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Pi and Squaring the circle in a Crop Circle?

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 10:33 PM
Im sure some of you are going to wonder why in the world I would place a crop circle related thread under Science & Technology. I have to say for the mere fact that this particular circle has done some serious Math work done on it, and considering the fact that pi is involved, I figured that would fit the bill to science at least. I may be wrong and no problem moving it, but let's at least look at what I found.

The circle in question is this one below:

This is just a snip of the article I found that was related to it:

. Many intriguing facets were exposed and explained, but one element remained a mystery. The formation contained three little circles and nobody had any idea what they meant. That is, until now! Read on and discover the secret of the three circles.

The most obvious, and therefore first discovered, facet was the presents of the number pi (π). Read my article ‘Seven, Nine, Ten and Pi’ to find out how pi was encoded in the crop circle. I quickly noticed that the skeleton of the formation was based on 7 circles stacked on top of each other. Because of this, the formation was also hiding squaring the circle. Why this is so, you can read in the appendix of the mentioned article. Although squaring the circle can never be constructed (using compass and straightedge) with 100% precision, in this case the accuracy was 99,96 %, which is mind blowing!

Read Full Story HERE

Now I highly suggest going to read that full article. It has more pictures and graphs and goes into way greater depth about what is going on in the relationship between the Crop circle with its squaring circles and pi.

As math wasn't really my strongest subject, I am most curious if this could be true, or at least what this fellow is stating to be true. If it IS true, then I would highly doubt that this was a man made object done willy nilly in the middle of the night.

Just one more thing I noticed when I was looking through my cc collection to see if I had this on shown above, I happened to notice one of the circle I do have seems to have the same three circles attached to it as well as you can see below.

Does or would the same theory apply to this one as well? Would it be a double pi or pi divided or something?

Anyhow I thought the mathematicians around here might enjoy this to play with for a moment or two.

Who knows , maybe there really is a message....

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 10:58 PM
Definitely a cool crop circle, and the 'mathematics' behind it seem amazing. But I just don't understand pi myself.

So sadly the conclusion "Once you have mastered pi, you have mastered the secret of life!" won't be easy for me to reach!

“I am sure the crop circle is indicating that there is a path we humans have to take.” Who knows. These quotes and the article you mentioned prompted me to open an explanation of pi in Wikipedia. But at that moment my garden gate rattled and I went and watched it open and close itself mysteriously (no wind, and I've been sat here all night) - but maybe that was pi and the secret of life making themselves known to me

Sorry I can't add anything on the maths front. Again, interesting stuff. I like the projected meanings of crop circles. S&F, why not!

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 11:15 PM
When I made it, I meant for it to mean "dot dot dot" as in ... to be continued.


posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by Jim Scott

You made what?

I didn't understand, sorry.


posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by onehuman

Both of those crop circles show signs of being made with a simple piece of wood and rope.

Both are man made.

You can even determine the size of the piece of wood they used just from the pictures you posted.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 12:38 AM
This could relate:

Compilation of Discussion between XploDER and Trekwebmaster:


It is true that in the "Double Slit" Experiment that the reason why, when being observed by recording equipment, the "beam of light" passing-through 2 slits becomes only 1 beam of light instead of 2, as when not being recorded?

Could the reason why be due to the photons hitting the recording equipment are quantum-entangled with the photons hitting the slits, and what going-in must equal-out to what passes through on the other side of the slits, and what's being recorded resulting in only one beam of light?

But when you take-away the recording equipment, you see with your eyes, two beams of light passing through?

Perhaps this is a feature of analog, which cannot be measured digitally. Has anyone tried an actual film camera? What happens when you record in-analog?

So, in-addition to analog circular-loops, you'd have digital-square or 45 degree angles, where the "difference between analog and digital being a scales-of-frequency resonated in Planck-Time. One domain can't be another domain, at the same-time, but is seen as "the same" when viewed in-analog, through the persistence-of-vision, through "Space-Time." It's an inversely-connected closed-system? Space (infinite) - Time (Finite) -or- Time (infinite) + Space (finite.) It might even make one think the universe was an infinite singularity, when you scale-it.

Go light-speed and time becomes infinite and space becomes a finite point, graduated-down or inverse-by-increments? That sounds toroidal, to me. You?

