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Glenn Beck's motive for his entire fraudulent revolutionary movements are towards one thing.......I

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posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by SomeCheesyUsername

Very well lets start with the basic premise and question that was asked. If Glenn Beck was wrong and just a commentator, then why does the White House fear and hate this one person to the point of utilizing their allies to try to not only discredit, but to also try to get him to back down?
Point in case:
Van Jones, who lied about his past, was revealed and gee when it came out, people woke up, as it turned out that a person who actually waged war against the USA, and an admitted communist had the ear of the President of the United States, and at the same time his staff.
Valery Jerritt, an advisor of the President stated that she and the Obamas had their eye on Van Jones for a long time, but how is that possible if according to the President he never knew of Van Jones? Who is lying to the public, the President or the people who the President hired?
You mentioned about Glenn supporting the Iraq war, yet failed to mention that in the piece that was originally pointed out, was to bring out the good that was brought about. Glenn, like those who were around at that time frame, remember the treatment of those who served in Vietnam, and as it was pointed out, that a voice, one media voice was trying to put a positive spin for those who are serving there. Vietnam veterans were mistreated and not welcomed home for doing the job that they were asked to do, to where it has affected them for the rest of their natural lives. Is that how we should treat those who are willing to die for us?
Some would point out about the 9/11 victims and how he hates, them, but funny how every politician uses them to get elected, and yet not one did anything. Perhaps we should not let the fact that they suffered go fully ignored. Is that such a bad thing?
Did the Islamic Terrorist commit the acts of 9/11: Yes

You mention about the Birther movement. Well, it was pointed out about what is in the constitution on such.
And the Dred Scott case:
There is mention about Israel, yet no mention of the flip side of the coin:
There is a group, called Hamas, that launches attacks against Israel, using military hardware, getting such from: Iran.
And ultimately he is correct, that if Jerusalem, what do you think is going to happen? Chaos and destruction, as the Muslims will want to remove all vestiges of any other religion from the ancient city. They have done it before and will do it again, having no respect for any other belief save that which they follow, even if it means bombing that of another sect.
And after all it does take 2 to fight, and somehow, Palestine is getting military hardware, using it about as fast as they are getting their hands on such.
The video of the Patriot Acts and the bailouts, would be nice to see the entire clips, as any clip can be taken out of context. Kind of like what was done to Shirley Sherrod.
Social Justice is mentioned, but no mention of the context that was given.
Is it fair to be forced to donate to something you do not believe in?
And under the ideas of Communism and Socialism, you take from one person to give it to someone who is less fortunate, no matter what.
At one time it was considered to be the in thing to be a mason. And those who continue to go into such, well they do good work for the communities along with charities. So a person can not be a member of any community or organization? Here again, if the membership is limited, there will always be stories about what does and does not go into such.
What is wrong with being a Mormon, or any faithful to any religion? It was stated that such had roots in Wicca. Well now lets look at Christianity in general:
Most churches have an alter, and there is candles, and usually some form of cracker, and then there is some form of liquid, and in some cases incense. There is an invocation, a calling to a spirit. The alter traditionally sits to the north part of the church, in most of the older churches, and the entrances are on the east. So lets look at Wicca: Alter to the north, candle, incense, something to eat, something to drink, invocation to a spirit. Yep, all Christian churches have Wicca roots.
9: In any conflict a good way to survive is to pick a side, any one who has been in the military will tell you that. People who remain in the middle are pretty much toast.
10: How is he a progressive, did not see the evidence or proof on that one. Now he does talk about the progressive movement, you know the parts where the public is given handouts, and not hand ups, making them fully dependent on the government for support. After all how many of those programs really work to the fullest? None, as there is always a snag.
So your evidence shows only clips where things are taken out of context with out the full benefit of allowing for everyone to see or hear what all or the reason is. Anyone can do that, and it can be very devistating. Just ask Shirley Sherrod. By the way for the record, Shirley Sherrod was the person that was asked over the phone to resign, cause the Obama adminstration was afraid that Beck was going to mention her on his program, and funny how he did in support of her. Seems like this adminstration is terrified of a social commentator, and the question still has yet to be asked: Why? Why is the White House terrified of one person with a radio and used to have a TV show where all it happens to be is opinion? Could it be that just maybe he is right and not letting them get away with what they desire?

posted on Jun, 26 2011 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by sdcigarpig

When you find some actual evidence let me know.

posted on Jun, 27 2011 @ 03:00 PM
There is more than enough evidence to prove the criminality and connections of the new world order. Glenn Beck is see-through.

posted on Jul, 5 2011 @ 05:12 PM
Glenn Beck has also set FOXnews up. For when he leaves, FOXnews will keep perpetuating his rhetoric.

posted on Jul, 26 2011 @ 02:08 PM

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