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on a serious note! why is everyone worried about the world when they should be living their life to

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 04:35 AM
hello everyone, i have had a few beers 2nite , but that dosn't change my view on the world and my life! its been a long night @ work and ya beer is tasty especially kokanee! anyway!

my question/ rant is , why get worked up and obsessed about things going on in this world that we as a single individual can absolutely do nothing about!

why do we spend our time looking into changing the world when we know that we cant do much, with our voice being barely heard, and our actions even less noticed!

Is it to hard to just live our life and KNOW about what is going on in this world, without trying to change things when on a serious note we cant really change anything, except in our own life/reality.

we as a conscious individual have the ability to set our path in life and decide what we want to do/ our experiences/ our mistakes/ flaws/ drama. we all have control of this stuff in our life, but why do we concentrate our energy on things that we have no say or control over!( chem-trails, gmo food, ww3, HAARP,government spending, etc....)

personally after being on ATS for about a year or so, i noticed that people become overwhelmed about the other things happening in this world when we should all be concentrating on our own life instead of all these other things, we should be aware about them and have some acknowledgement about the situation. but should we really be putting our thought & energy & time into this stuff. seriously .

think about it...... and think about it again, you can tell ppl about whats going on in this world but what is that going to do about it , is it going to change the situation, i really don't think so.

so ppl please stop trying to change the world, and start concentrating on your life/ reality because that is where it starts, the way you view the world and the way you live! you don't like gmo foods, grow your own garden. live your life but KNOW what is going on in the world, knowing that you as an individual really cant do anything about it! so make the best out of every situation and LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE! thats what it comes down to is LOVE!

remember this is a rant!

peace in the middle east! Chefspicy!

p.s. If u haven't been to northern British Columbia, Canada. you really have to in your life, to see what the world really has to offer! climbed to the top of a mountain and didn't see 1 car , building, aircraft, just mother earth @ her finest!, really check it out if u have time in your life!

p.p.s i really dont care if u catch my drift or not!

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 04:53 AM
We can change things though thats the thing and living our life is nothing if we don't enjoy it.............i guess going out and having a beer is just a temporary escape from reality.

You are basically asking for the cowards way out.

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Chefspicy

Ive had a few many beers tonight to.

Anyways, I look at life like this. The world is highly unlikely to change because of one single person (me), but why should I want to change the world. Myself is what I should strive to work for.

When I die, (atleast if I am on my death bed), what will I look back on? Will I look back onto the world and see how it has changed? Or, will I look back onto myself and see how I have changed? At the moment, I see myself leaning towards seeing how I have changed.

Did I stay true to myself? If I could come back again, would my friends and family still trust me? Would I still trust myself if I was standing right next to me? Those are the things I am worried about. I intend to answer, yes, to all those questions.
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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:31 AM
I don't understand why people on this forum have to resort to insults....

makes me want to drink a beer to prove I'm not a coward (cept I don't drink)

I disagree with some of the points in the OP, I think we can make a change

most of us (maybe not viking9019 who seems to have it all figured out) feel small and insignificant when we think about all the garbage going on in the world and wish we could do more (while not neglecting our immediate obligations)

some of us take all of this lightly, and use it as our own source of entertainment

Sadly, I think too large a percentage of the people who come here just enjoy the endorphin rush of the debate, thinking they're Always right, on endless topics, that people who are much smarter than they are can't figure out.

ATS is a drug in itself.
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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:32 AM
Because you cant just go about living your life separately from the world. You are inseparable from it & so it is part of you, & when one part is sick (our society) you cannot be or expect to have a healthy & long existance. Your best chance for happiness is to align your lifestyle to systainability, because you will have to live this way anyhow very soon to have any chance of a decent future. Suck it up & get on with it, or keep your head in the sand, those are the two choices we have, & sooner or later everyone will face this reality.

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