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Aliens Built the Pyramids at Giza

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posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by DJW001
reply to post by NibiruWarrior

Who are you to judge someone's work in Egyptology, Pre-History and Star Maps, someone who has spent 40 years in Egypt studying.

Someone who has actually studied Egyptology, Pre-History, Archaeoastronomy, Star Maps (ancient and modern) Cartography, Philology, Akkadian, Hieroglyphics and other subjects that Herschel patently has not. I know he is a plagiarist because I've perused some of the works he steals from. Given how old he looks in his photographs, at what age do you suppose he moved to Egypt to start his "studies?"

DJ is a smart dude, so smart that sometimes I want to smack him lol
He knows his stuff, if your looking to debate an argument, you had better come prepared with either knowledge or humbleness.
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posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by NibiruWarrior

Wayne Herchel is 52 years old. So by your reconning he would have to have been

studying in Egypt at the age of 12 years of age
If you read the link

provided by DJW001 you will see he is a scam artist..............It is a LONG thread of

230 pages, but if my memory serves me well after page 210 there is a posting of Wayne's

OWN WORDS taken from the Daily Grail where he say's "on my second trip to Egypt

(he's only been twice!! and then as a tourist NOT as an archeoligist or Egyptoligist)

the Spinx spoke to him
( aw romantic
more like Barbara Cartland

than a SERIOUS writer wouldn't you say??

In 2008 he linked up with Blossom Goodchild get his 'oneism' to take off

In 2010 he linked up with hoaxer Judy get his 'oneism' to take off

He's working on the 'Andromedians' for 2012
to get his 'oneism' to take off

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