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Greece set for austerity vote

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 11:58 AM
The crooks loudly proclaim that autherity drive is the only solution. The greeks MUST bite that bullet.


Greeks are ALREADY in dire straits, robbed over the years by bankers and politicians. To go into autherity drive is to only TO GO FURTHER IN DEBT BONDAGE, not to nations or peoples, but to the banksters!

It doesnt take much to figure out what the autherity loan package works out to be. The loan monies will be paid to banks and corporations, with little going to the greeks anyway. Whatever is in that loan pack CANNOT keep the gov and social expenditure alive, more so when they are calling for cuts in it where it rightfully be should be spent.

Worse still, with PRIVATISATION, which is another word for COPRATISATION, greeks will only be at the mercy of banks and corporations when they arbitarily RISE prices for services, which goes into their profits for themselves and shareholder, NOT FOR THE GREEKS.

Privatisation is the BIGGEST LIE foistered amongst mankind by TPTB, for it does not mean that it will be more efficiently run. The only meaning of it is that TPTB can ROBBED the masses legally, as it had been done for decades to an comprehending mankind, cheated wholesale.

The BEST and ONLY SOLUTION is to do what the greeks are now doing - DEFAULT! No more socializing of debts incurred by the mistakes of the bankers and politicians. No more debt bondage. WIth or without a loan, the greeks will suffer anyway, thus better off without the chains of debt, for it will ultimately robbed greeks of their wealth, or whatever that's left of their resources including human capital.

DEFAULT! And let those who took biz risks suffer for their own foolishness!

From the ashes can the greek ethnic group of mankind rise. WIthout that yoke of debt, greeks can start afresh, by sharing what they have and rebuilding the nation with persons of integrity and honour. Should any others intend to take advantage of defenceless and improvorished Greece, they will pay a high price to guerilla warfare by greeks. Should robbers want to take advantage now, they will face mob justice instead. T

here will be some chaos as a start, but eventually, as long as each greek takes care of one another, a new Greece will rise Just as the Spartans had proven their courage, defeated only by treachery, today's Greeks are showing to the rest of Europe and the world MUST do and the ONLY solution out - DEFAULT!!!!

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 12:12 PM
What happens when a nation defaults?

The country will no longer pay its debts, gov will have to close down as it can no longer pay civil servants or run social expenditure. Many will be out of job, and chaos will start to rise. Who will run the economy such as customs, treasury, shipping, etc? No one. All will be in limbo. And the biggest losers will be the bankers, corporations and investors whom had bought gov bonds. It wont be repaid.

There is nothing bond holders can do unless they want to use military force to take over land and resources. But that price will be high as Greeks are no pushovers. Those bond holders took the risks. They gambled and lost. Just like any casino, can a gambler ask for refunds if they make a loss? Nope.

Did money disappeared into thin air? Nope. The bonds had been used by Greeks to bailout banks and corporations, left over to pay civil servants. Those monies had already been circulated out and only ended into someone else's hoarded yard.

With the civil services out of jobs, what is needed is only a few good man to rise up to take charge of the nation. As there will be no cash, barter system will be used, such as eggs, vegetables, fish, etc to keep essential services running. Every greek within the nation will suffer, but is already suffering anyway. However this stage will not last forever, as resources gathered over time can be translated into cash and wealth. Rather than to socialize debts, it will be better to socialize the economy till it returns to stability. This is the only way out if greeks and their generations do not want to be slaves forever to TPTB.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by Vastar

I don't think this is about Oil at all..... it looks to me like the people are just plain angry about being in this Euro or having the Euro currency and now having to borrow from other Country's when they were doing fine before joining the Euro... also they have to bail out their own Country now having to pay taxes which hasn't gone down too well....

Uprisings are very strong at the mo.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:34 PM
Mankind is no longer stupid and blind to what is really happening, just not only on their shores. As banks and corporatitons GLOBALISED, so too humanity. One seeks to enslave mankind, the other to free us all. The courageous greeks held out so long, just as their ancestors spartans did, to show the world how they sacrificed.

No matter the vote, the greeks will not take it laying down,for the spirit of freedom lives in ALL mankind.

Humankind had never fear deprevations or sufferings before, as our ancestors had done and survive it all. So too will we, in order to be free, to live the life that had been preciously gifted to us all, equal in the eyes of our Creator, a mighty being known by many different names in many cultures across time and civilisation developement - jews, christian, muslims, buddhists, hindus, atheists, etc.

We whom are the succeeding generations of our brave ancestors, have a responsibility to keep that spirit of humanity free for the innocent next generations. The greeks, once again, led the way to show us all how, just as Plato had influenced our current civilisation of 5000 yrs recorded history....

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by TruthxIsxInxThexMist

Thats another good angle on this.

Euro just created problem for Greece as its a Tourism country, Drachma was cheap so Greece was a great place for tourist to visit, as soon as they joined the Euro it became more expensive to visit Greece and Greeks had no control of their fiscal policy to lower the value thus many Tourists went across the border to Turkey instead and the Turkish tourism industry boomed.

This is a combination of many things,

Another thing that must be remembered when you look at the funds received from Euro from Germany and France is that Greece is the last country on the edge of the Western World and Eastern World, Greece is the first country all the illegal immigrants arrive in when they make their trek across Europe, if you think that the problem of illegal immigrants and culture clash is a problem in Italy, France and German imagine living in Greece where they all come together before making plans on where to move next, its disastrous and really difficult and expensive to police and stop. It adds to the financial and logistic woes of running the country.

posted on Jun, 30 2011 @ 02:44 PM
Thanks Vaster for your post and insight.

It is only with better and more information can we discuss and debate upon issues, so as to help our fellow humans of the greek ethnic group out of their predicament.

No more, espacially after Alan Greenspan, the Global Warming BS, etc, can we trust mainstream 'experts', for they are beholden to their masters for research and even pension funds.

Illegal immigrants do pose an additional problem to the our greek brothers and sisters, the way USA is facing today from Mexican illegals, for unconscionable employers are hell bent on hiring CHEAP workers than to pay honest day wage and support for natural citizens whom forefathers had built the nation, a debt of honour everyone must pay, to share wealth.

With such workers around, citizens would be out of jobs or have to do with less pay and thus less money to circulate or pay taxes, which the rich whom are mostly corporations, both local and foreigners by their size and bankers anyway gets richer every day hoarding their wealth, a great recipe for disaster to every nation on Earth.

Default is the only way left for Greece to survive as a nation, the way it was once remembered as and into the future...

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