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Thoughts On Several Conspiracies

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:34 AM
John F. Kennedy's Assassination
I believe the main reason that J.F.K. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated is that they were a threat to the continuation of the Vietnam War that the U.S. military complex was making a lot of money off of. People say that John started Vietnam, but others say he would have limited the conflict.
I believe that organized crime groups and certain members of the CIA were involved in John's murder. Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the only shooter and that would have been obvious to any investigator or coroner. George Bush Senior made his career on pinning Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.
Sirhan Sirhan may have been trained by the CIA to kill Bobby. Bobby was also shot from behind by one of his own guards.
James Earl Ray, killer of M.L.K. may have been linked to the CIA.
I further believe that Lyndon B. Johnson authorized and knew about all of these assassinations. He was a good domestic president but probably was a ruthless gangster murderer.

I believe that our U.S. investigative and spy agencies allowed 911 to happen as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq to control its oil even though most of the terrorists were Saudi.
The FBI knew about the flight schools, they knew that terrorists were all flying together on that fated day and allowed it all. Bush and certain members as well as NORAD were expecting it to happen and faked surprise.

2 Economies
The wealthy in the U.S. don't want anyone to know that there is no middle class in the U.S. Mom and dad earn $35,000 a year. Collectively they earn $70,000 a year and this is considered middle class. They comprise 90% of the U.S. population.
10% of the U.S. population earn over $200,000 a year and don't want to pay any taxes. There are 400 billionaires and 8 million millionaires in the U.S. who are Multi-National executives with no loyalty to U.S. families. U.S. corporate profits are up 65% this year the highest in the world and in U.S. history. But 49% of all new 2011 jobs pay low wage $9 to $13 an hour.

The wealthy don't want the world to know that the U.S. has already economically collapsed for the poor.

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 10:49 AM
The whole JFK assination is very interesting & has so many different angles to follow,who did,who didn't where was this person or that person.
IMO the whole thing went very very high up a long time before he was shot,who did it i don't know & i don't think we'll ever fully undrstand why & who did it.

Touchy subject as thouands died on that sad day,i don't want to believe the u.s government or any other government was involved in something so sinister but looking at various things it points that way.
Even now it's hard watching it nearly 10 years on.

The whole thing confuses me,where is all the money gone to ? why are countries like greese,spain & portugal out of money ?
The bail outs the cost cuts,job cuts,it seems the whole world has had a panic attack or something,again the don't fully understand the whole thing but it dosn't look good for anybody.

Alot of other conspiracies out there,me i tend to look for the less known rather than the ones you've mentioned.
good thread & so much info still out there that we'll hopefully come across somehow.
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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by ren1999

i definatly agree with you on your oppinion on 9/11 bush was warned by an fbi agent in arizona
as well as several other intelligance agencies from britian, france, egypt and russia

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 08:26 PM
I came to the J.F.K. conclusion by following the money trail.

There is also very strong evidence that the Bush family and the Rove family are tied to legacy Nazis. That is one of the wildest conspiracies.

The idea that Bush Junior allowed 9/11 is also horrific to me but remember that he also sacrificed many U.S. soldiers and civilians in order to secure Iraqi oil. He proved himself to be an evil man. He also has a very low opinion of poor people indicating that he is elitist.

The 2 U.S. economies can be explained by understanding that the 400 U.S. billionaires and the 8 million millionaires are using about 8.5% of the population to keep 90% of the population at borderline poverty levels. These are Multi-National Corporate minded U.S. people who have property and castles in France. They want to drive down U.S. labor wages to the same level as foreign slave wages. They are directly attacking U.S. families and are not concerned with the U.S. labor economy. They are enemies.

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posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 08:28 PM
Thanks for the link.

I came to the conclusion that Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks before he was told because I read his facial and body expressions while he was reading that children's book upside down to kids.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 08:50 PM
Does the economy not motivate you to join the well off in anyway?

You see, a great majority of the "elite" as you call them happen to be extremely well off due to there own hard work, and, by and large are normal people. Im not really sure some guy starting his own IT busines, investing 20 years of labour into it, selling it at 40 and retiring a millionare is really part of some global conspiracy.

You know, money has existed for thousands of years, as have the wealthy, its just that, populations were smaller so the impact of rich, poor divides may have had less of an impact. Id invite you to read two things for me please. And decide if in your opinion things are worse, or better. Its my opinion however when looking back in history you will often find things were, to be blunt, ****ing brutal. And regardless of what you say, i personaly do not care how many wealthy people there are, i would rather be poor in todays world than poor in those grim nightmare hell worlds of days gone by.

Is this some millinia old conspiracy orchestrated by shape shifting lizards who have a passion for geomatry and pyramids?, OR is it simply a consequence of our evolution?

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:07 AM
"You see, a great majority of the "elite" as you call them happen to be extremely well off due to there own hard work, and, by and large are normal people."

According to Forbes Magazine, 69% of all billionaires inherited it. Bill Gates' parents were rich.

These get rich stories you read about are really an exception.

When you perpetrate misinformation such as this, you become a part of the problem.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by ren1999

Yes, but you must understand, the richer people are, there number decreases. I know a lot of people, who through good fortunes are millionaires. They do not go to secret meetings and plot my demise, you would be surprised how little people are actualy involved in the running of nation states. Your saying forbes estimate the majority of billionares inherited there wealth?, ok. But they are still a minority versus the people who did not inherit there wealth. You should back up your theorys with more than, rich people are bad because im not rich. If you won the lottery, do you think you will become on the "Elite" who plot our destruction, or do you think you will just go about your life as usual?

But i will ask you again though, do you think the conditions of people in poverty have gotten either

A) Better


B) Worse?

Now bearing in mind those links i gave you to read, i'll accept some history can be misrepresented as "mis-information" such as the context in which its presented and all that, however, facts are facts. Things have only gotten better.

The Brittish East India Company is a good place to start also. Would you like to experiance an entity like that again?, i wouldnt.

posted on Jun, 28 2011 @ 06:53 PM
I have been very rich and very poor in my life.

The rich actively plan the acquisition of most of the wealth and power.

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