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The joke of 'secure Britain': Vile banned militant extremist strolls through Heathrow immigration

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:29 AM
Ah, thank you Cerebral. I always assumed that you posted the entire URL.

Originally posted by Shminkee Pinkee
Anything that is written in the Daily Mail is generally bollocks :-)

Even the most idiotic newspapers sometimes slip the truth. Deal with it.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by Frontkjemper

You're not the editor in chief are you? There may be truth in it, but the Daily Mail, the Express, Sun and Mirror are all famous, if not infamous for 'pushing buttons' and stirring things up, and generally writing poorly researched editorial which would make Smash Hits look like the Times Literary Supliment. It's not what they write, its the way they write it :-)

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 09:43 AM
Michael Savage, a radio host and author is banned from Britain, but Muslim extremists have no problem coming and going. The world has slipped into madness.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by Shminkee Pinkee

Well, through the mounds of other evidence you can find online and off, it's safe to say that the article contains some truth in it.
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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by Lumiere

Originally posted by BattleFieldPredator

Originally posted by Freeborn
We should just say bollocks to Europe and dump these poeple back in Somalia regardless of anything or anyone else.
They are not welcome here.

Cameron gave assurances that he wouldn't be as weak willed and spineless as previous administrations yet he is proving equally complicit in the ongoing process of surrendering sovereignty to foreign powers and allowing any piece of scum refuge in this country.

Britain has a long and proud tradition of being a safe haven for genuine asylum seekers, and that's how it should be, but the current open door policy is simply taking the piss out of the British people and allowing every type of human filth access to this country.

Enough is enough.

What he said... That... And those damned arranged marriages need to stop too... They are made to marry cousins in order to get them into the country.. We need to close these doors and tighten our borders ASAP or the British people will take the power from the government and give it to those that will..

I would hate to think what Britain would be like with just people like you populating it.
By the way the British people aren't just like you! You speak for a small narrow minded group.

Once could say the same about liberals who tirelessly defend any race but the white one.
The liberals who are a minority with a bigger mouth than hitler ever had.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:43 AM
Salah has now been arrested and is awaiting deportation.

Salah detained

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 11:08 AM
Reply to post by Lumiere

Quite frankly, I could not give a flying monkeys bollocks what you think. Truth is that this country is not the worlds refugee dumping ground, nor is it a limitless vending machine either. People like you will see the last vestments of this country gone, but people like me and my troops will stop that. The government need to realise that soldiers are waking up too....

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 04:08 PM
The extremist like all other undesirable people (that the government decide is undesirable) should not be allowed into this country. Could anyone please answer me this question. If these people are genuine asylum seekers why do they cross enumarable free countries to get to England or Sweden? Somalia is in Africa, there is quite a few countries in Africa that they would be safe. Why Europe? The same question for the seekers from the middle east or Pakistan or India. Why Europe? Or more specifically England? Were an island for god sake. It costs them vast sums of money (which has been proved time and again) to get here. I'll tell you why. Because we are a soft touch. Don't stay in your own country and try to make it better go for the easy touch, get to England, be given a house for nothing, be given money for doing nothing that would be unattainable in thair own country. There're in seventh heaven here. Just because you say that if you were in their position you would do the same does not make it right. Genuine asylum seekers will always be welcomed and protected in England. But by and far the vast majority of immigrants coming to England and in fact Europe are the scrounging low lifes which their own countries like to see the back of them.

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