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Rape Factories (Prisons in US)

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posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 11:18 AM

Originally posted by SevenBeans

Black people rape white people at a MUCH higher rate than vice-versa outside of prison also.

I'm not a racist, it's just a fact.

You are correct, as I've stated earlier in the thread...if you're a white guy, prison REALLY isn't the place you want to be.

The reason black on white rape is so prevalent in prison is because many black inmates have a hate of the "white" justice system.

America has been turned into a prison planet for black males, only there are plenty of white males who get caught up in it also. They are then placed with these black inmates who are basically free to abuse these white inmates.

I myself, found it terrible because there are so many white offenders that committed minor crimes and they have to live through the horror of prison rape. In prison it is well known that white men are the women.

Now, lets not take into account that prison rape also happens to black inmates a lot more than reported. It's just that black inmates handle the ordeal better. For instance a black male may get raped, but he will wish to retain his manhood by later hurting his attacker and possibly victimizing someone else at a later time. So the black inmate will go from prey to predator.

While white inmates don't have this ability at most facilities. It also isn't in their...make-up it seems. They will remain a victim for their sentence probably due to the numbers and their being the minority at most prisons. Also at the risk of generalizing, but most white men do not have the "I'll fight until you kill me" attitude. While that is the attitude more black males have. So it is easier and more profitable to attack white inmates.

It's well known that if you smack a white male once or twice or apply a little choking, he'll give in. This is not only in prison, but in real life. I've seen this applied since high school. For reference look up the Illinois, "Knock a White Guy Out Day". This would never fly for black people, a black person would fight all day long if someone walked up and punched them! While many/most white persons will lie there or run to call the laws.

As far as black people raping white people for a higher percentage outside of prison, I will allow this also. The reason is similar to inside of prison, being black people generally are more aggressive or at least perceived as more aggressive than white persons. Not necessarily in instigating conflict, but definately in retaliation.

So it would take a really brave white male to rape or attempt to rape a black woman. Firstly, black women are well stereotyped as being loud, brash and aggressive. RAPE THEM.....heck most white males are afraid to LOOK at them! For instance I take this snippet from

52% are white.2

Now if the stat was 52% black, then some of the racist views would be correct. Instead this states over half of all the rapes in America are committed by white males. So deduce that if they aren't raping black females...who are they raping. Why are they not raping black females? It is as I've been hinting, white people are generally afraid of the more aggressive black people. That white guy has no idea if the black woman he's planning on raping has multiple thugged out relatives who will ride by and AK-47 his home while his wife and kids are in it (which is what would happen more than likely).

Yes black males are raping black and white females. Black males haven't the "fear" I suppose to refer to it, as apparently white males have.

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