Seems connected, micro and macro, but how can a photon travel as a 45 degree angle through time, as well as a spiral in space? I suppose it would depend on how you look-at-it? I suppose, the closest distance between two-points in each "frame-of-time" would be a straight-line, which is efficient, can appear as an analog spiral, when each frame is viewed in-succession as a series or "path," from a particular perspective? Could this be an explanation of "Gravitational Lensing?" Could this explain everything?

Additional Observations: I have heard of the "digital-effect," which I have not heard of before where "propeller blades in-motion, seem as if they are 'disconnected' and 'oriented' oddly and not with any form like when 'filmed' by an analog camera which makes it seem 'gaussian'?" This is exactly the same observation of an astronaut falling into a singularity, one perspective seems as if the astronaut "freezes" in-time and another vantage seems as if the astronaut "spins-off" increasingly, inverse-versions, as in fractals? I feel as-if the two are related. Very closely.

Interesting, indeed.

Originally posted by XPLodER
reply to post by trekwebmaster

i think of light with reference to what the light is in, the gas medium, its refractivity
the gravatational feilds that the light is in,

my speculation follows
in the latest light experiments i have read the way to truly "look for" the two slit problem effects were........
the trick was to look for the effect light had on the medium it was propogated through
i have written a previous thread where i asked the question of medium density (the medium) and lights effects on the medium,
so in light (pun) of the consideration that must be given to the medium i would say that light as a particle induces a physical responce in the medium of the experiment,
and at the point of consriction (the plate with slits) a "resistor" type effect is produced devorcing the "particles" from their group effect on the medium untill free from the "restiction" or slots requiring that the particles once again "propogate" in the medium as individuals instead of as a group and create the "interference pattern we all know about.

the largest point to note is that by restricting the particles we are removing the "combined" effect of the particle in the medium and studying them individually

an example would be to force water through a hole an atom wide an look at the atoms and try and figuar out the dynamics of "water"
bad example i know but.......................

the refractivity of a medium shows lights interaction with the medium
and the anolog vs digital reference could be a way to differentiate between light (digital) and medium (anolog) behavious in the component parts.

light particles disturbe the medium they are in, as they travel

Light particles disturb the medium, traveling in space-time (weight or metric placed on either space or time - inversely-related?) - and / or - Light waves don't disturb the medium traveled, due to it "carrying" the, for lack of a better word, "the digital fractional number" - what's left-over when subtracted - as in statistics, as in PHI, 1.186 -1 = fractional number. What got me going on this line was analog waveforms are curved and digital versions are square (sine), which resembles a block with half being under or over the analog boundary if seen or over-layed together. This boundary always is at 90 degree angle and half of this is 45 degrees. That's where the 45 comes from. But it's actually 90, for the "lost" or "gained" proportion? Does that make sense? Just thinking visually, so don't burn me at the stake for being wrong. Either one view "gains" a fraction of something as digital or one view "loses" a fractional part of something as analog, but is the same when seen as many samples. As with many samples approaches infinity, in statistics, and resembles a bell-curve. When seen as little or one sample it's square-like, when finite? Like those analog video-tape recorders, where the tape-head is oriented 90 degrees from the orientation of the tape?

The correlation with film vs. digital film, and the "digital rolling shutter effect," and "singularities," seemed oddly familiar. Wave vs Particle, but both, but when observed it destroys (on or off.) Just trying to see if this has merit. But what if observed digitally, which a digital camera, like the lines on the television (analog) if filmed by digital cameras, but an LCD monitor doesn't show that effect, due to the Hz being faster than our analog eyes, by "persistence of vision," which says anything 24 frames per second seem to appear in motion, but anything less, appears as frame-by-frame, which we do notice.

The Rolling Digital Shutter Effect: Oddly similar to what happens when an astronaut falls into a singularity, making it seem as two objects with different states:

Digital Rolling Shutter Effect

Originally posted by XPLodER
reply to post by trekwebmaster

Seems connected, micro and macro, but how can a photon travel as a 45 degree angle through time, as well as a spiral in space? I suppose it would depend on how you look-at-it? I suppose, the closest distance between two-points in each "frame-of-time" would be a straight-line, which is efficient, can appear as an analog spiral, when each frame is viewed in-succession as a series or "path," from a particular perspective? Could this be an explanation of "Gravitational Lensing?" Could this explain everything?

