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'Syrian peaceful transition' comparing with 'Iranian peaceful transition'

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:50 AM

Syrian opposition figures have declared support for the "peaceful uprising" in the country, calling for a peaceful transition to democracy. About 160 critics of the regime met in the capital, Damascus, on Monday, at a conference approved by the government. In a document they called a "pledge," they vowed to remain "part of Syria's peaceful uprising for freedom and democracy and pluralism to establish a democratic state through peaceful means." They also called for an immediate end to the security crackdown, the right to demonstrate peacefully, the release of political prisoners, freedom of the press, the safe return of refugees and moves to prevent foreign intervention. Monther Khaddam, an academic from the coastal city of Latakia, said intellectuals were "behind street demands until the end". The conference included outspoken opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, including writer Michel Kilo, who spent three years as a political prisoner. "The solution to this crisis has to address its root causes. This regime must be toppled and replaced with a democratic system," he said.

Syrian opposition seeks 'peaceful transition'

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:50 AM
I want to inform some people bout what was happening in Iran after 2009-presidential election .

( my English is not good , but please continue )

As you may know , in that period of time there were some candidates for the election .

They were fond of this Dominion , until it was proved that their predictions about the results of the election was wrong and they claimed that there has been a fraud in the election.( but they never showed any proof of large fraud ). They even made a big rally in Tehran , but without any outcome. ( it was much like a threatening , than a protest demonstration )

It was One month after Persian BBC was working in Iran , it was showing the protests and riots in Tehran. ( in their own way ).

Because there is not much ' Free information cycle ' in Iran , people rushed to get to a piece of that cycle.

Some of them bought a dish antena system to watch VOA , BBC , ... , some younger people rushed to get to internet and watch the real back scene of this dominion.

There were some official sites of those candidates which were informing people who were curious.

Then the big movements began - The green movement. At first , they (the loser candidates - real leaders of the green movement ) claimed that they are true leaders of that movement , but not so long , it turned that every thing is out of their hands ( the movement had some virtual leaders too ) . The movement was getting bigger and it was so hard to control it .

As you might heard about 'Thee Anonymous' , you may understand what I am going to say.In the internet every thing is virtual , unless you get a real reaction of your virtual action.( I.e you may buy some tickets . after you get the tickets , you consider it a real action ).

There were some virtual leaders and it wasn't clear who they really were. I mean it wasn't about results of the election anymore and it was out of the hands of the real leaders.

They were making wrong actions , until some people went on the rally and condemned the movement. Some people had understood that it was out of the hands of the real leaders , so they stopped protesting . They started to think more abut those foreign infra structures which was made to support them.

The majority knew that foreign countries are not fond of them , because they knew about who supported Saddam in the imposed war on Iran. Suddenly they woke up and stopped the wrong movement.

I have much information about Velvet Movements , Velvet revolutions , the supporters of open societies like George Soros , MSM and ... , But my English is not so good and I can't write much about them.

I gave you some key words and you can learn about them on your own.

your question : what about Syria ? Where is the connection ?

At first they ( the green movement leaders ) were claiming that they just wanted some peaceful transition , But in the end it was clear that they just wanted innocents to be killed for their evil purposes.

We are living in an era of information-turrent . Every individual must think of the consequence of hisher action . Every body must think , who will get fatter ? and who will get killed ? ,if I do this.

We are all responsible.

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:58 AM
You can refer to this page and learn more about George Soros.

Wikileaks Exposed - The man behind the NWO Curtain


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