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Virgin Mary mentiones NWO?!

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 07:49 AM
There are several apparitions of Virgin Mary (and also Jesus, saints..) all over the world!!! The one I'm speaking about here is the one in Ohio, seer's name is Maureen Sweeney-Kyle. She receives messages almost daily and few times a year there are "promised midnight apparitions" that people worldwide can attend through online live streaming.

Messages are mostly heaven's kindly requests and warnings to live in Holy Love, TO LIVE IN UNITY WITH GOD AND ALL PEOPLE. Quite inspiring for me personaly.

So, for July 1st and 2nd (for the Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the United Hearts) there are/were two promised midnight apparitions, and yesterday (July 1) seer got the message, where Mary mentions "New World Order"! I was very surprised
, because I don't really believe in this theory of new world order going on out there.

"Dear children, a good mother always tries to foresee and forewarn her children about imminent danger. So it is, that I, your Heavenly Mother, have come to caution each of you concerning the dangers at hand."
"In the world today, there is an evil undercurrent seeking to destroy nations by attacking national pride and independence, and offering a 'New World Order' as the solution; but this is not the 'unity' God is calling you to. Dissolving national borders is not God's plan for unity. God is calling you to disintegrate the boundaries in your hearts which oppose Holy Love. You must be united spiritually first in Holy Love before you can have true unitive peace in the world."

"My dear children, Satan, these days, shows his hand in destroying once worthy and reliable institutions in an all-out effort to bring people into this proposed one world government. I speak specifically of the institution of marriage, religious institutions, financial institutions and governments. There was an age past when the enemy of your salvation lured people secretly into his traps; now he is bringing his dirty work to light. Now it is difficult in righteousness to know who to trust. All of this is Satan's plan to destroy your security. He wants you to turn to one leader - his leader. But remember, if all power and authority is given to one leader, all control is given to that person, as well."

I have no idea what this NWO was supposed to be?
at all... Dissolving borders? That's.. what? All planet as one country?

This "destroying of reliable institutions" that Mary mentioned, for me it means, that more and more people are leaving Creator. And because of that, are loosing every inch of morality, honesty, true love,..... - and that is the REAL NWO becoming on us - the "perfect" DISORDER, where all (or most of) humanity completely stops the cooperation with God, and continues relying only on themselves. This taking control on everything is by my opinion sure to be doomed at one point.

If you would like to see how Maureen receives the message, you can watch another midnight apparition TODAY (starts at midnight in Ohio time). To do that, you have to sign up for live event on their page (button on the left):

To see the whole message from yesterday scroll completely down to the bottom on this same page.
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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 07:55 AM
Not sure about the delivery system
but thew cargo seems to be OK..

of course it is the standard mark of the beast type thing...
but hey
there are still alot of folks who don't get it
and should
keep on keeping on
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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 08:11 AM
Nothing new here...

wanna know who Satan's army really is?

It's the Satanists inside the Pentagon and Vatican.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 01:52 PM
I know about freemasons, and I know that in almost every institution there are people trying to destroy it somehow. Esspecially, if the institution is good in it's basics (for example people stealing from inside the humanitarian organisations, wtf). Does that mean (do you call THEM) they are those who are making NWO?

Originally posted by galactictuan

wanna know who Satan's army really is?

It's the Satanists inside the Pentagon and Vatican.

I'm not sure it is so easy to "locate" satanists only on few positions. Also, on my opinion the term "satan's army" indicates on creatures that are not of this world. But this world can be (and is) influenced by them! And this can happen to almost anyone, not just those on important positions, also my neighbours, my spouse, my children, etc. For example, Mary mentions destroying "institution of marriage, ([and] religious institutions, financial institutions and governments)" - who is destroying institution of marriage?? Ok, some laws do, but mostly it is people IN marriage that fight all the time, those who get influenced by satan's army (and most of them don't even know they are under influence), and start becoming selfish, etc. They are destroying institution of marriage, there's more and more divorces...
To prevent all of that, Mary says one (and everyone) has to be connected to God as much as posible.

Originally posted by Danbones

Not sure about the delivery system
but thew cargo seems to be OK..

I don't know what you mean by "delivery system"? The visions of Mary? Have you ever heard about Fatima?? Visions are everywhere in the world NOW! Apparitions happened in different times and places, in different centuries. But the last decades of 20th century and begining of this one, Mary is coming to more and more people, and saying these are her last apparitions. So I guess something serious should happen, and very soon.

I personaly see Mary's visitations to humanity as a loving mother, who wants to help her children not to get hurt, and it's up to us, whether we will cooperate with God and one another and move forward, or will we become totally selfish and deastroy ourselves. (A lot of times, she says that we shouldn't care so much about our physical, but we should take care of our spiritual needs!)

I'm completley persuaded that heaven is (are) helping to save our souls (bodies will go sooner or later anyway), and that these visions, locutions, etc. are ways of reaching us (the humanity), because they see what we, with our time-limited eyes, can't. As I said before, I find these messages inspiring to transform myself to more loving person and to connect more to the one that created me. That's our main assignment here.

(Maybe I should put this topic under different forum? If so, can admins do this, please?)

But I'm still surprised she used this NWO term - I would never espected it from her. I think about this all day already... I seriously have to explore, what people mean, when they say NWO...

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