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Never Ending Universe Cont.

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 07:32 PM
Just an update on the "Never Ending Universe' hypothesis:

As I put it in 5th grade, when posed with the question of what I thought of a scientist whom had claimed to find the farthest galaxy away, and thus the end of the universe, I simply asked; "What if you build a larger telescope?."

I didn't say it to be a smart ass or rude, or anything like that, it was just an observation that man has built telescopes for about 500 years now, and has always kept building larger ones.

The Hubble telescope, which was used to obtain the "Deep Space" (deep field?) photo was said to have been locked on its target for 10 days to get enough photons to register a photo. A photon striking the photographic plate once every 20 minutes.

If one were to build a larger telescope and point it even further away how long would you have to expose the photographic plate to get a picture?

And a larger telescope after that?

It would appear that by logical deduction the universe is so large and vast that it has been around forever, will continue to be around for ever and is hence "NEVER ENDING".

From this "THEORY" one can also only conclude that mankind as we know it is only beginning to understand the the universe around us.

It is too bad that the oil will run out soon, and we will end up back in the horse and buggy daze of believing that the Earth is 6,000 years old and flat.

We have one shot for space, and perhaps unraveling the secrets of UFO's, their power source, and using it on Earth, should we throw it away on war?


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