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Chinese Article "Chinese Attack Target, the Malacca Straight"

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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 09:33 PM
For the past few weeks I've been extra motivated to analyze the current global conflicts. I decided to stay away from American and European networks so that I could see what people on the flip-side are writing and reporting. Obviously the MSM on this side doesn't report on anything that's important except for the occasional leaked snapshot of body parts like our good friend Mr. Weiner's photos..I'm kidding but seriously

So today I continued my foreign news search and found this blog/article. I think it's a must read. It's extremely interesting when translated to English. Though some parts are choppy, you can still get the gist and see things from a Chinese perspective. I was hoping if somebody out there reading can read Chinese then possibly they could help verify or help clarify some text.

I've provided the first 3 points out of 21. It gets more interesting the further you go and it discusses the possible strategy for China in the South China Sea. I think this is something worth reading especially after the American ships were warned by China for inspecting a ship in the South China Sea. Keep your eyes pealed and live care free in the now. PEACE AND LOVE

"1. The U.S. economy on the verge of collapse. If not a miracle, the U.S. economy over the next five to ten years or even a long time without any possibility out of the crisis, even linger very difficult. The economic crisis is the essence of the United States lost the advantage of the real economy, while services and high-tech economy as export restrictions and the lack of capacity to absorb employment, can not solve the current U.S. employment and economic structural problems. In addition to the Chinese economy, the world no other major economies to achieve the division of labor with the U.S. economy, re-integration of economic resources, economic structure fixed deformity, to help the U.S. out of this predicament. China's economy is in a very favorable position of the United States.

(2) The expansion of U.S. military strategy has been forced to stop. Over the past two decades, the U.S. military to achieve strategic goals almost all, but excessive use of forces, the war has depleted nearly all resources, it takes a bunch of war machine but no oil burning, no money to spend. U.S. dependence on its powerful military machine strong economic strength, and now the military budget has been unable to maintain their normal military activities abroad, in order to raise military spending, the United States reduce government expenditures, the government has reached the point of going to close, and has direct damage to The founding of the ---- United States advanced technology, a new round of arms race in the United States can not establish absolute military superiority to overwhelm opponents. U.S. military strategy has been transferred to a contraction. This is China can take advantage of the opportunity.

3 U.S. high-tech weaponry is far into the actual combat phase. America's advanced weapons such as laser guns, space bombers, guns, are still in the experimental stage, upgrade equipment, new weapons are subject to limited international budget, still needs a longer period of time. The weapons have been unable to form active against China's absolute advantage. U.S. military operations are highly dependent on the satellite system has become the most vulnerable part. China's killer and the asymmetric advantage the United States and China go to war enough to choke the impulse. U.S. active-duty weapons and equipment does not constitute a threat to the Chinese military, which is the Chinese military can take advantage of the gap."

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 09:54 PM
Dont trust articles with bad grammar. The content is usually just as bad.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 10:22 PM
I'm thinking he typed the text into an online translator. Not the best grammar, but you get the gist

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 10:31 PM
So it's an article from the Chinese side talking about how much better the Chinese are than the U.S. How surprising. I'm sure that I wouldn't see anything like that touting the superiority of the U.S. if written from an American perspective.

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