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Yet another NASA warning to it's employees in addition to internal memo from earlier this month...

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Can't dig a hole if you're sealed inside. That's the premiss anyway. Staying inside a sealed unit means having to live near a fermenting indelicate receptacle, eww, to be as crudeless as possible here.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 12:38 PM
IMO it never hurts to be prepared for awhile.

I try to observe (but I am quite lazy since I aged a wee bit) and trying to put what I observe and different things I have been shown and told by those pesky buggers and what I see so far makes some sense to me.

Our government has been preparing (from different shows I observe) for Solar Energies that are to come our way that are quite large. It seems Scientist have found a quite large whole up there in the sky and if the two shall meet """hmmmmm"""" also the government believes the grids could get knocked out and this would create panic when people can't communicate or get products they would need for everyday survival.

From a show I saw they were saying that if these engergies came through that whole it would be near the Mid Atlantic Ridge between South America and Africa where they are already having magnetic anomalies.

Now in short things I have been told or shown

Something was/is going to happen here that wasn't supposed to happen (ELE) but they consider the Human race worth saving so they are here (many different Species are here observing) and here to help save this race from total extinction.

All that is happening is happening for a reason and will continue to get worse (trying to slowly reposition a Planet a wee bit ain't all that easy folks.)

Volcanoe's, quakes, fires, floods will get worse from what I saw the time to get really prepared in the States will be when you see two large connecting quakes that covers some of the hump of Brazil out to the Ridge ( in the area that the anomalies are now. If/when they occur start thinking about getting it together. I don't know how long weeks maybe several weeks later the event will be know only by the unmistakable P_WAVE on the Mid Atlantic Ridge...... a quake so big is going to occur that covers the entire hump of Africa (at least 23 Countries) I believe Portugal, Spain maybe parts of England France Italy. The Tsunami's will be like non-other ever seen.

Think about this the USA has most of the Nuclear power plants where? East Coast why, East Coast isn't well known for quakes so they built the Plants to withstand twice the size quake known to that area and they never planned that a Tsunami would ........... anywho lots of Chemical and Biological areas look at Plum Island as one example.

Now until it happens we aren't going to know for sure but the last thing I want to say is this:

Many here on ATS go on about the bad Alien's well as I see it things are taken and spun the wrong way. When you see those Alien ships over Nuclear Plants, Military Installations etc. they are monitoring them ...........when TSHTF they will be saving your a&&e& from some really bad suffering due to Chemical, Biological and Nuclear disaster. I was also shown ships flying in turning on their sides and holding the water at bay and then your gift from us to you what you have been waiting for mass ships appearing a white glows doing what I wrote about before.

Sadly many will perish and as I say you can lead the animals to the water you can't make them drink.

I think I did enough fearmongering for one day...........

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