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Do You Sea Earth is Over Populated!!

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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 02:51 PM
I have always thought that moving all of society underground and/or into the oceans in order to return the land surface to nature would be a good idea. While doing this, the growing of food and specific plant species within the structure will create the oxygen needed and depending on what species of plants an artificial atmosphere can be created by allowing the plants to cycle the water through both cleansing it and replenishing is as needed. The restructuring of used resources to rapidly replenishing plants can eliminate the need for certain minerals. In example, Hemp. Hemp can be used to make plastics, plastics recycled 7 times is lighter and stronger than steel and can replace our need for building materials without returning to the land mass surface.

Here are a few setbacks that must be addressed in order to make this happen.

1. Crops, whether for food, oxygen, and/or resources must be rotated in order to replenish minerals into the soil. Thus a much larger area is needed.

2. Air purification and ionization still rely on coal. Therefore mining is still a necessity at this time.

3. Earthquakes can collapse underground cities and dislodge underwater cities.

4. Underwater cities create displacement. The more there are the less land mass is intact.

The positive application is energy. Ocean currents can be used to generate the energy needed in underwater cities. Geothermal can be used for underground cities.

My idea is defining anti gravity and creating "Floating" cities and leaving the surface completely(minus farming/ranching). Upper atmosphere currents can be used for energy creation as well as from the electromagnetic sphere. Oxygen is provided. Larger plant areas are no longer needed and farming can still be done on the surface and oxygen is not needed to be recycled. Water can be harvested from the atmosphere leaving the water on the ground to cycle as usual. Cities that are smaller but connected through through-ways at a high enough altitude would not effect the Sunlight reaching the surface. Again, by using 7 times recycled plastic you have a stronger and lighter structure stabilized by gyroscopes.

The separation of the human race, by individual choice, could incorporate all three ideas and promote commerce,without the destruction of the planets surface allowing nature to thrive.
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posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 05:18 PM
I agree I don't think the earth is too over populated yet, there is still lots of room left for people. I'm from Labrador West & the nearest town is 8 hours away. We learned in school that we can fit Japan in Labrador alone, we have so much unused land it's crazy !! We are so isolated from the rest of the world . We have room for everyone !

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by confreak

I agree with you I think the world is over populated. It really is sad that in under developed countries people have so many kids when they no they cant feed them and this has to be stopped imo as it created terrible suffering.

About the underground bases though, they need to be supported from above and are not self sufficiant so they arnt really a good idea, We need to have less children in areas where they cant be looked after. If we managed our resources better and more fairy we could actually support more people than we have now, some even claim twice as many even.

The White house bunker being able to withstand 50 nukes though? Thnats untrue. I think Shian Mountain is one of the only places that can take a direct hit and im sure we dont know the secret locations of the others that they have. Even the USA's VIP bunkers cant stand a direct hit from a Nuke and thats why they are located in areas outside the strike zone. I saw a doc recently that said that most VIP bunkers from the 90's like these which are designed to survive any attack can withstand a nuke strike at closest from 2miles away without effect. Nukes are very big now so its better for them to go to a location prior to the strike that is in an area which is not a mian target.

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