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Remote Influencing & Mind Control: Russell Targ, Bobby Fischer & the Fischer Family Line

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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:22 AM
1. Definitions, background & links
2. Remote Influencing: In the Case of Aaron Donahue
3. Russian Forms of Mind Control: "Opiating Americans with Religion"
4. Russian Remote Influencers & the Mind of Bobby Fischer
5. Russell Targ & A Team of American Military Psychic Spies Doing CounterMeasures
6. The FBI: Their Files on Regina Fischer & Physicists
7. Stage XI Style Remote Influencing & the Nazi from Slovakia-Ukraine: A Theory of Attacks on the Fischer-Targ Family Line

From 2006-2007, I was researching Remote Influencing -- primarily looking at Aaron Donahue as a case study of the effects of Remote Influencing. I used to think that Aaron Donahue was the "most attacked" person with regards to the use of the technique of Remote Influencing, UNTIL I saw this recent HBO documentary in the month of June on Bobby Fischer.

I'm not really a chess person so I never paid attention to Bobby Fischer. I just was flipping through the channels and caught the tail-end of the HBO documentary called Bobby Fischer Against the World. From my perspective after studying Aaron Donahue as "A Case of Remote Influencing"... I just looked at the Fischer reels on TV and instantly recognized ... "Oh my gosh!! This Bobby Fischer guy is sooooo Remote Influenced." So I wrote myself a note & taped it to my computer: Do Bobby Fischer Research -- man severely Remote Influenced.

About a week later, I started the research googling to find out that Russell Targ was Bobby Fischer's brother-in-law. Ahhh... it makes sense!

Russell Targ entry on Wikipedia

Russell Targ does E.S.P. research for the Department of Defense, DIA and the CIA. It was Targ and Harold Puthoff who put together the military Remote Viewing program -- and from that came the concept of Remote Influencing. Here's some other great threads on ATS about Remote Viewing, Targ, Puthoff and the history of the program.

Project Stargate on ATS

CIA Remote Viewing Manual

US Secret Psychic Spies and Remote Viewing in the CIA and NSA

Remote Viewing: The Data Dump on PSI warfare


Remote Influencing (by my definition) is a form of telekinesis, or mind control, where a person tries to influence the mind, thoughts, speech, religion, diet or action of another person using only their own mind and projected thoughts.

For the most part, Remote Influencing happens in present-time but there is also a form of Remote Influencing that involves "time". This is known as Stage XI - Remote Influencing. Stage XI RI is when a person attempts to use telekinesis, or mind control, and focuses his/her telekinesis-influencing back into the past in an attempt to alter an event in the past, the thoughts or speech of a person in the past, the religion of a person in the past, the diet of a person in the past, or the actions of another person in the past.

The difference between standard Remote Influencing and Stage XI Remote Influencing is that Stage XI style involves a person in the present or future having present scientific knowledge or future scientific knowledge about events, discoveries, technology and so forth. And such present/future knowledge is usually used in an attempt to alter the past or a person in the past. For example, if a person tried standard Remote Influencing and they didn't get the effect that they wanted, they might use Stage XI Remote Influencing to project telekinesis back into the past to weaken a person or make multiple attacks at fixed points in time to get their desired "Mind Control/Influencing" results.


Section 2.

Aaron Donahue was a star-student under Ed Dames. This was when Ed Dames was still with PsiTech before Dames formed his own separate company. Dames was trying to market PsiTech and got a slot on the television show In Search Of... Dames immediately had Aaron Donahue do the time slot. In the episode, Donahue was supposed to use Remote Viewing to find a woman by only knowing her first name. However, in the same episode meant to air with the RV-segment on Donahue there was a segment about the "Church of Satan." And after Donahue did the segment for In Search Of... (but before the show aired on television), Donahue began to have a paranormal reaction to the "Church of Satan" segment. (might have just been that Donahue tried to Remote View his own future pertaining to the episode.)

Donahue renounced Christianity. Dames and the PsiTech crew thought that Donahue had somehow been influenced by the Church of Satan members. So Dames put together a small group of people trained in Remote Influencing and attempted one or more sessions to Remote Influence Aaron Donahue's religious beliefs. The end result was that Donahue created a new religion which he calls "Luciferianism."

Luciferianism isn't really the standard Satanism. Donahue believes that Lucifer is an alien from outer-space that created humanity. So it is really a form of Ancient Alien Theory. And that was the result of Dames' Remote Influencing team and their "Remote Influencing religion" attempts.

Since the desired result of Dames' remote influencing team was to Remote Influence Donahue back into Christianity, an obvious failed attempt, it's not something that the team participants brag about.

About Aaron Donahue: from the James Donahue website

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:24 AM
Section 3.

The Russian Psychic Spy program has its own form of Mind Control. They don't really call it "Remote Influencing" since that is the American Psychic Spy term, but for the sake of uniformity in this post, I'm going to nickname it "Russian RI" rather than using Russian terminology.

