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Who's your favorite ER character?

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:26 PM
I pretty much like the entire main cast, but I've only seen seasons 1-4 and half of season 5 so far. My favorite characters though would have to be John Carter and Lucy Knight. So who's your favorite character or characters? Here's the cast:

Mark Greene

Portrayed By: Anthony Edwards | Seasons: 1-8, 15

Doug Ross

Portrayed By: George Clooney | Seasons: 1-5 (6 & 15 as guest star)

Susan Lewis

Portrayed By: Sherry Stringfield | Seasons: 1-3, 8-12 (15 as guest star)

John Carter

Portrayed By: Noah Wyle | Seasons: 1-11, 15 (12 as guest star)

Carol Hathaway

Portrayed By: Julianna Margulies | Seasons: 1-6 (15 as guest star)

Peter Benton

Portrayed By: Eriq La Salle | Seasons 1-8 (15 as guest star)

Jing-Mei Chen

Portrayed By: Ming-Na | Seasons: 6-11 (1 as guest star)

Jeanie Boulet

Portrayed By: Gloria Reuben | Seasons: 2-6 (1 & 14 as guest star)

Kerry Weaver

Portrayed By: Laura Innes | Seasons: 3-13 (2 & 15 as guest star)

Elizabeth Corday

Portrayed By: Alex Kingston | Seasons: 4-11 (15 as guest star)

Anna Del Amico

Portrayed By: Maria Bello | Seasons: 4 (3 as guest star)

Lucy Knight

Portrayed By: Kellie Martin | Seasons: 5-6

Robert Romano

Portrayed By: Paul McCrane | Seasons: 6-10 (4-5 & 15 as guest star)

Luka Kova─Ź

Portrayed By: Goran Visnjic | Seasons: 6-15

Abby Lockhart

Portrayed By: Maura Tierney | Seasons: 6-15

Cleo Finch

Portrayed By: Michael Michele | Seasons: 6-8

Dave Malucci

Portrayed By: Erik Palladino | Seasons: 6-8

Michael Gallant

Portrayed By: Sharif Atkins | Seasons: 8-10 (11-12 as guest star)

Greg Pratt

Portrayed By: Mekhi Phifer | 9-15 (8 as guest star)

Samantha Taggart

Portrayed By: Linda Cardellini | Seasons: 10-15

Neela Rasgotra

Portrayed By: Parminder Nagra | Seasons: 10-15

Ray Barnett

Portrayed By: Shane West | Seasons: 11-13 (15 as guest star)

Archie Morris

Portrayed By: Scott Grimes | Seasons: 12-15 (10-11 as guest star)

Tony Gates

Portrayed By: John Stamos | Seasons: 13-15 (12 as guest star)

Simon Brenner

Portrayed By: David Lyons | Seasons: 15 (14 as guest star)

Catherine Banfield

Portrayed By: Angela Bassett | Seasons: 15

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:51 PM
You have got to be kidding?

No? OK then, the word as I understand it is "fail."

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 09:36 PM
Wow, coming to ER late, are we?
Great show though - it was definitely a pioneer in terms of TV drama, and still one of the best shows ever to air (bar some of the later seasons - it definitely trailed off after about Season 9).

My favourite character though? Has to be Carter... and you don't even know why yet.
Enjoy Season 5.
Season 5 contains the first TV episode to ever leave me feeling truly shocked... something that didn't come around again until Season 4 of Dexter.

Have fun wih it!

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