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the hair in the soup

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:08 AM
hello, my name here is theHairInTheSoup,

i love defying authority & rules because i believe in values & duties instead.

(it's a sociological angle not many are aware of so please avoid advocating the role of the guardians of the order to me)

I live a free, multilingual, multicultural life, on the road, out of the corporate world (as much as i can, gettin harder & harder...).

I chose that path for good the 11 September 2001 as i was working for a bbc contractor as a project manager (i'm graduated in sciences and management)

Getting rich was happening too easily and i have to say easy things are really boring.

But the main reason was because of that inner love for independence, truth, peace & freedom & the duty to be faithful to those.

I was still young & i was feeling a big pain in my ass on that very special day.

Could I keep this life of getting rich thanks to the MSM business & those dreams of independence, truth, peace & freedom for me and all at the same time ?


because those know no concession, no compromise. otherwise you lose them.

& anyway, let me tell you since i have experienced both : to not be rich is much more fun (we have enough to eat and if we sleep outside sometimes it is on some tropical island and by choice so don't worry).

i don't exactly remember how i end up on ats in the first place, maybe looking for some good conspiracy theory, i remember where though, i was in gujarat/india working for a friend of a friend running a local ngo doing mediation for women with problems with their in-law in poor/uneducated areas. nice people but corrupted by globalization. sad.

i remember i was amazed at first with ATS and some of the minds I could read there.

It didn't last long, a few month maybe, until i realized that the owners of this site didn't exactly shared my values... for whatever reason we could only speculate on, money being the admitted one.

Since that i've still been lurking quite a lot, for the news & those great minds, posting from time to time (maybe 500 or 600 posts in 3 years to share or try to enlighten on things i'm experienced with in periods where i was not busy with work nor camping in some other paradise nor with any better things to do), and... obviously, getting banned a few times for enraging the owners for about the same reasons every time (read again the second line of this post).

I'm registering back again because well i'm free, i know my duties & i know my values and i decide for myself when i participate or not to this website

this artist in the youtube video says those things in a much nicer way than i do, so please press the play button, the music is equally great too so even if you don't agree you'll get the good sound at least :

how long will i last this time ?

we'll see...

anyway "if you chase me, i will keep coming back"

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:29 AM
Welcome from one dreamer to another.

Enjoyed the tickeled my brain this mormning.

Hope you stay awhile.

posted on Jul, 10 2011 @ 09:19 PM
Sorry to see you go. I'm guessing it was from a previous permaban. No rest for the wicked.


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