Russians during the Cold War were Marxist. That means that they were taught Karl Marx's Sociology of Religion. If you've ever read Marx's Sociology of Religion it is a sociological theory that religion is used to control people. And Marx believed that "Religion is the opiate of the masses." So when Russian Psychic Spies use their form of remote influencing/TK to attack Americans-- they try to "opiate" or control Americans through religion. Bear in mind that many Russians are raised Atheist and their knowledge about religion is usually limited.

Someone raised Atheist doesn't usually have a large scope of stories of the Bible. They only know of a few concepts of Christianity and Judaism-- what they have read in books, seen in magazines, seen on the news. That is very different than a person who was raised Christian or Jewish who studies so many religions that they become Atheist-- as the latter type of Atheist has a vast and extensive knowledge of different religions.

When Russian Psychic Spies were attacking American Psychic Spies during the Cold War, they did it Karl Marx style. Trying to "control" U.S. Psychic Spies through "opiating religion". One can usually ascertain which Americans in the Psychic Spy program were compromised by looking at their behavior with religion. It's a simple checklist:
1. Does the U.S. government remote viewer become obsessive with ALL of the following 5 stories of the Bible?
. . . . . a. Creation story of Genesis
. . . . . b. Noah's Ark
. . . . . c. Mary and her virginity
. . . . . d. The Resurrection of Jesus
. . . . . e. Revelation & the end of the world
2. When the U.S. government remote viewer is attempting Remote Viewing sessions do they repetitively see the same 5 stories of the Bible when the remote viewing task has nothing to do with religion?
3. If the U.S. government remote viewer is supposed to be doing scientific research in parapsychology-- do they instead become obsessive researching religion rather than science?
4. Does the U.S. government remote viewer reject non-Christians in the realm of remote viewing or reject non-Christians with natural psychic abilities?
5. Does the U.S. government remote viewer try to use Remote Influencing primarily for the purpose of attacking other Americans with regards to religion? (as attacking another person using Remote Influencing of religion is a signal of being a victim of Russian Remote Influencing in-and-of-itself)

The key about ascertaining if an American government Psychic Spy has been compromised by the Russian style of Remote Influencing "controlling people through Marx-style opiating religion" is really the 5-Bible story checklist. Russians raised atheist have a limited knowledge of Christian denominations and a limited knowledge of Biblical stories. So if an American government Remote Viewer becomes obsessive with those 5 stories of the Bible and begins to see them nearly everytime he/she sits down to attempt to do any Remote Viewing session-- then the Russians have control of such said person's mind.

Which brings it back to Ed Dames and Aaron Donahue. Ed Dames fits the checklist and he resides most of the year along the Ukraine/Russia border. When it comes to checklist item #5 Dames does have a team of Remote Influencers which he uses to try to remote influence religion on other Americans--like Aaron Donahue. So how does one determine the difference between a Russian Marx-Opiate Religion RI Attack v. Dames' group attacking other Americans with Religion-RI? And that's a different checklist, also simple:
1. Is there any sort of paranormal phenomena where the person/victim contends that they are being accused of being satanic or "evil" for not being Christian? Or even a Christian contending that they are under some sort of paranormal attack of satanic-accusations when they are Christian?
2. Does the person/victim become "alien-obsessive" and do they start seeing "aliens" in things that have nothing to do with aliens?
3. Does the person/victim start seeing "angels" and angel-phenomena as an explanation for everything?
4. Does the person/victim become obsessive with Artificial Intelligence or state a belief that some future A.I. is attacking them?
5. Does the person/victim create a paranormal explanation of some kind under the contention that they feel that someone or something is attacking them with regards to lottery games for jackpots?

As you can see, the checklist for a Dames-group religion RI is completely different than the Russian religion RI checklist. In most cases, persons who are victims of Dames' RIers contend some form of conscious awareness of it. The individual victims' minds are usually stronger than the group of Dames' religion RIers, thus the attempts fail.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:26 AM
Section 4.

During the chess games between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, the Russians made all sorts of ridiculous accusations against the Americans. The Russians accused Americans of putting stuff in Spassky's drink. The Russians accused Americans of having some sort of device near the chess game that was emitting a signal to ruin Spassky's concentration. And YES, the Russians accused the Americans of using some form of telekinetic mind control to make Spassky lose the game.

Since the Russians were accusing the Americans of using telekinetic mind control to make Spassky lose the game AND since Fischer's brother-in-law was Russell Targ who put together the American Psychic Spy team for the government--- then the Russians most definitely put together a team to use telekinesis to attack Bobby Fischer. I'm sure that there are Russian government documents out there that prove such a team was put together, even if they aren't on the internet to link to.

But remember... Russians who are atheists taught Marxism believe that the way to control people, the way to control minds is "religion is the opiate of the masses"--- opiating and controlling Americans through religious beliefs.