quoting the op

i have been studying this exact thing for the last few days

in lensing we have reference frame issiues
we are in a spiral galaxy that is rotating with inertia and gravity
if we look at another galaxy it too is distorting the image we see because of its spiraling medium
encoded into the image on a gravatational llense is a composite of the spiraling motion of the galaxy and the image from the light as it transitions the medium and gravity inside the lens

it is very interesting to compair the large scale and the small scale

star and flag

edit on 26-6-2011 by XPLodER because: fix brackets

ahhh, so to carry the logic forward...those gravitational lenses could be atomic energy levels gaining, excited and when the medium changes the atoms release the equal incoming energy and output it and return to a non-excited state? Sounds interesting, but the medium is missing something. Could this be a dark matter or dark energy? producing the lensing, but if lensing is occurring, that infers an increase of scale, which seems transparent or not seen by analog, but digitally increases and, lenses? Could this be the equivalent to an dark-energy or matter? I'd to see how those gravitational lenses are physically located, to other observed astronomical formations or bodies.

Somethings are not or might not be in the correct sequence, or be described with the correct or best term. Please follow the general format of inference and help correct this, I'm just putting this down in writing, so I won't forget it.

Please bear with me.

This "perspective(s)" is / are evolving. Keeping expounding on this topic. Correcting when needed. By honest thought, and not biased opinion which might conflict with an obsolete perspective.

Peace and Love,

Learn all you can. But to understand, you'll have to download the rest from "out-there!"

Perhaps, a good example, but bad terms?

Quoted from XploDER: "an example would be to force water through a hole an atom wide an look at the atoms and try and figuar out the dynamics of "water"
bad example i know but......................."


An example would be to force or "open a channel" to "information" by quantum entanglement and look at the "information" and try to figure-out the dynamics of "consciousness" to understand "cosmic-consciousness," which contains all of the mysterious ways of God?

Human Brains, seem to have or assemble "mental maps" or "networks," with new quantum-networks coming online and connecting, we learn or know "information" which may be inaccessible to thought and able to be roughly assembled and understood as a rough representation as numbers, in fractal format. But when "thought" and "connected" in the soul and mind, as thought, oh, that's another thing entirely, and the more networks which come online by quantum-entanglement, concepts which described or "roughed-out" as numbers, become salient and clear in the quantum-brain. Information of matter is never destroyed, everything we learn in-life is stored in-tandem, in the quantum universe, when we die, so it may seem as, "if we can connect to the quantum network of the universe, we may be writing our names in the book of life, for eternity."

Amazing isn't it. Best of all, it's free. All that is required is a true-intent of the heart and mind to seek-out the apparent and sublime information to truly understand. Everything is inter-related. Even, if it seems "strange" or "incredible." It will be through the "sublime" that we understand the true and mysterious ways of God and how the universe works.

Peace and Love,
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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 12:53 AM
If you can understand this below, you'll understand Phi or Pi.

Google Fibonacci Sequences: if you can add simple numbers, you'll understand. It's how creation works, with scale and increments.

1+1=2+1=3+2=5+3=8+5=13 and so on...

Same with the Golden Ratio. Look at your index finger, it's 1 finger composed of 3 bones, which have a ratio of 8/5 or 5/3 or 1/3 depending on scale of the ratio.

Now take your finger and put your thumb on the second joint down from the fingernail or one up from your knuckle, and place your thumb there as a marker.

Now hold it up to your nose, and note where the end of your nose stops-at...yes, that's right. You understand.

Fibonacci Sequences

Your foot is the same as the length from your wrist to your elbow. Yes, Dear Ones, it's how we and the universe are made. Proof by simple mathematics we are created to evolve!

Look around, everywhere, you'll start noticing this correlation all over the place.

Learn. But keep an open mind and heart so you can see the truth.

Use Solfeggio Frequencies of sound, "google solfeggio frequencies," and read what the website says, try listening and it may be uncomfortable at-first, but you'll notice things you never would have if you didn't.

These secrets of the mysterious ways of God, are free for everyone who seeks with a true intent of heart and mind. You might have to "shed" your old perceptions or some beliefs to clear yourself of those conflicting thoughts, it can be very difficult to do, but if you want to learn and "see" the truth, keep your eye on the end-goal, not each step. Ask, pray, and don't be greedy for yourself, but be demanding for the entire human race and this could lead to miraculous new ways of seeing things.

Don't let the access to new information overload yourself. Take it slowly or dive-in and swim as fast as you can handle. But do it in love, because that's all that really matters. And through love, anything is possible.

