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WikiLeaks document on Gaza blockade puts Israel's flotilla hasbara to shame

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posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 12:33 PM
Wow this thread actually lasted a full page before it got retarded, well done friends.

Anyways, a key point being completely overlooked.....

IsraeliGuy stated that if Israel wanted to wipe out all the Palestinians they could in under 5 minutes, why haven't they.

Simple. To be the perpetual victim, you need a perpetual enemy. Israel is indeed the best anti-israel PR firm out there, their actions have angered most of the world and people are starting to actually pay attention. But as long as they expect free run to ignore international law an UN sanctions, they need an enemy lying in wait. As long as they want those billions of dollars a year in aid from the US to keep flowing, they BETTER have someone to shoot at.

Yes, the collective punishment being metered out in Gaza serves multiple purposes. As a poster stated, it's being used to squeeze people out, making it next to impossibly to legally come back, and as a terror method against those who choose to stay, making their lives a living hell until they leave.

Yes, various Israeli government officials and almost every "settler" have said all they want is the "arabs" (not Muslims, this is ENTIRELY about race, which is rediciouls as arabs and jews are brothers) to leave, at any cost.

But they don't want everyone to just up and leave. No, they need people to stay, to be terrorized, and the actions taking place on a daily basis there can only be classified as terrorism. They know damn well shooting kids in Gaza will make more people hate them, and some of those people will lash out in whatever means they can. This is the design.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Now before the IDF starts in....

I fully support every Israeli's right to life, liberty, and peace. But not if it requires standing on the throat of someone else. I do not condone murder and acts of terror from either side.

If you are still convinced this is a "war" then fine, Israel has the "most moral army in the world" and arguably the most advanced. They are fighting people with small arms and home made rockets walled into ghettos. If Israel is the "victim" and her army so "moral", take the high ground.

I guess I should be thankful no one has started in with the "There are no Palestinians" crap.

I find it amazing, and quite telling, that people would suggest these activists, who are risking their LIVES to bring aid to gaza, are doing it hoping to fail, as a PR stunt.

That's how mentally disturbed some of these people have become.

Israel has a strangle hold on gaza and will let next to nothing in. The stuff that is allowed tends to sit in storage until it expires. They have no building supplies, medicine, it's a humanitarian disaster.

And you know what? It looks incredibly familiar. Yes, I'm talking about "The Holocaust(TM)". what was the worlds response to Germany and their actions against the jews and poles and all the others?

wait for it.

OMFG they broke the blockades and delivered the food and aid needed. The entire world pitched in and did what they could for the poor victims of the Nazis.

What's the worlds response now to a similar disaster? Calling the people trying to help terrorist supporters. Who gets the aid? The highly advanced, and rich, occupying force.

The best part of this? Since I'm Canadian, what I just posted could literally see me to jail time.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 06:40 PM
^ When you intend to bring aid through an armed navy blockade, you don't intend on bringing aid, you intend to be stopped by the blockade and prove a point. What point? "The evil Israelis stopped us from delivering aid!"

There are plenty of ways to bring aid, most of them don't include 15 minutes of fame on TV channels. This is why they don't use any of those ways.

Stop (or don't stop, I don't care) using the stupid claim that if Israel stopped an unauthorized vessel coming in it's way, that refuses to have it's cargo checked, it equals that Israel is starving the people of Gaza.
As I said, hundreds of times, this idiotic flotilla brings aid that is less than one week worth of UN's aid into Gaza.
UN and international aid into Gaza
UN aid into Gaza only in 2008-2009, detailed list

Also, while you are busy crying about how the evil Israelis are preventing pitiful ships with of entering Gaza, you might just want to see these articles about how Hamas stole UN aid into Gaza for themselves, forcing UN's temporary halt of aid into Gaza.
Hamas steals UN aid
Hamas steals aid, saying CRISIS IS OVER!
UN.ORG: Hamas steals aid

Can you spell STFU?

edit on 1-7-2011 by IsraeliGuy because: (no reason given)

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by phishyblankwaters

The best part of this? Since I'm Canadian, what I just posted could literally see me to jail time.

Blimey, an intelligent well rounded post. Thkns.

Please explain how this could land you in jail. I am blown away if this is true. I honestly have never heard anything about this sort of thing before.

posted on Jul, 2 2011 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by IsraeliGuy

I have come to the same conclusion. Seems like a PR smear. I dislike the Israeli government for it's tactics a great deal but who in there right mind thinks it's okay to bypass security measures to prevent people from importing weapons and things that could pose a threat to Israel's national security. There are proper methods as you noted to do this safely. Just a PR smear campaign in my humble opinion.

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