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Saiyuki (Animé)

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 01:48 PM
Since it's also on TV idesided to put it here....eventhough it's on a channel most people don't have called the anime network, but still....if it's in the wrong place then move it!

If you haven't, you guys have to check out Saiyuki....I have read the manga...but the anime's good too. it's my new favorite....It's based off the chinese ledgend Xi-you-ji (Journy to the west)....but it's totaly diffrent....

here's the rundown off the ADVfilms site....
A 50-episode Japanese anime series that is loosely based on the popular 16th Century Chinese novel attributed to Wu Cheng’en titled Xiyouji, or Journey to the West. Saiyuki’s tale follows the perilous journey of an unorthodox, pistol-packing monk by the name of Genjo Sanzo-Sanzo being the title bestowed upon the highest order of monk who guards the Holy Scriptures of Heaven and Earth. Genjo Sanzo and his three wise-cracking demonic companions must journey to India from China in order to stop the resurrection of a sinister demon of tremendous power known as Gyumaoh, whose rebirth could tear the already chaotic world asunder.
Our story begins with mankind and demons, once living in harmony as brothers in Shangri-La, now at odds due to a rift caused by some unseen force that provoked the demons to shed their restraints and become openly hostile to the human race. Wreaking a trail of death and destruction upon humanity and the land, the Gods entrust the unconventional monk Genjo Sanzo, keeper of one of the Sacred Scrolls of Heaven and Earth, with the task of traveling to the West to seek out the cause of the demonic rebellion and putting an end to the terrifying force behind the unfolding conflict.

Accompanying the irregular Genjo Sanzo on his noble quest are three powerful demons that stand unaffected by the chaotic forces compelling their demonic brothers to rebel and subjugate humanity. The first is Goku, a powerful demon with a childish and somewhat naïve outlook on life, but with an unquenchable appetite. Sha Gojyo, the compulsive womanizer of the group with a fondness for beer and smokes, usually can be found fighting with Goku over whatever trivial matter he's decided will entertain him at the moment.. Then finally there is Cho Hakkai, perhaps the most calm and level-headed of this eccentric quartet.

Together this unlikely assemblage must face down the threat of demonic assassins, sinister schemes and occasionally each other if they hope to succeed in vanquishing the horrifying threat that lies sleeping in the West. The fate of the world lies in their hands... God help humanity

I just saw the first two DVDs....but it is getting really good and funny. I mean it's a guys anime given the languange and the relation ship between Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai. But Girls can injoy it too...I mean get aload of them

If you haven't seen it go get the first DVD if you don't have the Anime's hillarius!


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