Factoid: The second amazing thing I learned with Phi or Pi is it's correlation with Rho, and just to see what happens when you combine both into one word...

PHI-RHO...does this sound familiar. Through many eons and translations, would this be similar to Pharaoh? Find out what "PHI" and "RHO" means, then you'll see the next step you need to learn.

PHI - Golden Ratio

RHO - Math and Science

Fibonacci Sequences
What I want you to notice here is the end of the number series on Wikipedia.
Notice anything familiar? 144? As in 144,000 in the Bible. Oh, yes, you're on the right track, now!

Additional Resources: (Chi-Rho) Early Christogram - Read More at Wikipedia...

Correlation reference: "Celestial chi
Coin of Magnentius with large Chi-Rho at ecliptic angles and including the Alpha and Omega.

Though modern representations of the chi-rho sign represent the two lines crossing at ninety degree angles, the early examples of the Chi-Rho cross at an angle that is more vividly representative of the chi formed by the solar ecliptic path and the celestial equator. This image is most familiar in Plato's Timaeus,[12] where it is explained that the two bands which form the "world soul" (anima mundi) cross each other like the letter chi.[13] Not only did the two legs of the chi remind early Christians of the Cross, "it reminded them of the mystery of the pre-existent Christ, the Logos Theou, the Word of God, who extended himself through all things in order to establish peace and harmony in the universe," in Robert Grigg's words.[14] Hugo Rahner summarized the significance:

"The two great circles of the heavens, the equator and the ecliptic, which, by intersecting each other form a sort of recumbent chi and about which the whole dome of the starry heavens swings in a wondrous rhythm, became for the Christian eye a heavenly cross."[15] Of Plato's image in Timaeus, Justin Martyr, the Christian apologist writing in the second century, found a prefiguration of the Cross,[16] and an early testimony may be the phrase in Didache, "sign of extension in heaven" (sēmeion ekpetaseōsen ouranō).[17] "

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With this being read, now read again, the comment regarding analog video-tape recorders with the tape-head oriented at 90 degrees from the tape itself and then read the above, is it not painfully obvious?
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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by onehuman

Interesting to say the least... Reading through the article and other reltated topics I keep coming back to the one constant = Math.

Leading scientists, when discussing the possibility of ET life and how they might communicate with us, or us them, revolves around the one area that is theorized to be universal - Math.

Maybe they are using geometric shapes / patterns instead of linguistic communications. Why would they do this? Maybe they are using the smae logic we do. Any signal sent could posibly be missed or mistranslated. Maybe the energy involved to send a signal is so high that it would prevent a long drawn out message.

If you were attmepting to communicate with another species without knowing anything about that species, logic would dictate the message sent should be as short as possible, while containing information that would be easily identifiable. The message therefore would be you are not alone, there are others out here, and this message is proof of that.

So what would the message be then? A simple picture so to speak, utilising gemoteric shapes and patterns that would denote an intelligence behind the design. To take into account the possibility that shapes would be disregarded as a fluke, encoded in those shapes and patterns are going to be the basic principles of math.

Math - the universal language.

food for thought.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 11:01 AM
Thanks for the replies, it was nice to wake up to them. i have to admit, a couple of them I had to read a couple times because my brain had a hard time absorbing them and trying to figure out what they had to do with the original post. Needless to say they kind of turned my brain to mud a bit.

As for them being man made, I might agree with that about the second one, but not the first one. Even in the article the guy says this:

A public bridleway was crossing through the field and through the formation. This public pathway was exactly indicating where 'squaring the circle' was hidden in the formation.

I just don't think jokers with planks could get that close to perfection. I just thought it was interesting that the same three circles were showing in the second picture as well, though that does look a bit sloppy.

I do agree it does appear that Math is the universal language. So many circles do seem to use the geometric theme and also seem to produce them in 3 d as well. It is just hard for me to wrap my head around some people reproducing a very intricate Binary Code in the middle of the night as yes, shown below one of the very famous circles to have appeared.

I know we can go round and round on this, but I think the man made ones are just to muddy the waters of the real ones and to keep doubt in mind. I know we sent up a record of greeting in a capsule, perhaps the picture above is simply saying message received. Who knows...

I am still very curious though as to whether or not the gentleman from the article did get it right about the squaring of the circle etc..

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