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who are "the others", really?

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 01:35 PM
Ok, so I got into the whole "the world is upside down" spin a few years ago... it was a real eye-opener, and one thing led to the other (and still does) ...
And this year has really been CRAZY, in regard to doomsday prophecies and conspiracies of any sort.
And still... NONE of the thousands (must-have-been) involved people in the execution and cover-up of 9/11 has come clean. None!
And the 9/11 example is just example. amongst thousnads (!)
You could almost point your nose in any direction and find somewhat of a larger conspiracy. Like a matrix that binds all these lunatic ideas together.... But noone that backs them up with words (!) (...meaning confessions of paticipants)
Really, the only one I can draw to mind is the old doctor who spilled the "truth" about oct 28 2011 to his son back in the 2000-something...later revealed here on ats by the sons friend "Dark knight" in 2006. (search and discover)
And still....amongst all these CRAZY ideas and really far out scenarios, I myself dayly find patterns that are very very hard to deny. signs you might call them. Or notions from higher realms....(?)

Movies for instance... I started looking for eyes and pyramids back in 2007...and soon moved on to search for hidden masonic gestures and, 2011, a few years later and a few hundred movies in the gain, I am at the point where I see almost EVERY movie dated back to the 70's as foreteller of what things to come.
I remember thinking that 9/11 was spilled in the open in movies etc... That is NOTHING compared to this.
This is like EVERYWHERE...
And I cant seem to find the missing link... If all these thousands/millions or billions of "people" (?) who put all these movies, books, pictures and games together, revealing the truth, DID REALLY KNOW SOMETHING...where is the "whistleblowers"?!?!
I am not giving you the answer to this really non-possible-existing-paradox-in-a-world-of-only-"humans", but merely laying out the question... the answer is up to you to find...if you dare question your sanity? ;-)

Your thoughts...?

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by reef75

Interesting thoughts, however, i highly dowt that everyone who has been involved in the movie and media industry since the 70's has had inside information about future events (forgive me if i have mis-inturpreted what you were saying) but i do believe a selected few have such as Speilberg.

But having said that, i do believe the government has the capability to implant 'ideas' into peoples heads without them knowing. Sort of like the movie Inception for those that may have seen it.

You say you have been looking for hidden symbols or connections in movies ect. If you have found any, anychance on sharing a few? Would be interesting to see if there was any.

Also, i've never heard of this doctor you speak of who told his son about 2011. Could you provide a link to this please as i cant find it amoungst the sea of truth and hoaxs. Would be much appreciated

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:03 PM
Here is a link to the thread by "D4rk Kn1ght"

I guess thats one unusual spelling

Yeah, I see what you mean regarding the movie industry...and at first I started questions like "ok...sooo, in this or that scene, did the director by own means choose to put the "star above his head", or film the stairs in a specific way to make it "look like a pyramid"? ...just examples out of nowhere...but once you start looking you realize that this is far beyond just the top notch of movie producers...
I would almost make a bold claim and say it goes all the way down to almost every single person involved....

But I guess you dont make any bucks in this world without connections to the other sida (whatever that really means)

The other day me and my two kids were to see kung fu panda 2...and it was really really good. My kids enjoyed it (but not in the same way as I)....for me, it told the story of the human race....from the beginning, the last "flood" (?) we got ripped of the truth and blindfolded...all the way down to present day...with elenin, and all what that means....

It is hard to explain... I can listen to almost any music, see any movie, read any book...and see the "real" meaning behind the story/lyrics...

So...any thoughts on who these "others" really are....if so, who can you trust? how many are they? ....and how can we spot them?

"They Live" comes to mind....

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by reef75

My honest opinion? You're seeing it because you want to see it, not because it's there. It's very similar to how astrology works, seeing Jesus in toast, or hearing satan worship in Stairway to Heaven played backwards.. or to *most* supposedly paranormal phenomenon, for that matter.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:44 PM
yes...that COULD be the matter...
but the fact that many things can be proven to be symbolic "illuminati" stuff, amongst the rest of the things makes me more than sceptical of your thoughts, even if the possibility has struck me many many times.

...but when "coincidences" happen way to often to be random, you start questioning your reality...

My best explanation is that "The matrix" IS real, and many of our fellow "humans" have swallowed their pills, and knows more than the rest of us ignorant sheeple...

I just want to see if others have a similar "un-explainable-view" of our reality...and might even have a better explanaition than mine... (which in fact, after years of "investigation" doesnt even come to a better conclusion than the Wachowskis did wih the Matrix) I the Only Sane, Insane, person here? :-D

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by reef75

Thanks for the link, thats a slice of bed time reading for later.

I know what you are saying with regards to music. I mean, the past couple of years the lyrics in songs have started to jump out at me. Foo Fighters, Katy Perry and Rise Against are a few artist that come to mind right now whose lyrics have caught my attention because they are either blatently singing about aliens or have a deeper meaning. Now, i dont know if the deeper meaning is purposely put there by the artist because they also have an interest in UFOs and world changes ect. or if its just my mind hearing stuff because i too am interested in what is unfolding on this planet right now. I mean, alot of these superstars have alot of money. For all we know, they could know stuff about what is going to happen in the next few years that we dont.

Think along the lines of the movie 2012 where the rich buy tickets to safety years before the catastophic changes (i am not saying that this is what is happening btw)

As for movie symbology with regards to the illuminati, masons ect. i am pretty sure i have noticed things in the past but for all i know it could just be coincidence.

But then you have to think, if they went through all the trouble of adding these sly symbols and deeper meanings to media, then why have they also been bringing out films that so strongly show events that could happen such as Independence Day, IJ-Kingdom of the crystal skulls, The knowing, 2012 and many many more that i cant think of right now. I mean, if you watched the series The Event, that shows pretty accurately what alot of people think is happening with Nibiru right now!

On a lighter note, how was Kung Foo Panda 2? The first one was ace

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by reef75 I the Only Sane, Insane, person here? :-D

I doubt that

I would not necessarily exclude myself from that camp - I often think/wonder/question if things are not really quite what we think they are (else I probably wouldn't be here at ATS ). But my rational side usually wins out (for now) and I tend to follow Occam's razor on most things - that the most likely explanation is the true one. So for example, in this case, I tend to think movies are just creative outlets for people (both the producers and consumers) and that any hints to some sort of conspiracy is pure coincidence or imagination. BUT I don't totally discount the rather small possibility that such conspiracies (or ghosts, ufos, etc) exist, which imho makes life more interesting...


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