Fischer was raised Jewish. After the match with Spassky he was supposed to have matches against other Russian chess players. Where was Bobby Fischer? Living in a Christian Church of God building. When Fischer was supposed to be playing Anatoly Karpov, where was Bobby Fischer? In a Church of God building, studying all sorts of odd books about religion and world power groups while simultaneously contending that he thought someone was using some form of "mind control" on him. (according to the HBO documentary Bobby Fischer Against the World)

Fischer, with an IQ above 180 demonstrated a conscious awareness that someone was trying to use some form of "mind control" on him, but he couldn't figure out who was doing it. He became "paranoid" that he had to block radio transmissions through the walls. But is it "paranoia" when the Russian Psychic Spy team would indeed attack Russell Targ-- creator of the CIA's Psychic Spy team? And if Fischer is Targ's brother-in-law, then clearly Russian Psychic Spies would have tried telekinetic forms of mind influencing on Fischer. For Fischer to state a conscious awareness of such Russian attacks/Russian attempts was he really paranoid?

Paranoia involves an over-reactive fear to an "imaginary" threat. If Russell Targ, creator of the CIA Psychic Spy team, contended he was being attacked by some sort of Russians using telekinetic mind-influencing that would not be seen as paranoia-- it wasn't "imaginary". Russian Psychic Spies were supposed to attack the American team-- therefore, it would be real. Same holds true for Bobby Fischer and his sister Joan Fischer Targ (Russell's wife)-- if either one of them contended that they felt the Russians were using some form of telekinetic influencing to attack them... that would be real. Russians did attack Targ's family. So it's not possible to dismiss Fischer's behavior as "paranoia" when there was a REAL TEAM of Russian Psychic Spies trained in forms of telekinesis to influence American minds and Bobby Fischer was on the target list.

Once again, after the victory over Spassky when Bobby Fischer was supposed to play chess match after chess match against different Russians but didn't...where was Bobby Fischer? In a Christian church, when he was raised Jewish, studying all sorts of bizarre religious texts while simultaneously stating a conscious awareness of some form of Russian mind attack on him. Since the Russian style of mind control and Remote Influencing involves Marxist-style control over people-- opiating them through religion -- wouldn't you say that the Russians succeeded? Fischer was throwing chess matches to study religion in a church which he was not raised. Why did the Russians succeed so well in their Marx-style opiate-religion mind control of Bobby Fischer? Was it the whole team of Russians that were successful? Or were most on the team unsuccessful and only 1 or 2 Russians that really had the skill to pull it off?

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:27 AM
Section 5

(this section is theoretical logic)

Surely Targ knew that Russian Psychic Spies were attacking his family. And he would have put together a team of American Remote Influencers to enact "CounterMeasures" to Russian attacks on Americans. Why did the CounterMeasures fail with Bobby Fischer?

And there could be a whole host of reasons-- all theoretical. If the Russians were using religion to enact mind control on Americans through telekinetic influence...did that occur to the American team in their CounterMeasures? Probably. But I suspect that the failure would have been the same as Dames' failure to Remote Influence Donahue back into Christianity. The American CounterMeasures team most likely tried to Remote Influence Judaism on Bobby Fischer, since it was un-normal or paranormal for a Jewish boy to be living in a Christian Church of God. And that would be the reason American CounterMeasures failed.

If a group of atheist Russians (who don't believe in deities) are using telekinetic influences of religion to control Americans, the worst thing a team of Americans enacting CounterMeasures could do is to ALSO remote influence religious beliefs on the victim. That just means the victim uses even more of their time studying religion instead of playing chess games. So it wasn't just the Russians RI of religion that Bobby Fischer had to worry about-- he took on a whole team of Americans allegedly doing "countermeasures" also trying to remote influence religion. That's why American countermeasures failed. All the American CounterMeasures team did in their attempts to remote influence Judaism was make it all the more easier for the Russians to succeed at mind control through religion.

Did it work? Did Bobby Fischer suddenly switch back to Judaism? No. What happened instead? He increased his religion studies adding in all sorts of unusual books and doctrines and offshoots of Judaism along with the Christianity. And he also became bitter towards Judaism. Why?

Then there's Regina Fischer, Bobby's mother. A huge FBI file on her where the feds were contending that she might be a Russian spy or a Russian sympathizer. Clearly Russell Targ would have feared that the Russians might have attacked her too. So there must have also been a team of American Remote Influencers assigned to enact CounterMeasures to possible Russian TK attacks on Regina. What happened there? Regina Fischer developed some sort of ultra-American nationalism-- primarily with the First Amendment and picketing rights. Oddly--Regina Fischer would picket Bobby's chess game matches even if her picket signs had nothing to do with chess. Regina Fischer would picket the American chess headquarters, sometimes with topics that had nothing to do with chess. What went wrong there? Why did the woman see her son's chess games as some sort of compulsion and over-engagement of the First Amendment? Why did many of Regina Fischer's picket signs at chess games have to do with some form of American soldier-opposition and nothing to do with chess?

Was Regina having some sort of conscious awareness of soldiers in the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing program... and was she using her son's chess matches to protest anger at American soldiers who attempted to Remote Influence American nationalism on Regina? Was there a specific individual soldier picked for the task of Remote Influencing American nationalism on Regina Fischer who had a personality type that rubbed Regina Fischer the wrong way? What on earth went wrong with the American CounterMeasures on Regina Fischer?

