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Roger Ailes' Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by Blackmarketeer

While this just further indicates the bias and agenda behind fox, doesn't make much of a different. I trust the faithful fox viewers here were already well aware of it's bias, this doesn't really matter to them. It reports what they want and thats that. As for CNN? CNN tries too hard to be impartial in my opinion, alittle silly, they just need to report the news for petes sakes. MSNBC, yes, it's liberal, you folks seen Chris Matthews or the Ed show? I saw one show of Edz, decided I'd never waste my time on such garbage ever again. Mind you though, Rachel Maddow is a good show, she get's it wrong from time to time, and then she holds herself accountable. I do believe it's getting to the point where it's silly to point out the bias of any major news source, I guess this is inevitable. Sure, we can point toward obvious bias from time to time on these shows, but it's pritty much conclusive that you cannot rely full credibility on one major news source, best to diversify.

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posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by incrediblelousminds

Originally posted by vkey08
has anyone actually read all 318 pages? there is no mention anywhere in any of the documents the words Fox News Channel

Whoa, captain straw man.

Who claimed otherwise?

The OP.... that these documents show that these people planned Fox News, I am still not seeing it.. Now don't get me wrong, Fox does do 90% of the same type of actions as stated, but Ailes didn't found FoxNews, he was hired by Murdoch to run it, Murdoch is NOT an American..

Not seeing the correlation other than some really interesting circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence is not proof.

And i would appreciate not being called "man" Woman, chickie, girl, hey you, but not man. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 09:38 AM
What is interesting to me is the glimpse at the mindset that exists in many political circles (and that applies to every country in the world).

There is a general sense of intellectual superiority, viewing the "general populace" as somehow more ignorant than them, and easily manipulated.

The 15-page plan begins with an acknowledgment that television had emerged as the most powerful news source in large part because "people are lazy" and want their thinking done for them:

Today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, than people listen to the radio, than people read or gather any other form of communication. The reason: People are lazy. With television you just sit—watch—listen. The thinking is done for you.

With that in mind, the anonymous GOP official urged the creation of a network "to provide pro-Administration, videotape, hard news actualities to the major cities of the United States."

But, perhaps more importantly, these type of attitudes are what make someone successful in the game that is politics.

The documents—drawn mostly from the papers of Nixon chief of staff and felon H.R. Haldeman and Bush chief of staff John Sununu—reveal Ailes to be a tireless television producer and joyful propagandist.

He was a forceful advocate for the power of television to shape the political narrative, and he reveled in the minutiae constructing political spectacles...

He frequently floated ideas for creating staged events and strategies for manipulating the mainstream media into favorable coverage, and used his contacts at the networks to sniff out the emergence of threatening narratives and offer advice on how to snuff them out...

This whole thing definitely confirms the whole "Wag the Dog" scenario for me. Politics has become (and perhaps has always been) a Hollywood production:

In a November 1990 memo to Sununu (read it here), Ailes lays out Bush's wardrobe in detail—"it is my judgment that he should not wear helmets or hats"—and recommends using military resources to concoct a fake briefing between Bush and his commanders in order to "heighten the drama for the news media."

Unfortunately, in this case, the actor's scripts lead to real people getting killed and real economies being destroyed. Directed by people who only care about assuring reelection and increasing their bank accounts, and view the whole process as some type of game.

It has been said that politics attracts sociopaths, and this just seems to add more weight to this point... it is a wonder how these people sleep at night... oh wait, that's right, they are sociopaths.

the Billmeister

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by Misoir

OK, I'll bite. And MSNBC is about as leftist as Comcast (or GE). Whatever we think leftist might mean, it is not where it should be...or the center is somewhere else. Either way.

EDIT: ...Unless Comcast is a portmanteau of Communist Broadcast...hahaha.
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