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Religious Questions

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posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 01:43 AM
If a Jewish Messiah came for the Jews, would they consider the Messiah God? For example, would they believe that the Messiah is God like Christians do? Or would they believe he was a Son of God who was a mere human?

Also, Are there any Religions where Jesus is considered the Messiah, the old testament laws are followed (such as passover sader(sp?) and their house of worship is built like a jewish temple but inside you have tables like a resturante. Instead of walking to the front of the church to receive communion, it would be on your plate and you would have grape juice in your chalice like they had at the last supper? Also, where the only sacraments are Baptism when one becomes and Adult and communion as early as an infant? And collection did not take place during the mass but payed before or after?

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