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Fareed Zakaria GPS a CFR Member POV On Russia

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posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 01:10 AM
CFR Member Take on Russia

He claims

I was one of the early critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I thought that under the guise of democracy and elections he was creating a kind of super-presidency that would ride roughshod over the rule of law.

and admits democracy is destroying the russian own traditions, and will even lead to a cultural collapse by imposing a capitalist system in russia.

When you go to Russia you see more and more people who are educated, westernized and are trying to build companies.

Then Fareed Zakaria goes on to claim that the Russian would want and would like to live in a western society

They still seem weak, but I am struck that every time I go to Russia, they are a little stronger than they were last time - not politically, but in their desire for a normal, everyday life. In that sense, they seem to aspire to live in a normal western-style society.

In my closing mark, it seems that Fareed Zakaria the person who said its time throw out the constitution and changed now his pushing the claims and polices set by the CFR to have every nation in existence and have them peacefully or forcefully westernized the other nations who aren't westernized, and dont have a capitalism system which can hurt the population.

CNN Always brings his show during the weekend, i wanted to know what you ATS think of Fareed Zakaria why has CNN brought along a member of the CFR on the air?

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

Just like most other MSM Shills hes a CFR we can never trust people like him.

Be wary of his propaganda. He's Indian (India) He hates Pakistan and will tout and/or spout anything that will further the U.S Colonialism agenda.

Under the False-Pretense of Democracy they invade and maim and kill in the Middle-East

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Liyba, Somalia

The U.S and Israel are the real Terrorist

NATO= (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization)

So hes probably critical of Russia because it sees how U.S and Israel really are Terrorist Organizations

He also hates it because Russia supplies a lot of arms and scientists to middle-eastern nations.
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