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I believe many people may be Cannibals.

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by EmVeeFF

Originally posted by isthisreallife

Originally posted by EmVeeFF
What is cannibalism? By definition "The action of eating the flesh of your own kind.". If you eat the flesh of another you are consuming the material being of your own type. So doesn't that mean when we harm another, by stealing and manipulating for personal gain, we are committing a cannibal act

If I were to break into your house, just for an example, and steal your TV, am I eating your flesh? Is your television made of human flesh?

I think that material goods and your own flesh and blood are two entirely different things. Although, I can see how you might make that connection. Too me, it doesnt make sense though.

Your own definition states that it is eating the flesh. Most robbers, killers, etc. don't eat what they take. I mean, they might eat a sandwich from your fridge, but I doubt they will eat your jewelry.

I should have clarified that I was considering cannibalism in a metaphysical sense. And basically yes I would say that. We have rights to own property, so when we lose that property you ARE losing a portion of your physical being. I mean If i were to "steal" part of your flesh, it may even grow back! Something a TV could never do.

As for the idea of "changing the meanings of words" I don't mean to say killing and stealing are both the same kind of stealing, but to forcefully take a life is stealing that persons life from them. No need to change words, the meanings are already fine the way they are. I'm saying that when we are parasitic or manipulative we are acting in a cannibalistic way and are becoming a cannibalistic society.

Who gives you the right to property? Why do they have the power to give you the right to property? That TV that was stolen was made from resources found on our Earth. I think that the resources belong to the Earth, and that your TV has no physical connection to you.

If I set your TV on fire, will you die? What is cannibalism? The act of eating flesh of ones own kind, causing direct physical harm. Stealing or setting your TV on fire wouldn't cause you to be injured or die. It's simply one person taking another persons resources without eating them.

By the way, you make a great point. Flesh does grow back, and a TV won't. I have to ask you though, what kind of half-assed cannibal is going to take a bite of you and keep walking? I'm pretty sure if it got to the point of, "Dude, I'm about to eat you", you wouldn't really get too much of a chance to regrow your flesh. I'm pretty damn sure, you wouldn't be living for very long either.

Cannibalism = Eating Other People
Robbery = Stealing Other Peoples Resources
Murder = Ending Another Persons Life
Rape = Forcefully Engaging Another Sexually Against Their Will

What do all these words have in common? They're all negative, and they all suck.

Cannibalism /=/ Robbery

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 05:36 PM
I worked with human flesh before, I was a Nursing Assistant for many years, and I cannot tell the difference between Pork and Human.

When I grocery shop, I cannot tell the difference by looking at Pork unless it has a bone; the smell, the texture,and even the blood are too similar for me. So often I wonder why there are so many missing people and where they have gone!

I like Beef! That is a meat I can tell the difference in! Beef, Venison, Buffalo, and Elk...those meats I adore! Pork is an oddity for me, so I limit the amount I use, but I do have a pork roast in the freezer right now; I think its pork!

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