(remember: American Remote Influencers would also be trained to do Stage XI style remote influencing--projecting telekinesis back into the past to alter the behavior of the person in the present)

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:31 AM
Section 6

Have you ever looked at the ridiculous FBI file on Regina Fischer or segments of it posted all over the internet? It has got to be one of the most ridiculous and illogical things that I have ever seen. And at first, since I was researching this from the angle of Remote Influencing... I wondered...was there someone in the FBI remote influenced by the Russians to write that thing?

BUT... I changed my stance... sort of. The file doesn't make sense on the sequential time line. The main order to write up the file on Regina Fischer apparently came from Hoover's office around 1957 when Regina Fischer was writing letters to the Russians trying to set up chess matches between the Russians and her son. Regina Fischer's efforts were to get her son into a match so that an AMERICAN could take the World Chess Champion title. BUT... someone straight from Hoover's office was trying to make it look like an attempt to help the Russians or some form of alleged "Russian sympathy". If the woman's efforts were to get an American to steal the title from the Russians... how could that possibly be construed or manipulated into "Russian sympathy"????

After reading the articles below on Regina Fischer's FBI file, I concluded there must have been a mole in Hoover's office selling information-for-profit to the Russians and Regina was the excuse. I'll link to what I read on the FBI files-- then state the reasons why I make such a bold-statement.

Who Was Fischer's Father
(a very important read if you can't make sense of the Regina FBI file)

An Icelandish entry (use google translate) about Peter & Paul Nemenyi

Article about FBI files with Regina & Bobby Fischer

A Psychological Autopsy of Bobby Fischer

That's really all a person needs to read to figure out that some mole in Hoover's office was using Regina Fischer as an excuse to stalk physicists and weapons-makers connected to Regina Fischer-- yes, a mole with an intent to sell info to the Russians.

The FBI file on Regina Fischer looks "backdated", as if it started in the 1950s and someone tried to backdate it to give the false appearance of watching Regina in the 1940s. The first thing that stands out as unusual in the FBI file on Regina Fischer is that she was used by the FBI to start a file on Hans Gerhardt Fischer. The FBI had no jurisdiction over Hans Gerhardt Fischer because he never entered the United States. He would be the CIA's jurisdiction if he was a man that never entered the United States. Yet, someone in Hoover's office didn't seem to care that Hans Gerhardt Fischer was CIA's jurisdiction and not FBI's jurisdiction-- someone in Hoover's office wanted to start up his own personal file on a man that the FBI had no jurisdiction-rights to. Highly unusual.

The excuse to create and maintain a file in the FBI on Hans Gerhardt Fischer (by someone in Hoover's office) was under the premise that Hans was an alleged secret Russian spy in the country of Chile taking pictures of "Nazis" for the Russians. Which is why I say the file was backdated from the 1950s to give the false appearance of watching Regina in the 1940s. Hans Gerhardt Fischer moved to Chile in 1940 in the middle of WWII. He was a German Jew fleeing Germany like many other German Jews. Only he fled Germany through neutral-Spain in 1939 then fled into Chile by 1940. At that point in WWII the Russians were our allies. The FBI backdates the Regina file to make the accusation that Hans Fischer was writing a letter to Regina about taking pictures of fishermen in Chile, an alleged "Russian communist spy". What do you think here? Do you believe the FBI file that they were allegedly watching Hans in 1939 and the early 1940s under the grounds that the FBI claimed he might be a Russian-communist spy in Chile, when the time frame in question is a point in WWII when the Russians were our allies? Or do you think that someone in Hoover's office in the 1950s backdated the file on Hans Gerhardt Fischer (a man who never entered the U.S. thus not the jurisdiction of the FBI at all) to falsely accuse the fleeing German Jew of being a "Russian communist spy" 1939-1941? Hans Fischer never went back to Russia even if he worked there for a short time BEFORE WWII. As a German Jew, he did go back to Germany and died there.

What's the interest of someone in Hoover's office creating their own file on a man who never entered the United States who was never the jurisdiction of the FBI to begin with? Hans Gerhardt Fischer went to school in Berlin (CIA's jurisdiction). In 1933, before the communist revolution, Hans worked as a biophysicist at the Moscow Brain Institute (CIA's jurisdiction). At some point he went back to Germany (not stated in the FBI file, but still CIA's jurisdiction). He obtained a Spanish passport to flee Germany as a German Jew (CIA's jurisdiction). The FBI then claims that Hans Fischer was allegedly fighting the Fascists in Spain, which makes no sense for a fleeing German Jew and Spain was neutral in WWII (and still CIA's jurisdiction anyway). Then the FBI claims that Hans went to Chile from Spain and worked as a photographer in 1940. (again CIA's jurisdiction) Seems to me that the only interest that someone in Hoover's office could have in making their own file on a man entirely CIA's jurisdiction and not the jurisdiction of the FBI at all-- was that he used to be a biophysicist before he fled Europe in WWII as a German Jew. Can't accuse him of being a "Russian communist spy" because he never went back to Russia.

