.
Come stand upon my plate
as my pride takes me down:
making me look like
the complete clown.
As the trenches are deep,
pain begins to grow;
faith runs deeper than you will ever know.
As the time passes,
you remain there;
simply to stair.
Into wide vast
open space
Settled by race.
My stand is strong
as you watch on
thrusting upon the blade;


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