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Haunted doll caught on video? Is this real?

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 08:45 AM
Oh dear
That was terrible.
Wonder what I could rustle up with my doll.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by Suspiria

Goodness! That's freaky as hell!

Thought I might add- I'm to scared to watch the video...
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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by fredthebed84

Gullible is the word to describe someone who believes this. I cant believe your asking 'is this real'.

Like to add that Ive never seen a ghost, but do believe in super natural powers etc... Things have happened in the past such as kitchen utensils that were hanging from a butchers hook, randomly moved..... door shelve handles decided to leap out of the fruit bowl * I re-enacted this to prove I wasnt goin crazy placing the orange in the same place in the fruit bowl....could not have fallen out...had to have been moved physically......left a phone on the banister stairs at the top 'placed so that couldnt move or thing im walking down stairs felt a smack on the back of my legs, as though someone threw it intentionally..dodgist incident being- watchin tv in front room late at night...heard a thud' noise in kitchen thought nothing of it till i was turning lights out for night checked back was wide open with the door lock still in locked postition...I still cant understand this # too this day..i was with my bro at the time of discovering that we both looked at each other in disbelief..

my gran also had somethings to say while we were growing up that were dodgy. e.g photos of dead daughter flying from tv onto fall in front of her......grandad died....she felt the bed on the other side dip as though someone had sat on it......

i slept there once after hearing all this stuff, gran was ill looking after her......and during the night Id get clicking taping noises all around me, i couldnt pin point were it was coming from exactly....some what surround..strange..

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 09:23 AM
In his letter he sounds annoyed at all the mail in his box ,and people questioning the validity of the film.

Why bother posting on Utube and facebook if you didn't think you would get responces postive and negative?

Poor guy, he get's 100 emails a day .

He's just an innocent victim.

I hope he doesn't get a Chucky doll look alike in that house. Could be a problem. Chucky's for real.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by SaturnFX
so, been sort of poking through his videos, and ultimately I think what we have is a greenscreen going on here.

however, there was one video that sort of made me pause...

at about the :38 mark...I have been trying to figure out how this would be set up with greenscreening and clever use of time lapse...sort of drawing a blank here.

I am sorry but if there was that type of activity in my house, I would find a way to get the hell out!! I don't know if this is the same guy or not, I thought he was in the UK, he too also had Poltergist activity and he lived alone, and he would record the house when he went to work. He even recorded when he was asleep, because people thought he was crazy. For the record he was making a home video, and was alone in the house when the activity caused all of his cd's to stack up, when he was recording and talking in the kitchen. It freaked me out when I saw it, because it looks like a Hollywood movie. Even though he claims no one was home. of course people made fun of him and debunked him, if they could. some of the stuff you really couldn't explain, and I have wondered often is he was recording real evidence.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 10:13 AM
ok, so here is my take on it

I seen the first video and thought it was laughable at best...amusing for sure..

I then decided to beef the thread up a bit by going through the guys videos..when I came across the teddy bear videos (there are a few) and found it was just stupid now...sure, the technicals are difficult, but...who decides to move a teddy around and expects legitiment acknowledgement of something odd.

I watched more of course, because if anything, they are amusing as hell

I figured its a definate hoax just because its too good and cheesy to be real..

Then I contacted the chap (posted earlier). I had a bit of a back and forth with him and am now on the fense.

Why am I on the fense?

Well, during one of my replies to him, I was suggesting why I am skeptical, and it suddenly hit me.
I have had a "ghost" experience like this (of sorts) but no where near as powerful, consistant, or, no coming alive teddy bears, etc...but it did make me think, what exactly am I objecting to?

So, ya...anyhow, I suggested a couple things, because now I am wanting to see proof verses just dismiss...

(incidently, if you want to know about my paranormal experience, check here

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by EyeHeartBigfoot
You Really Need Someone Here On ATS To Help You Determine The Authenticity Of This Video?

Then, YES It Is 100% Real and, And, AND...Look Out Behind You...Chucky's Whore Daughter Is Right Behind You With A Sharpened Digital Camera Of Death.

Oh The Horrors, The Horrors, The Horrors...

Fun Video, Thanks

I laughed so hard at your comment, I coughed up a lung! Thanx for the laugh. No offense to the OP. hehehehehehahahaha..............

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 10:17 AM
if my $1000 flat screen shook like that I wouldn't be standing around filming it. These videos are entertaining but as another poster's like watching a magician.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 11:44 AM
Chucky had a whore daughter?

Could be the name for a great sequel.

Chucky's Whore Daughter.... The Screw and Stab Story.

I can do better.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 11:54 AM
The dude is a prolific Hoaxer.

Ive called him out on it a few times in the past..needless to say he banned me from commenting.

He uses AE mostly, but he wasnt very good at it. Crap filters, masks, timing etc.
Everyone of his videos ive seen can be put down to CGI.

This one however is different....probably because he is so pants at AE.

It shows bugger see hair and then the camera moves and wanders about. The camera is then taken from the table....a jump possibly from table to floor...but this was poorly executed. Trying to fake this should have been far easier than CGI but hes failed at this too.

When the doll jumps of the table its too smooth and not fast enough. (falling is too slow)

The reflection in the oven shows can make out a material of some sort, but theres certainly no doll in view.

The guy needs a good slap, and to be told to stop with his hoaxing....this is what youtube has done....everyone wants to become a partner to make easy money so people make up any old bull....theres plenty of gullible mugs about....thats why i always get 419 scam mails saying ive been left £50,000,000 all i have to do is pay £1000 to get it.....

THE GUYS A HOAXER this should be in the HOAX section.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 12:01 PM
yep i heard that fat guy's hoarse breathing as he did the video with the doll
please move this to hoax thread please?

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 12:12 PM
This is the fakest piece of crap I've ever seen on Youtube

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by SaturnFX

I too have a fear of dolls coming to life. I'll take on some nasty things, but a doll moving on it's own gets respect from me
keep posting these videos, I love em! Question, when did he start doing this? I wonder if these hauntings are recent or has he been dealing with them for a while now, whether real or fake, how long has this been going on

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Swills

you must hate watching Toy story

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 06:29 PM
That's hilarious. I laughed when I first saw him moving the doll's hair slowly in front of the camera near the start. Totally idiotic and I actually worry for anyone who thought it was real.

What next, he'll get a friend to move the doll while he backs off and gets stabbed by a plastic hand?

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 02:07 AM
He's a fraud here is a link for one he had pulled from

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by davespanners

holy crap

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

you sound like one of those weird people that are stalking him. lol

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by Swills

he says in his blog that it has been happening for about 6 or 7 months now

posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 04:26 AM
I didn't see anything

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