Then Regina Fischer is used by the FBI to start a file on Paul Nemenyi. Nemenyi worked for Albert Einstein's son and then was recommended for a job by Oppenheimer as a physicist at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in Maryland. (Working on weaponry) So someone in Hoover's office using Regina Fischer accuses Nemenyi of being a "suspected communist" and the FBI starts watching Nemenyi. Nemenyi would be the Department of Defense's jurisdiction if were talking about Einstein, Oppenheimer and weaponry at a Naval Lab in Maryland. But that didn't stop someone in Hoover's office from claiming they had the right to do surveillance of Nemenyi-- the FBI just ignored the DoD's jurisdiction on that one. How much further did Regina Fischer "suspected communist" and Paul Nemenyi "suspected communist" get used in this Hoover office man's bizarre quest? Did this FBI agent take it a step further and put Albert Einstein's son under surveillance? After all Einstein was a former employer of Nemenyi. Did this FBI agent take it a step further and put Oppenheimer under surveillance? After all Oppenheimer recommended Nemenyi for the job as a physicist at the Naval Base. How far did it go with such loose accusations of "suspected communists"? With a gigantic 750-page file on Regina unknown size of a file on Nemenyi... was Nemenyi's & Regina Fischer's file used to start huge FBI files on Einstein and Oppenheimer too?

Then Regina Fischer is used by the FBI to start a file on Russell Targ, another physicist. Are we noticing a pattern yet? Targ is doing research for the DoD, DIA and CIA so he's definitely not the jurisdiction of the FBI. But that didn't stop someone in the FBI from using Regina as an excuse to stalk another physicist who was not their jurisdiction.

Seems to me that someone in the FBI just wanted to trash Regina's name so he could use her as an excuse to watch physicists working for other parts of the U.S. government, even physicists in other countries that had never entered the United States.

What was done with the information that someone in the FBI obtained by stalking all these physicists? Dah... someone sold it to the Russians. And when someone is selling information to Russians during the Cold War, they try to put out the false image of being "tough on suspected communists" so that no one suspects him as the person selling the information to the Russians. I doubt Hoover himself knew. Hoover probably made the mistake of trusting the person.

None of the physicists stalked under the Regina FBI file were the jurisdiction of the FBI to begin with. The physicists stalked by the FBI were the jurisdiction of the CIA, the DIA and the DoD. The FBI had no right to be stalking those physicists under the premise of "they know or have met suspected communist Regina Fischer." The Regina Fischer FBI file is very troubling indeed.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 07:39 AM
A Theory of Attacks on the Fischer-Targ Family Line
Section 7.

Many in the Remote Viewing community ponder the unusual deaths of Regina Fischer, Bobby Fischer, Joan Fischer Targ, and Elisabeth Fischer Targ as possible "Russian Remote Influencing" attacks on the Fischer-Targ family line. I have an alternate theory.

Since the year 2006, I've been combing the Remote Viewing communities message boards...looking for any possible victims of a unique style of Stage XI remote influencing... an attack by a Nazi (Slovakia-born who may have moved to the Ukraine). His style of attack is Stage XI Remote Influencing recalled foods. When he attacks one person, he goes after their entire family line using Stage XI's. What he does ... is he takes a list of recalled foods in the United States, like from here....

Recalled American Foods - Flu Trackers

Then for each of his targets, he has a list of previous-known addresses and does a Stage XI style Remote Influencing. He projects telekinesis into the past to the previous known-addresses of each target and tries to Remote Influence (or other TK method) each target-victim to eat the Recalled Foods. These are food items that are recalled in the United States for salmonella, botulism, e-coli, chemical contaminants, or prions.

And for 5 years, I combed all Remote Viewing community boards, newsgroups, listservs, etc.: PsiTech's, Dames', Donahue's, McMoneagle's, Buchanan's, Palyne's even some of the ones in Europe. Looking to see if ANYONE might display or discuss any such phenomena as a food attack by someone who is a Nazi, only to find that hardly anyone in the Remote Viewing community is on the target list. Maybe a handful of people.

But what I did learn is that the target list is not Remote Viewers. Instead, the target list is Americans, Brits and possibly Russians who have high IQs (usually over 180, some over 160) and those who are naturally gifted and not necessarily Remote Viewers at all.

Let me give you an example of this theory about a Slovakian-Ukrainian Nazi doing Stage XI style food attacks...using the Fischer family line.

Imagine that the year is 2017. And a man had grown up in post Cold War Slovakia, post Cold War Ukraine. He hates the Russians and blames them for Slovakia's and Ukraine's impoverished conditions. He wishes that the Nazis had won WWII--after all look at the wealth of Germany and Austria. He hates the United States and Britain blaming them for the Nazi loss of WWII. And he studies all sorts of different techniques in telekinesis. He studies Russian TK techniques. He studies Ed Dames' Remote Influencing techniques. He buys up different DVD's from the different online Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing now-privatized companies.

