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What s the point of information if not utilization? : A ship of knowledge lost at sea.

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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 04:43 PM
Hi I am writing this thread to share my thoughts and feelings of an overwhelming sense of uselessness. I was not to sure where I should be posting so please move mods if there is a better place for me to discuss my feelings. It is my objective in this opinion piece to raise awareness on how not only I feel but also how others might share the feeling of being lost an overlooked in society, the work place and even our culture.

To help illustrate my feelings let me begin my story. I am 23 year old man living in Vancouver Canada I was fortunate enough to have what some would call a "liberal" upbringing. My father was strongly family based where discussion at the dinner table was encouraged and critical analysis of Geo-political and world events. His background in school was a masters in anthropology. So the history of people was all around, countless books and tv programs were watched. I was treated like an adult with respect and with understanding that I could look at information provided and to ask questions. You see as I was growing up he was president of an ad agency, and we would pick apart ads while watching t.v and talk about what market they are trying to hit and to even go so far of the psychology behind the words chosen . Even though my father was atheist he never pushed the ideology onto my life. when I was 14 he gave me the opportunity to learn and see first hand on any religion I was curious about, and boy was I curious he must a have taken me to every kind of stage that was for a practicing religion.

Personally my thoughts to day on the matter to put it simply in one link The Great Freedom. along the way though at 16 I started meditation and the spiritual journey of ones self. I dont want to breach any terms of agreements so lets just say I had outside assistance on gaining perspective of this universe and my role.
I have collected vasts amount of information of the disgusting practices of our world. A lot of these can be found on Ats which I appreciate but also on drudge report, infowars and countless other websites on how economic monetary system is a fraud and my life is under the illusion of freedom wrapped in a blanket of corruption. The majority of the people I find are good people just so ignorant and apathetic to real public change.

One video that I find to really awaken people on how things could work soon I hope is called "Moving Forward".
Hope this link works I am not to sure how to do it properly.

With so much information and technology being suppressed ts leaving me with a bitter disdain for my bother sisters. Do they not see how things are so backwards and wrong for the sake of monetary gain? disease and poverty running rampant when it doesn't have to or even belong to be here. This leads me into analysing my position in this world.

So where do we fit in? we don't to put it simply or I should say I dont. I have worked in social work in development , with addicts and persons of mental disabilities alongside youth of abused living environments. I have worked in one of the largest food banks in my country. I Have lived first hand that all I can do is show people through living by example. To show compassion and patience to not blame the victim for the circumstances because it is society that creates the cracks from which people fall into.

I have over the past 2 years been wondering what in hell I am going to do in my life as work is hard to come by. The work that I am doing isnt as meaningful or progressive as it used to be, sure its easier and I dont have to be reminded that people are being thrown away but I just feel overlooked and that I could so much more Am I alone?

I don't think so, as my suspicions grow for tensions are on the rise for the awaken to become organized and speak up. We all seem to communicate just fin on ATS that we know that wrong is being done as you read your next article. What is stopping you from talking to you next door neighbor or a familiar face at the store. To hold presentations at libraries or community halls. To bring true communication back into our lives and build meaningful relationships with the people around us. I am writing this because I my self just feel like I am waiting for a lighthouse to steer me clear of the danger and stand up for what could be. I am curious on the feed back and for the record I am becoming more involved on these issues on a local level. So Your input please ATS share with me

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 05:00 PM
Here is the video you tried to post:

As a college student I can relate with what you are saying about feeling overlooked. A lot of ideas I try to share with people are often just shrugged off and it can be annoying at times. People my age (at least from what I observe in my area) are blind to the things going on around them, like a horse with blinders on. Anyways, no you are not alone... just keep on the path.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 05:04 PM
I agree with you OP. It's a lot of people on this earth, and a lot of good ideas of how to better this sh***y situation we're in yet it seems we're ignored.

But we have to remember, we're trying to teach people who are brainwashed into thinking everything is alright.
If they don't see a problem with anything, why would they wanna fix it?


posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 06:28 PM
Hello Tony,

A refreshing read. No, you are not alone in your feelings & outlook. We seem to have had a very similar upbringing & I am sympathetic to all the issues you raised in your post. It is difficult for those of us who consider ourselves to be "awake" to come together & catalyse the kinds of social progression we know can be achieved, we know Should be achieved, due to the ongoing geo-political turmoil many are caught up in. They have taken the perspective that politics is the way forward. People like us realise change comes from within & with genuine heartfelt intention compassionate influence can be spread outward. My heart skipped a beat when you stated so perfectly that society creates the gaps that so many have fallen into, & compassion is that all important weaving thread of togetherness needed to patch these up. So often lacking even in charitable organisations.. many volunteers are not sympathetic to the bigger picture & if they were people like us would not feel so direction-less or marginalised in the increasingly competitive global economy. It almost as if these charities are in a way self-motivated or at least superficial with their efforts. Focusing on specific issues during humanitarian disasters such as floods etc is important, and there are constant places for charities to invest focus and resources, but it should not distract from the bigger picture of human suffering in this world. If the west sorted itself out, patched up our cracks, then not only would people be more willing to spread compassion to third world countries, we would all learn an extremely positive lesson as a result of experiencing that helping hand first hand... the world is growing restless and i am worried about the consequences, but i find hope in knowing that there will always be those of us carrying that eternal flame of universal compassion. As buddha says a millions candles can be lit from a single flame. Glad to hear you are working on a grassroots level at the same time as keeping the bigger picture in mind. Hope it all works out for you friend

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