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Protecting Our "Freedom"..right...

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 11:42 AM
Well here I am again, pissed at the world. Todays anger is aimed at the BS they are feeding us about our "freedom" under attack.

Hmmm, let's see defined by Websters
n)- the quality or state of being free: INDEPENDENCE 2: exemption:release 3: ease facility 4: frankness 5: unrestricted use 6: political right

So everytime I read or listen to something concerning terrorists, the same tag line is used: "protect our freedom" "protect our way of life", it begs me to question. How are we so free?

If i dont wear a seatbelt, i will get a ticket. Now they can pull you over for not wearing it. It used to be that they had to pull you over for something else, then add that. Not now. Now, thats enough for them.

If I want to come home and smoke a little green before I got to sleep, I have to worry that some nosey neighbor will call the cops, and they will start watching my house, and try to bust me.

If I am a famous singer or artist and happen to have dissenting views, I am labled "unamerican" or "traitor"

If something (god-forbid) was to happen to wife or child, who are they going to focus on and not let up untill they have a conviction on. Me..

I have to pay income tax even though, its illegal.

We have a society that says you pretty much need money to get money, and if you dont have it, well, to bad. Your led on by a dangling carrot in your face. The carrot is all the good fortune you will receive if only you go to college and get a degree. However, even college grads are having problems

It used to be that any average joe could walk into a nearby factory, get a good job with a decent wage and take care of his family. Now? you have both parents working to make up the difference and even with that, it isnt enough to make it, alot of times. This trend shows no signs of letting either.

Add to the above paragraph: not to mention no insurance, because your not full-time. They may schedule you only 35 hours a week and call you part time. An hour or 2 of overtime though, your full time. But since your not scheduled that way, no healthcare or vacation time for you..

I can keep going on, but Ill let this thread start and see where it goes.


p.s. -does anyone have any info on Canada? I think I want to move..Vancouver preferably..

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 03:24 AM
yeah sure we are free to do all sorts of stuff, like pay exorbitant amounts of money for goods and services. we are free to be hunted down like dogs by the police if we do anything out of the ordinary. we are free to act like everyone else or be frowned upon. i swear this country sucks, if u break one little law they will fine you thousands of dollars. i supose we are all free to our own ideals, but what good are ideals if there is no means of expressing them unless you are astronomically wealthy?

canada really sounds quite pleasant, but i am so used to california weather i might not be able to handle the cold.

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 04:48 AM
all freedom and no rules = anarchy
Freedom is also a responsibillity....
Freedom means your free to chose to violate laws or buck the "norms" if you want, just accept the concequences.

The freedoms associated with terrorism that are in jeapordy include;
the freedom to be non-muslim
the freedom to have democratic rule instead of a theocracy.
the freedom to live as we do, without constant threats from terrorists

Basically the entire Bill of rights is threatened by terrorists and anarchists.
while i agree there are too many restrictions here in the states, id still rather be here than anywhere else.

This IS a battle over ideas...and which ones will get to shape the future of the planet. Fundamentalist Islam, or democratic cultures.
You can kill the man with an idea, but you cant kill the idea.

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 10:55 AM
good point caz. I mean, i understand we have it better than afghanistan, but we aint that much more free. whatever happend to states rights? they should be the ones to decide what is legal and what is not. we dont need the federal government telling us what to do...and for gods sake : GET RID OF THE INCOME TAX..ITS OLD AND OUTDATED. just imagine what a 2% flat sales tax on everything would be. how much money could they raise? still take the money from our checks, just noone has to file income taxes...ahhthen we would be on the road to freedom...

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