And somebody hires him-- a private corporation. Target Group: Americans, Brits & Russians with IQs above 160 or IQs above 180 who are naturally gifted. The private corporation gives him the names and former addresses of the targets. Russell Targ and his family would be on the target list. (or maybe the Slovakian-Ukrainian Nazi just likes to use the Targ/Fischer family line for target practice for each telekinesis/Remote Influencing technique that he learns)

Still imagining that the year is 2017, the Slovakian-Ukrainian Nazi takes the list of addresses for Russell Targ, Joan Targ Fischer, Elisabeth Fischer, Bobby Fischer, Regina Fischer and the rest of the Fischer line (all IQs above 180)--also Peter and Paul Nemenyi and he pulls up a list of recalled foods in the United States, Japan, Iceland, etc. on the internet-- like this one.

Recalled Foods - Flu Trackers

Then he sits down using the different methods of Remote Influencing and telekinesis that he has learned and projects back into the past trying to influence each Fischer, Targ and Nemenyi family member to eat each recalled food items in the past.

Regina Fischer would be more difficult to do. Few items publicly recalled other than the likes of Red M&Ms which cause cancer. But he can attack her in places like Arizona in the 1940s on no running water. Since the Nazi is using Stage XI-Style TK/RI from the year 2017 he can attack Regina at any point in the past timeline. Like into the 1980s and 1990s-- there's plenty of recalled foods for him to try to Remote Influence (Stage XI) Regina to eat.

Then the Nazi RIer moves along to Bobby Fischer, maybe even a little more obsessive at attacking Bobby than others. He has to look up recalled food lists in Japan and Iceland, not just the United States. Since he has to do more research on Bobby Fischer's locations than anyone else to make such an attack-- it could contribute to the obsession.

Joan Fischer Targ-- not too difficult to attack. He only has to get her in a small rural community where some of the neighbors might have weaker minds than her. Russell, Joan & Elisabeth live in the same place for years. He can just use a simple U.S. food recall list in his Stage XI attack. Of course-- in rural communities people grow their own food. So amist the Stage XI RI, he would also have to stop Joan Fischer Targ & Russell Targ from growing their own healthy vegetables in their yard.

Then he moves along to Elisabeth Fischer Targ, also a woman with a high IQ. California and Stanford is about the only locations he needs to attack Elisabeth on. He could Remote Influence her to eat recalled foods that have hazardous-cancer causing chemicals in them.

And that's my theory on the matter.

Which Remote Influencer killed Bobby Fischer? Was it the Russians? Or some Nazi doing a genetic food-style Remote Influencing attack? If Fischer died of kidney failure and kept spewing out Nazi sentences everytime he was on a radio interview, then it wasn't the Russians. Russian Psychic Spies wanted to humiliate Fischer and use religion to opiate and control him.

"I think that the Jews would like to eat me.... I think they've got eating Fischer on their minds. They hate my guts. Or maybe they love my guts."

With that highly bizarre statement-- does that sound like something that a Russian atheist could cause through TK-mind influencing? Or does that sound like something that a Nazi TK-mind influencer could cause if the Nazi's style is remote influencing recalled foods?

Jewish Bobby Fischer's Nazi Quotes
Did these Anti-Semitic words come from Bobby Fischer's own personality or was it the thoughts of a Nazi Remote Influencer?

Joan Fischer Targ, who died of a cerebral hemorrhage right after winning a 20-year court battle to plant a food-garden in her own backyard. Was it the Russians? Or some Nazi doing a genetic food-style Remote Influencing attack? Seems to me that if Joan lived in a rural farming community and owned 52 acres of land and 2-weak minded neighbors tried to stop her from planting a food garden in her own backyard of 52 acres, then something un-normal or paranormal is afoot. Does it happen in any other rural community where a land-owner of 52 acres is stopped from planting a garden in her own backyard for 20 years? Does it happen to any other rural land owner in the United States? At the end of a 20-year court battle the judge finally rules that Joan was allowed to use only 3 acres of her 52 acres to plant a garden in her backyard in a rural community. Is that normal in the United States? Or is it paranormal? Then the 2-weak-minded neighbors who lived acres away from Joan's land still objected to her using 3 of her 52 acres to plant a garden, so they tried to appeals to stop her. Is that normal in the United States? Or is it paranormal?

Joan Fischer Targ Fights a 20-year Court Battle to Plant Garden on Her Own 52-acres

Would a Russian Psychic Spy get that obsessive? Or are we talking about a Nazi RIer who gets obsessive about Remote Influencing food?

Regina Fischer also dies within a day of Joan Fischer Targ, her daughter. Regina also dies of a cerebral hemorrhage like Joan.

Elisabeth Fischer Targ died of a rare-cancerous brain tumor. It's not genetic. The only incidents of brain tumors are in industrialized countries and if you compare racial rates between African-American men in the United States (the highest infection rate group) and Africans in Africa (the lowest infection group) or if you compare any other race on global statistics-- brain tumors aren't genetic. Austrailia has the highest brain tumor rates, with South Europe in 2nd place, North Europe in 3rd place, and North America in 4th place. All industrialized countries with virtually no brain tumors in races in non-industrialized regions.

Global Patterns of Brain Tumors: ethnicity comparisons of different countries

Quick WikiReference on Elisabeth Fischer Targ

Did the Russians get to Elisabeth Fischer Targ? Maybe. She did spend millions in government grants trying to treat prayer as some form of telekinesis. Russians are atheist. And Russian Remote Influencers who are atheist know that telekinesis has absolutely nothing to do with prayer. Seems Elisabeth could have used a little more focus on the science of telekinesis in research, rather than doing a religious study of prayer and trying to treat it as telekinesis. On that one-- maybe the Russians got her in their Marxist-style of "opiating Americans in the Remote Viewing program through religion." But if Elisabeth died of a rare cancerous brain tumor caused by a chemical in an industrialized country...with someone trying to give the false-appearance that it's allegedly "genetic"-- that sounds more like a Nazi doing a Stage XI RI attack on Elisabeth to eat Recalled Foods.

Paul Nemenyi dies of a heart attack. Clogged arteries are caused by food. Doesn't sound Russian to me there either. Does sound like a Nazi Stage XI- RI attack on recalled foods.

Paul Nemenyi: Who Was Fischer's Father

Peter Nemenyi, Bobby Fischer's half brother, dies of suicide. Paul Nemenyi abandoned Peter in the United Kingdom with some vegetarians who were pacifists. Makes me wonder if the British have a better team at doing CounterMeasures when it comes to Remote Influencing attacks. His vegetarian diet allowed him to live to age 75 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a natural cancer that exists in all countries. "Virtually all men over the age of 90 have had or will get prostate cancer"--Dr. Lee Spencer. It's a cancer-of-aging for men. But since Peter Nemenyi committed suicide in 2002 over prostate cancer (completely cureable in 2002)-- what happened there? I don't the actual statistic of how many men committed suicide over prostate cancer in the year 2002, but it's probably less than 1% when prostate cancer has a high success rate at curing. Did Peter's mind get weak with prostate cancer that he gave in to some other type of Remote Influencing attack?

And what's left of the Fischer-Targ family line? Are they going to keep blaming Russians for all the attacks-- or will they come to their senses and realize that they seem to be a victim of a Nazi using Stage XI-style Remote Influencing to influence their diet-- a genetic attack on a family line of people with IQs above 180.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 12:04 PM
Well worth the read, it took me some time as the phone's would not stop ringing so i guess ill need to re-read everything again before i can ask several questions here.

But my first question is, is this your research work or someone else's or have i entirely missed the concept of the thread.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 04:29 AM
Wow! What a great thread! Going to have to reread it and also check out all your links. New stuff here.......but when you are talking about the technique of altering the past to recreate the again ..because it's on someone else. I have read of a similar meditation that gives the reader a technique to recreate their own past (for the purposes of erasing a negative memory/experience) in order to recreate a more positive present. I have been reading this with a "third eye" focused on my own family. Interesting. Thank you for all your effort. Starred and flagged. (and friended

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 12:55 AM
Yea it was well worth the read good thread, i have no doubt that these types of things did go on and were tried many times by several countries with verying degrees of succsess, i think now they have technology with the aptitude of synthetic telekinesis/telepathy, remote viewing and remote influencing all through the forms of said technology, but the story you wrote about and the methods were the beginings of these type of things.

Then i think they took the studies of the human mind to do some of these things and applied it to other forms first i think it was low frequency radio waves and then moved on to microwave influence and now satellite technologies that do all the things you have charted....

It's why you hear so many stories of TI's (targeted individuals) complaining about voice to skull transmissions that they are being targeted with, so many in fact that the President of the United States has commissioned a committee on the ethical treatment of human beings, with so many people complaining about this he wants to know if people are being experimented on without there permission.

Again great thread i recommend everyone reading it, it details the beginings of this type of warfare.

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 08:11 AM

Originally posted by cerebralassassins
But my first question is, is this your research work or someone else's or have i entirely missed the concept of the thread.

This was my research. Like I said-- I started off researching Donahue back in 2006 as a case of Remote Influencing. Unfortunately most of Donahue's original webpages and websites aren't up on the net to link to anymore. I have copies on disk though. And his manager and sister were helpful at helping me get the info I needed to figure out all the possible Remote Influencing done upon him.

The Fischer research I started last month and added it into the rest of the research that I've been doing since 2006.

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by King Seesar
It's why you hear so many stories of TI's (targeted individuals) complaining about voice to skull transmissions that they are being targeted with, so many in fact that the President of the United States has commissioned a committee on the ethical treatment of human beings, with so many people complaining about this he wants to know if people are being experimented on without there permission.

I have an alternate theory on that. I figure that telepathy is related to the saccule in the inner ear. Sort of like echo location for dolphins. Every human being has a saccule which can hear things that are inaudible. And there's evidence of the saccule being used by the blind to maneuver around objects to which they cannot see.

Saccule in the Human Ear: Wiki

Telepathy might have something to do with the saccule and many who experience telepathy might be interpreting projected thoughts as "sound", even though people thinking don't really make any audible sounds. If that holds to be true...then "voice to skull transmissions" would simply mean a highly developed saccule. Not really something in a recording that is projected (like ultrasonic sound), but a conscious awareness of the other person's mind or attempts to project Remote Influencing on them. Sort of like a telepathic awareness by the targeted individual through their saccule of their attackers attempts to Remote Influence them.

However, I will admit that the right musician adding in ultrasonic sound (on purpose) into their music can potentially stimulate telepathy.


Ultrasonic Hearing: Wiki

posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by MapMistress

You make some great points but i feel the technology is so advanced these days that the beem of the wave length can be focused on a target and then the people behind the technology can decode what the human thoughts of such a person is thinking through a much more complex electroencephalography (EEG) and then transmit voice to skull back to the person answering the pondering questions in there head and they do this for expermention purpose, they want to know the side effects these weapons have on a person, there supposed to be for riot control but as i said before there gonna use it for mind control and warefare and what your thread is about was the begining orgins of this type of mind warfare.

That's why Obama set up the committee to get to the bottom of some of this, it's more then likley a black op program that had its orgins in the MK-Ultra field.

Here's Donald Rumsfeld from a few years ago talking about some of this technology and admiting the government is working on it.

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 05:02 PM
I met Russell Targ in March this year and spent a day with him. He's now a sweet old man but still sharp and very funny. His education on spiritual matters is extensive, he balances Tibetan Buddhism and Christian mysticism against his Jewish background and generally goes for the common denominators. When you talk about him as the "creator of the CIA's Psychic Spy team", think about the fact that he's fundamentally a scientist, a Stanford guy. His passion and allegiance goes to science rather than country and flag. Sure he worked for the CIA, he sometimes jokes about that he had his spiritual development paid for by the CIA. I just have a hard time picturing him as the 'inside man' in a spy op, that's all.

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 06:01 PM
Great thread!! What a lot of very good research you have put into this. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. going to have to re read to get the full picture. I cant belive this post hasent been flagged a 100 times over.. You get my first star and flag!!

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 11:21 PM

Since 2006, I have been theorizing about this Ukrainian Nazi who does Stage XI style Remote Influencing (remote influencing the past) to attack individuals and their families.

Obviously, as the thread is entitled "Bobby Fischer", the Theory has been that the Fischer-Targ family was/still is a target of the Ukrainian Nazi.

But, I was posting on the internet about the Ukranian Nazi 2006-2011, before the Ukrainian civil war when neo-Nazis began rising in the Ukrainian government.

Article 2014 About Nazis in the Ukraine

That's the funny thing about Stage XI style remote influencing. If someone from the future is projecting back on people in the past, it might have the appearance of precognition, when it's not precognition.

Still searching around the internet for other possible victims of the Ukrainian Nazi. In 2011, I had theorized that the victim "hitlist" was gifted Americans or Americans with a high IQ.

Now, 5 years later, I'm thinking that the majority (not all) are Jewish on the hitlist. Jews that are naturally gifted. Jews with high IQs. Jews in political positions in America. Or other Jews connected to the Targ family. Jews who are psychics, fortune tellers and/or spiritual advisors.

So basically, it is a Ukrainian Nazi using a Stage XI style technique of Remote Influencing the past in an attempt to commit genocide or wipe out specific Jewish families that are gifted, psychic, or high IQs.

It's like once the Ukrainian Nazi targets someone, he goes after their entire family.


For awhile, I've been comparing the Fischer-Targ family phenomena with the Giffords-Paltrow phenomena. Are there similarities? What are the differences? Does the Ukrainian Nazi RI-Stage XI phenomena exist with the Giffords-Paltrow family line?


1. Jared Loughner was Jewish, himself, spouting out Nazi dialogue in a similar fashion to Bobby Fischer on recorded radio.
2. Giffords was an organic eater. Her and her husband got married on an organic farm. Compare to Joan Fischer-Targ having to fight in court to grow an organic garden in her own backyard. The Ukrainian Nazi does primarily target diet/food with his RI-attacks.
3. Loughner lost his mind and picked a grocery store to shoot at.
4. Loughner went to the same synagogue as Giffords.
5. MOST IMPORTANT: Giffords was trying to get pregnant. She had a doctors appointment for IVF scheduled for 2 days after the shooting. Being shot meant she never got pregnant. She didn't get IVF. Thus, being shot was the end of her genetic line.

That's exactly the goal of the Ukrainian Nazi, to use remote influencing to wipe out a family or a genetic line.

I guess I think that the Giffords-Paltrow family is on the target list of the Ukrainian Nazi who uses Stage XI style remote influencing to wipe out family lines. Just as the Fischer-Targ family is target.

Still compiling a list of potential victims 2006-2016.

Any thoughts?

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